Vernon Steele

Vernon Steele Filmography

movie 1949 Madame Bovary as Priest
movie 1948 Joan of Arc as Boy's Father
movie 1948 To the Ends of the Earth as Commissioner Lionel Hadley
movie 1947 The Lone Wolf in London as Sir John Klemscott
movie 1945 They Were Expendable as Army Doctor
movie 1943 Riders of the Northwest Mounted as Captain Blair
movie 1942 Mrs. Miniver as Glee Club Member
movie 1939 Land of Liberty
movie 1939 North of the Yukon as RCMP Insp. Wylie
movie 1939 The Bill of Rights as Thomas Jefferson
movie 1939 The Witness Vanishes as Nigel Partridge
movie 1938 Flight to Fame as Officer
movie 1938 Kidnapped as Captain
movie 1937 Step Lively, Jeeves! as Lord Fenton
movie 1937 Time Out for Romance as Count Michael Montaine
movie 1936 Dracula's Daughter as Squires
movie 1936 Lloyd's of London as Sir Thomas Lawrence
movie 1935 Bonnie Scotland as Colonel Gregor McGregor
movie 1935 Captain Blood as King James
movie 1935 I Found Stella Parish as Slave in Play
movie 1935 No matarĂ¡s
movie 1935 Te quiero con locura as Dr. Preston
movie 1934 Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back as Wedding Guest
movie 1934 The Great Flirtation as Bigelow
movie 1934 Where Sinners Meet as Saunders, the Chauffeur
movie 1933 Design for Living as Douglas' First Manager
movie 1933 The King's Vacation as Barstow
movie 1933 The Silk Express as Dr. Harold Rolph
movie 1929 Big News as Reporter
movie 1924 Discontented Husbands as Jack Ballard
movie 1924 The House of Youth as Rhodes Winston
movie 1923 Alice Adams as Arthur Russell
movie 1923 Forgive and Forget as Ronnie Sears
movie 1923 Temptation as John Hope
movie 1923 The Wanters as Tom Armstrong
movie 1923 What Wives Want as Austin Howard
movie 1922 A Wonderful Wife as Alaric Lewin
movie 1922 For the Defense as Christopher Armstrong
movie 1922 The Danger Point as Duncan Phelps
movie 1922 The Girl Who Ran Wild as The Schoolmaster
movie 1922 The Hands of Nara as Adam Pine
movie 1922 Thelma as Sir Phillip Errington
movie 1922 When the Devil Drives as Robert Taylor
movie 1921 Beyond Price as Philip Marrio
movie 1921 Out of the Chorus as Ross Van Beekman
movie 1921 The Highest Bidder as Hastings
movie 1920 His House in Order as Hillary Jesson
movie 1919 Human Desire as Jasper Norton
movie 1919 The Eternal Magdalene as The Preacher
movie 1919 The Firing Line as John Garret 'Garry' Hamil III
movie 1919 The Mind-the-Paint Girl as Lord Francombe
movie 1919 The Phantom Honeymoon as Captain Bob Tidewater
movie 1919 The Witness for the Defense as Dick Hazelwood
movie 1918 Fields of Honor as Robert Vorhis
movie 1918 The Panther Woman as Beverly Peale
movie 1917 Bab's Matinee Idol as Adrian Egleston
movie 1917 Polly of the Circus as John Douglas the Minister
movie 1916 Little Lady Eileen as Stanley Churchill
movie 1916 Silks and Satins as Jacques Desmond
movie 1916 The Supreme Sacrifice as Reverend Philip Morton
movie 1915 Hearts in Exile as Paul Pavloff
movie 1915 Her Great Match as Prince Adolph
movie 1915 The Stubbornness of Geraldine
movie 1915 The Vampire as Robert Sterling

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Bonnie Scotland Trailer - Directed by James W. Horne and starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, William Janney, Vernon Steele, James Finlayson. Directed by ...

ESM Adult Choir (directed by Sis. Anica Jones) Singing Matthew 28 (Narrated by Elder Vernon Steele) Arranged by Donald Lawrence.