Ulysses Davis

Ulysses Davis (1872 ??), was an American film director. He directed 86 films between 1911 and 1916. ... more on Wikipedia

Ulysses Davis Filmography

movie 1916 A Cripple Creek Cinderella
movie 1916 Marta of the Jungles
movie 1916 The Iron Hand
movie 1916 The Soul's Cycle
movie 1915 A City Rube
movie 1915 A Natural Man
movie 1915 A Scandal in Hickville
movie 1915 All on Account of Towser
movie 1915 Almost a Hero
movie 1915 An Intercepted Vengeance
movie 1915 Barriers of Prejudice
movie 1915 Cal Marvin's Wife
movie 1915 Ghosts and Flypaper
movie 1915 Her Last Flirtation
movie 1915 His Golden Grain
movie 1915 Hunting a Husband
movie 1915 Strength
movie 1915 Tainted Money
movie 1915 The Arab's Vengeance
movie 1915 The Black Wallet
movie 1915 The Game of Life
movie 1915 The Girl at Nolan's
movie 1915 The Legend of the Lone Tree
movie 1915 The Man from the Desert
movie 1915 The Navajo Ring
movie 1915 The Other Man's Wife
movie 1915 The Quarrel
movie 1915 The Quest of the Widow
movie 1915 The Red Stephano
movie 1915 The Siren
movie 1915 The Taming of Rita
movie 1915 The Valley of Humiliation
movie 1915 The White Scar
movie 1915 The Worthier Man
movie 1915 Through Troubled Waters
movie 1915 To the Death
movie 1915 What Did He Whisper?
movie 1915 Willie Stayed Single
movie 1914 The Last Will
movie 1914 A Little Madonna
movie 1914 An Innocent Delilah
movie 1914 Ann, the Blacksmith
movie 1914 Anne of the Golden Heart
movie 1914 Anne of the Mines
movie 1914 Brandon's Last Ride
movie 1914 Buffalo Jim
movie 1914 Detective and Matchmaker
movie 1914 Everything Against Him
movie 1914 Francine
movie 1914 His Kid Sister
movie 1914 His Wife and His Work
movie 1914 Hunger Knows No Law
movie 1914 Johanna, the Barbarian
movie 1914 Kidding the Boss
movie 1914 Lost in Mid-Ocean
movie 1914 Love Will Out
movie 1914 Mareea the Half-Breed
movie 1914 Mareea, the Foster Mother
movie 1914 Millions for Defence
movie 1914 Only a Sister
movie 1914 Out in Happy Hollow
movie 1914 Prosecution
movie 1914 Pure Gold
movie 1914 Sisters
movie 1914 The Choice
movie 1914 The Horse Thief
movie 1914 The Kiss
movie 1914 The Level
movie 1914 The Love of Tokiwa
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Hidden House
movie 1914 The Night Riders of Petersham
movie 1914 The Poor Folks' Boy
movie 1914 The Way to Heaven
movie 1914 Ward's Claim
movie 1914 When the Gods Forgive
movie 1912 A Divided Family
movie 1912 For Her Father's Sake
movie 1912 Kid Canfield
movie 1912 Love That Never Fails
movie 1912 The Blood of the Poor
movie 1912 The Brute
movie 1912 The Merchant Mayor of Indianapolis
movie 1912 Wrongly Accused
movie 1911 Molly Pitcher
movie 1911 Out of the Dark
movie 1911 The Copperhead
movie 1911 The Coward's Flute
movie 1911 The Fighting Rev. Caldwell
movie 1911 The Old Man and Jim
movie 1911 The Saving of Dan

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