Vandolph Quizon is former child star, now a young adult star and son of comedy king Dolphy. ... more on Wikipedia

Vandolph Filmography

movie 2013 The Fighting Chefs as Comedian Chef
movie 2011 Praybeyt Benjamin as Buhawi
tv series 2011 Babaeng Hampaslupa as Redentor
movie 2010 Father Jejemon
tv series 2010 Pidol's Wonderland as Bart
movie 2009 Nobody Nobody But Juan as Young Tu
tv series 2008 Palos as Giuseppe
tv series 2006 John En Shirley as Atong Puruntong
tv series 2005 Quizon Avenue
tv series 2003 Home Along da Airport as Baldo
movie 2002 Home Alone da Riber as Mark
tv series 1999 Pintados as Antonio Sto. Domingo
movie 1998 Tataynic
movie 1997 Home Along da Riles 2 as Baldo Kosme
movie 1997 Pakners
movie 1996 Aringkingking
movie 1995 Boy! Gising!
movie 1995 Father & Son as Bimbo
movie 1994 Hataw tatay hataw as Boy
movie 1994 Walang matigas na tinapay sa mainit na kape as Butchie
movie 1993 Bulag, pipi at bingi
movie 1993 Home Along da Riles da Movie as Baldo
movie 1992 Pempe ni Sara at Pen as Pen
tv series 1992 Ang TV as Himself
tv series 1992 Home Along da Riles as Baldo
movie 1990 Espadang patpat as Zonrox
movie 1988 Enteng the Dragon
movie 1987 Bata-batuta
movie 1987 Wanted Bata-Batuta as Jepot
movie 1986 Balimbing

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Vandolph on Zsa Zsa's love life: I'm happy for her.

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