Vernon Dobtcheff

Vernon Dobtcheff (born August 14, 1934) is an Anglo-French actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Vernon Dobtcheff Filmography

movie 2013 La grande bellezza as Arturo
movie 2013 Seven Lucky Gods as Lawrence
movie 2012 La clinique de l'amour! as Johnattan Stork
movie 2012 La vie d'une autre as Dimitri Speranski
movie 2012 Zarafa as Le vieux sage
movie 2011 Le passage as The Old Man
movie 2010 Depuis demain as Basile
movie 2010 Déjà jeudi
movie 2010 Godforsaken as The Surgeon
movie 2010 La saison des mutants
movie 2010 Undisputed III: Redemption as Rezo
movie 2009 Première classe as Charles
tv series 2009 Un film sans...
movie 2008 Accordez-moi as Joseph Von Stieglitz
movie 2008 Astérix aux jeux olympiques as Un druide
tv movie 2008 Changing Climates, Changing Times as Lucas
movie 2008 Le plaisir de chanter as Le lecteur du bar
video movie 2008 Paura: Lucio Fulci Remembered - Volume 1 as Himself
movie 2007 Angie
movie 2007 Where the Indian Lies as The father
tv series 2007 La légende des 3 clefs as L'antropologue Gilles Clément
movie 2006 Hors de prix as Jacques
movie 2006 L'attracteur étrange
movie 2006 Le moment venu
movie 2005 An American Haunting as Elder #1
movie 2005 Iznogoud as Kitussé
movie 2005 L'empire des loups as Kudseyi
movie 2005 La vieille femme aux dents jaunes as Narrator
movie 2005 Mauvais gendre as Franck, Le père
movie 2005 Othello: A South African Tale as Brabantio
movie 2005 Resonance of Tears as The aging actor
movie 2005 Somewhere as L'Homme du métro
movie 2004 Before Sunset as Bookstore Manager
movie 2004 Evilenko as Bagdasarov
movie 2004 Pontormo as Riccio
movie 2003 Brocéliande as Professeur Brennos
movie 2002 La sirène rouge as Vitali
movie 2002 Merci Docteur Rey as François
tv movie 2002 The Falklands Play as Nicanor Costa Méndez
movie 2002 The Wonderland Experience as Vincent
movie 2001 Festival in Cannes as Millie's Escort
tv movie 2001 Largo Winch: The Heir as Father Maurice de Beliveau
movie 2001 Le philanthrope as Le banquier
movie 2001 Parlez-nous de l'amour as Juré #3
movie 2001 Revelation as Curé at Rennes-le-Chateau
movie 2001 The Body as Monsignor
movie 2001 The Order as Prof. Oscar Cafmeyer
tv movie 2000 David Copperfield as Quinion
movie 2000 Falling Through as Father
movie 2000 Le prof as Patte Folle
tv movie 2000 Passion assassine as Professeur Gruber
movie 2000 Plus rien... as Grand-Father
movie 1999 Dreaming of Joseph Lees as Italian Doctor
movie 1999 The Strange Case of Delphina Potocka or The Mystery of Chopin as Art Gallery lecturer
movie 1998 Hilary and Jackie as Professor Bentley
movie 1998 Jinnah as Lord Willingdon
tv movie 1998 Nightworld: 30 Years to Life as Sandor
movie 1998 Spanish Fly as Carl's Friend
movie 1998 St. Ives as Bonnefoy
movie 1998 Vigo as Papa Lozinska
movie 1998 Zadock ou les malheurs d'un suppôt
tv series 1998 Merlin as 1st Physician
movie 1997 Anna Karenina as Pestov
movie 1997 Déjà Vu as Konstantine
movie 1997 La montagne muette as L'ingénieur
tv movie 1997 Love in the Ancient World as Member at Platon's Guest meal
movie 1997 Photomaton
tv movie 1997 The Hunchback as Father Michel
tv series 1997 The Odyssey as Aegyptius
tv movie 1996 Catherine the Great as Naryshkin
movie 1996 Der Unhold as Lawyer
tv movie 1996 Die Eisprinzessin
movie 1996 Forte tête
movie 1996 Jude as Curator
movie 1996 Surviving Picasso as Diaghilev
movie 1995 England, My England as Dr. Spratt
movie 1995 Jefferson in Paris as King's Translator
tv movie 1995 Le fils de Paul as Duval
tv movie 1995 Sharpe's Sword as Don Felipe
tv movie 1995 The House That Mary Bought as Harry Bernard
tv movie 1994 Mademoiselle O as L'oncle Rouka
tv movie 1993 Jeanne d'Arc au bûcher as Un Héraut
movie 1993 La ballade d'un condamné
movie 1993 La vis as Le directeur général
movie 1993 Les enfants du charbon
movie 1993 M. Butterfly as Agent Etancelin
movie 1993 Mardi as Le général
movie 1993 The Hour of the Pig as Apothecary
movie 1993 The Temptation of Sainthood as Freud
tv movie 1992 Frankenstein as Chancellor
movie 1992 L'ambassade en folie as Ivan
movie 1992 Les enfants du naufrageur
movie 1992 Obiettivo indiscreto
tv movie 1992 The First Circle as Riyumin
movie 1992 Toutes peines confondues as Thurston
movie 1992 Venice/Venice as Alexander
tv movie 1991 A Season of Giants as Jacopo Galli
movie 1991 Let Him Have It as Clerk of Court
tv movie 1991 Prisoner of Honor as Rennes prosecutor
movie 1990 Fuga dal paradiso as Merrill
movie 1990 Hamlet as Reynaldo
video movie 1990 Meridian as Priest
movie 1990 The Garden
movie 1990 The Krays as Teacher
tv movie 1990 The Plot to Kill Hitler as Fellgiebel
movie 1990 Vincent et moi as Dr. Winkler
movie 1989 Berlin-Yerushalaim as Editor
movie 1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as Butler
movie 1989 Jeniec Europy as Hudson Lowe
tv movie 1989 La dolce casa degli orrori as The Exorcist
tv movie 1989 Murderers Among Us: The Simon Wiesenthal Story as Doctor Webber
movie 1989 Splendor as Don Arno
tv series 1989 En cas de bonheur
movie 1988 Catacombs as Brother Timothy
tv movie 1988 Le due croci as Bischof de Jong
movie 1988 Madame Sousatzka as Music Critic
tv movie 1988 Maigret as Gannett
movie 1988 Natalia as Alfred Grabner
movie 1988 Pascali's Island as Pariente
movie 1988 Testimony as Gargolovsky
movie 1987 L'inattendue
movie 1987 Maschenka as Yasha
tv movie 1987 Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story as Jules Glassner
movie 1986 Caravaggio as Art Lover
movie 1986 Der Name der Rose as Hugh of Newcastle
movie 1986 Je hais les acteurs as Fritz Kesselberger
movie 1985 Mata Hari as Prosecutor
movie 1985 Morenga as Lohmann
tv series 1985 Mussolini: The Untold Story as Sebastiani
tv series 1985 Tender Is the Night as Luis Campion
movie 1984 Gwendoline
movie 1984 Mon ami Washington
tv movie 1984 Much Ado About Nothing as Don John
movie 1984 Ronde de nuit as James - le majordome
tv movie 1984 The Devil's Lieutenant as Dr. Goldschmiedt
tv movie 1984 Yalta as Moran
tv series 1984 Ellis Island as Rachmaninoff
tv series 1984 Goldene Zeiten - Bittere Zeiten as M. Bernard
tv movie 1983 An Englishman Abroad as Guildenstern
tv movie 1983 Emmenez-moi au théâtre: La soupière as Louis
movie 1983 Enigma
movie 1983 Nutcracker as Markovitch
tv movie 1983 The Scarlet and the Black as Count Langenthal
tv series 1983 L'homme de Suez
tv movie 1982 Emmenez-moi au théâtre: Chêne et lapins angora as Docteur Zerlebeck
movie 1982 La nuit de Varennes as Judge at the confiscation
tv movie 1982 Malesherbes, avocat du roi as Le confesseur de Louis XVI
tv series 1982 Mozart as Prince Galitzine
movie 1981 Condorman as Russian Agent
movie 1981 L'amour nu as John, le patron de Claire
tv movie 1981 Le beau monde as Pablo
tv movie 1981 Peter and Paul as Priest of Herod
movie 1981 San-Antonio ne pense qu'à ça as Un tueur russe
movie 1981 Sredni Vashtar as Dr. Russell
tv movie 1981 Troilus & Cressida as Agamemnon
tv series 1981 Exil
movie 1980 Nijinsky as Sergei Grigoriev
tv movie 1979 Mers El-Kebir as Holland
tv series 1979 Ike as Gen. Charles DeGaulle
tv series 1979 Joséphine ou la comédie des ambitions as Siéyès
movie 1978 L'amour en question as Peter, le consul anglais à Nice
movie 1978 L'ordre et la sécurité du monde as Le réceptionniste
movie 1978 La petite fille en velours bleu as Lamberti
tv movie 1978 Les chemins de l'exil ou Les dernières années de Jean-Jacques Rousseau as Le peintre Ramsay
tv movie 1978 Lulu as Le prince Escerny
tv movie 1978 Romeo & Juliet as Apothecary
tv series 1978 Mazarin as Dom Pimentel
tv movie 1977 Foch pour vaincre
movie 1977 Joseph Andrews as Fop Two
movie 1977 March or Die as Mean Corporal
movie 1977 The Spy Who Loved Me as Max Kalba
tv movie 1976 Don Juan ou L'homme de cendres as Le cardinal Cisneros
tv movie 1975 Au bois dormant as Antoine
movie 1975 Galileo as First Secretary
movie 1975 Il messia as Samuel
movie 1975 India Song as Georges Crawn
movie 1975 Le chat et la souris as Chief of kidnappers
movie 1975 Le jeu avec le feu as Un messager
movie 1975 Le sauvage as Coleman
movie 1975 Operation: Daybreak as Pyotr
tv movie 1975 Pas de frontières pour l'inspecteur: Le bouc émissaire as Reinders
tv movie 1974 Cartesius as Astronomo Ciprus
movie 1974 Murder on the Orient Express as Concierge
tv movie 1974 Plaies et bosses as Le père O'Donoghue
movie 1974 Profumo di donna as Don Carlo
movie 1974 Soft Beds, Hard Battles as Padre
movie 1974 The Marseille Contract as Lazar
tv series 1974 À vous de jouer Milord as N2
movie 1973 Giordano Bruno
movie 1973 Story of a Love Story
movie 1973 The Day of the Jackal as The Interrogator
tv series 1973 Karatekas and co as Le valet
tv series 1973 Pour Vermeer
movie 1972 Far from Dallas
movie 1972 I racconti di Canterbury as The Franklin
movie 1972 Up the Front as Muller
tv series 1972 Le seize à Kerbriant as Wollf
movie 1971 Fiddler on the Roof as Russian Official
movie 1971 Les mariés de l'an deux as Le pasteur
movie 1971 Mary, Queen of Scots as Duc De Guise
movie 1971 Nicholas and Alexandra as Dr. Lazovert
movie 1971 The Horsemen as Zam Hajji
movie 1970 Darling Lili as Otto Kraus
movie 1970 Ils as Brisbane
movie 1970 The Beast in the Cellar as Newsmith
movie 1969 Anne of the Thousand Days as Mendoza
movie 1969 The Assassination Bureau as Baron Muntzof
movie 1968 A Dandy in Aspic as Stein
movie 1968 Baby Love as Man in Cinema
movie 1967 The Taming of the Shrew as Pedant
movie 1966 The Idol as Man at Party
movie 1965 Darling as Art Critic at Ralph Riggs Exposure
movie 1965 Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours 11 minutes as Member of the French Team
movie Fever as George

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Available: September 18, 2012 Starring: Annabel Wright, Trevor White, Nick Ashdon, Vernon Dobtcheff Directed by Jamil Dehlavi Lucille makes her confession ... After mistaking Jean (Gad Elmaleh), a shy hotel worker, for a millionaire, beautiful seductress Irene (Audrey Tautou) aband...

Audrey Tautou Gad Elmaleh Vernon Dobtcheff MOVIE CLIPS click to subscribe Irene (Audrey Tautou) mistakes Jean (Gad Elmaleh) for a ...

James Bond, Indiana Jones, Michel Strogoff... Such a career and an honor to speak and work with this man... thanks to you Cédric !!!!