Valensky Sylvain

Valensky Sylvain Filmography

movie 2014 Crazy for Your Love as Bodyguard
movie 2014 Gray People as Big Huffa
movie 2014 My Fair Lidy as Jesse
movie 2014 Story of the Seven Maids from Stockbridge as Himself
movie 2014 Technopolis as Agent Red
movie 2014 The Breaking Point as Lou
movie 2013 Dream Season as Coach
movie 2013 Frank vs. God as Baptist Preacher
movie 2013 The Grand as Val Steadmen
movie 2013 The Hunter's Circle as Demitri
video movie 2013 Moonie and the Spider Queen
movie 2013 My Heart
movie 2013 Saving Me
movie 2012 Breaking Point as DA assistant
movie 2012 Ft. Slaughterdale as Reggie
movie 2012 The Station as Black Rage
tv series 2012 The Hunter's Moon as Demitri
movie 2011 B.F.F as Custodian Bill
movie 2011 Cinematic Haiku Hard Romance Syllable 2: Uncomfortable Preference as Jay-Boy
movie 2011 Dream Weaver Chronicles Vol 3 as Dayton
movie 2011 Dream Weaver Chronicles Volume 2 as Doctor Pearson
movie 2011 The Bailey Case as Daryl Thompson
movie 2011 Cinematic Haiku Hard Malice Syllable 1: Geeks
movie 2011 Cinematic Haiku Hard Malice Syllable 3: Bond
movie 2011 Cinematic Haiku Hard Romance Syllable 3: Uncomfortable Practice
movie 2011 Cinematic Haiku Hard Romance Syllable 4: Uncomfortable Propositions
movie 2011 Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave
tv movie 2011 Big Mike
movie 2010 Doomsday County as Bartender
movie 2010 Feed as Creature V
movie 2010 Matched as Paul
movie 2010 Stories of the Paranormal Episode 7: Forever as Reggie
movie 2010 The Dead Pool as Bruno
movie 2010 The Tenant as SGT. Jackson
movie 2010 Zeik's Bad Day as Store Owner
movie 2009 Just Another Day as Record Store Manager
movie 2009 Out on Parole as Big Skull
movie 2008 Contract Killers as Aide 2
movie 2008 The Price as Worker
video movie 2008 Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! as Clive
movie 2007 Ninjas vs. Pirates as Victor the Vicious
movie 2007 The Fiesta Grand as Pool Manager
movie 2007 The Students of the Unusual Collection as Clarence
movie 2007 Untitled as Andre
movie 2006 Automaton Transfusion as Big Dawg
movie 2006 Cubed as Rob
movie 2006 Hoodoo for Voodoo as Bones
movie 2006 The Session as Chad Lewis
movie 2005 Death Plots as Machine Gun Charly

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Cinematic Haiku Hard Romance Syllable 2 Uncomfortable Preferences Trailer Produced by: Valensky Sylvain Adam Ben-Evi Directed by: Ashton Bracciodetta ...

1st Dibz Productions and Dark Elf Films presents a 1st Dibz/Dark Elf collabo I'm So Fly Ep 2 "Bully" Created by James Hunter Executive Produced by James ...

Dark Elf Films is a dynamic, well connected, creative team with years of experience in the film industry, based in Orlando Florida! For ...

valensky sylvain is an actor and co founder of the indpenden tfilm company dark elf films.