Veronica Hart

Jane Esther Hamilton (born October 27, 1956 in Las Vegas, Nevada) is a former American pornographic actress and current porn director who performed under the name Veronica Hart during the 1980s. She is sometimes credited as Jane Esther Hamilton, Jane Hamilton, V. Hart, Veronica Heart, Victoria Holt, Kathryn Stanleigh, Randee Styles or just Veronica. Hart is a member of the AVN Hall of Fame. ... more on Wikipedia

Veronica Hart Filmography

movie 2014 42nd Street Memories: The Rise and Fall of America's Most Notorious Street as Herself
video movie 2013 The Perfect Secretary 3: The New Recruit
video movie 2013 My Girlfriend's Mother 5
video movie 2012 Classic Gangbangs by Filthy Frank
movie 2012 Contamination: A Convention Story as Herself
video movie 2012 Craving II as Ugly Witch
video movie 2012 Lesbian Storytime Theater 1 as Non sex
video movie 2012 My Sister Celine as Beth
video movie 2012 Wives Club
video movie 2011 My Girlfriend's Mother 1 as NonSex Performers
video movie 2011 My Mother's Best Friend 3 as NonSex Performers
video movie 2009 Hush as Mrs. Hilderman
video movie 2009 Kayden's Frisky Business
video movie 2009 The Lifestyle as Allison's Mother
video movie 2009 This Ain't Hell's Kitchen XXX as Non-Sex Customer
movie 2008 One-Eyed Monster as Veronica
movie 2008 Parasomnia as TV Field Reporter
video movie 2008 Roller Dollz as Coach
video movie 2008 Sugar Town
video movie 2008 The Trouble with Young Girls
video movie 2008 Two as Store Clerk
video movie 2008 House of Sex & Domination
video movie 2008 L.A. Lust
video movie 2008 Twisted Tails
video movie 2008 Lucky Stiff
video movie 2007 Delilah as Mrs. Nazarite
movie 2007 Larry Flynt: The Right to Be Left Alone as Herself
video movie 2007 Touched as Elizabeth Conwell
video movie 2007 Bondage & Perversion in L.A.
video movie 2006 Ammucchiate anali
video movie 2006 Neu Wave Hookers as Special Appearance
video movie 2006 The Fling
video movie 2005 Eternity as Mother
video movie 2005 She Bangs! as Detective
video movie 2005 Dangerous Sex Games
video movie 2005 Taken
video movie 2004 Bella Loves Jenna as Mom
video movie 2004 Can You Be a Pornstar? 3 & 4 as NonSex
movie 2004 Exposure as Jane
movie 2004 The Naked Feminist as Herself
video movie 2004 Love and Bullets
video movie 2004 Misty Beethoven: The Musical!
video movie 2004 Chasing Destiny
video movie 2004 To Protect and Service
movie 2003 Fluffy Cumsalot, Porn Star as Herself
video movie 2003 Hard Trip as Herself
movie 2003 Hot and Bothered: Feminist Pornography as Herself
video movie 2003 Young Nikki Tyler
video movie 2003 Aces in the Holes
video movie 2003 Barbara Broadcast Too!
video movie 2003 Truckstop Trixie
video movie 2003 Cheerleader School
video movie 2003 Eternal Virgins
video movie 2003 Witch Coven College
video movie 2002 Crime & Passion as Dr. Mandel
tv movie 2002 Desperately Seeking Seka as Herself
video movie 2002 Deviant Vixens 2 as Helen
video movie 2002 Makin' It as Georgia
tv movie 2002 Naked Fairy Tales
tv movie 2002 The History of Hardcore as Herself
video movie 2002 Sinful Rella
video movie 2002 Sunset Stripped
tv movie 2001 Bad Girl as Herself
video movie 2001 Blonde Fury
video movie 2001 Deviant Vixens I as Helen
video movie 2001 Edge Play as Receptionist's Voice
movie 2001 Little Shop of Erotica as Madam Rula
movie 2001 Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy as Herself
tv series 2001 Adults Only: The Secret History of the Other Hollywood as Herself
video movie 2001 Dangerous Games
video movie 2000 Booby Trap as Woman in Park
video movie 2000 Dreamquest as Witch
movie 2000 Give Me Your Soul... as Herself
video movie 2000 Shayla's Web as Producer
video movie 2000 Dark Chambers
video movie 2000 White Lightning
video movie 2000 Being with Juli Ashton
video movie 2000 Older Women, Hotter Sex
video movie 1999 Crossroads as Nancy
video movie 1999 Just One More Time
movie 1999 Magnolia as Dentist Nurse #1
video movie 1999 Magnum Love as Girl Friend
video movie 1999 Ritual as Lab Assistant
video movie 1999 Still Insatiable as Party Snob
movie 1999 The Girl Next Door as Herself
video movie 1999 The Wicked Temptress
video movie 1999 Torn as Joan Callie
tv series 1999 Sexmodellerne - det andet Hollywood as Herself
video movie 1999 Cashmere
video movie 1999 Dark Garden
video movie 1999 Diva Girls
video movie 1999 Deep Inside Helen Duval
video movie 1998 Dream Catcher as Dream Catcher
video movie 1998 Essentially Juli
video movie 1998 Exile as Mother
video movie 1998 Flashpoint as Mrs. Dunn
video movie 1998 Forever Night as Nurse
video movie 1998 L.A. Fashion Girls as Phyllis Upp
movie 1998 Porn... It's a Living as Herself
video movie 1998 Screen Play
video movie 1998 Three Brothers as Mrs. Elfman
video movie 1998 Timeless as Hilda
video movie 1998 Diva 4: Sexual Aria
video movie 1998 Fade to Blue
video movie 1998 Love's Passion
video movie 1997 Adult Video News Awards 1997 as Herself
video movie 1997 Ancient Secrets of the Kama Sutra as Bookstore owner
video movie 1997 Appassionata
movie 1997 Boogie Nights as Judge
video movie 1997 Cafe Flesh 2 as Moms
video movie 1997 Wet Dreams Reel Fantasies
video movie 1997 Decadence
video movie 1997 Diva 2: Deep in Glamour
video movie 1997 Fountain of Innocence
video movie 1997 New Wave Hookers 5
video movie 1997 The Wrong Snatch
video movie 1997 Deep Inside Missy
video movie 1997 Lady Luck
video movie 1996 Exstasy
video movie 1996 My Surrender
video movie 1996 Risque Burlesque 2
video movie 1996 Scotty's X-Rated Adventure
video movie 1996 Adam and Eve's House Party
video movie 1996 Decadence
video movie 1996 Shock
video movie 1996 Adam and Eve's House Party 2
video movie 1996 Adam and Eve's House Party 3
video movie 1995 Latex as Dr. Bridges
video movie 1995 Nylon
video movie 1995 Sex II: Fate as TV Announcer
video movie 1995 The Ultimate Fantasy
video movie 1995 Night Walk: A Bedtime Story
video movie 1994 American Garter as Fashion Show Hostess
video movie 1994 No Man's Land 10
video movie 1994 Pajama Party X
video movie 1994 Pajama Party X 2
video movie 1994 Real TIckeTS 1
video movie 1994 Real TIckeTS 2
video movie 1994 Sex as TV Announcer
video movie 1993 Alien Intruder as Turk's Mama
video movie 1993 Be Careful What You Wish For! as Joanne
movie 1993 Beauty School as Countess
video movie 1993 Black Orchid
tv movie 1993 Double Deception as Sweetie
video movie 1993 Sex Academy
movie 1993 Two Hearts
movie 1992 Feast as Girl By Pool #2
video movie 1992 Only the Very Best on Film as Deidre
movie 1992 Ruby as Telephone Trixie
movie 1991 Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh as Grace
video movie 1991 Good Vibrations
video movie 1991 Good Vibrations 2
movie 1990 Bedroom Eyes II as JoBeth McKenna
video movie 1990 New York's Finest as Bunny
video movie 1990 Party Girls as Whipped Cream Wrestling Girl
movie 1990 Sexpot as Beth
movie 1990 Wildest Dreams as Ruth Delaney
movie 1989 Bad Blood as Crystal's Mother
movie 1989 Cleo/Leo as Cleo Clock
movie 1989 Enrapture as Annie
movie 1989 Sexbomb as Lola Faraday
movie 1989 Young Nurses in Love as Franchesca
movie 1988 Amanda by Night 2 as Amanda
video movie 1988 Girls Who Dig Girls 6
video movie 1988 Satisfaction Jackson as Billie
movie 1988 Sensual Escape
video movie 1988 Tattoo Vampire
video movie 1988 The Final Taboo as Ms. Walker
video movie 1987 Amazing Sex Stories: Part 2
video movie 1987 Backdoor Bonanza 3
movie 1987 Deranged as Joyce
movie 1987 Ecstasy Girls II as Rosie
video movie 1987 Electric Blue 56 as Mimi Dupre
video movie 1987 Legends of Porn
movie 1987 Sensations as Tippy
movie 1987 Slammer Girls as Crabapples
movie 1987 Student Affairs as Veronica
video movie 1987 A Taste of Ambrosia
movie 1986 If Looks Could Kill as Mary Beth
movie 1986 Sex Appeal as Monica
video movie 1986 Star Cuts 33: Kari Foxx as Girl on Floor
video movie 1986 Wimps as Tracy
movie 1985 Blue Ribbon Blue
movie 1985 Bordello: House of the Rising Sun as Mrs. Fox
movie 1985 Delivery Boys as Art Snob
movie 1985 Naked Scents
movie 1985 Super Seka
movie 1985 Voyeur's Delight
video movie 1984 Behind the Scenes of an Adult Movie as Herself
movie 1984 Blowing Your Mind
movie 1984 Death Mask as Victoria Howe
video movie 1984 Electric Blue 10 as Dr. Ruth
video movie 1984 Electric Blue 12 as Dr. Ruth
video movie 1984 Electric Blue 17 as Dr. Ruth
movie 1984 Firestorm as Suzanne
movie 1984 Liquid A$$ets as Tootsie Lamarr
movie 1984 Porn Star of the Year Contest
tv movie 1984 R.S.V.P. as Mrs. Edwards
movie 1984 Stocks and Blondes
movie 1983 Alexandra as Darlene
video movie 1983 Babylon Gold
movie 1983 Dixie Ray Hollywood Star as Sherry
movie 1983 Eighth Erotic Film Festifal
movie 1983 Heaven's Touch as Miss Penny
movie 1983 In Love as Melinda
movie 1983 Little Girls Lost... as Alicia
video movie 1983 Once Upon a Secretary as Bar Owner
movie 1983 Private Schoolgirls as Basketball Coach
movie 1983 Silk Satin Sex as The Maid
movie 1983 The Playgirl as Laura Bond
movie 1982 Center Spread Girls as Jane Mohr
movie 1982 Confessions of Seka
movie 1982 Foxtrot as Gracie
movie 1982 Puss 'n Boots as Biker Gang Leader
movie 1982 Society Affairs as Alexis Cavanaugh
movie 1982 Stephanie's Lust Story as Alicia
movie 1982 Touch Me in the Morning as Jenny Barnes
movie 1982 Urban Cowgirls as Amanda
movie 1982 Wanda Whips Wall Street as Wanda Brandt
movie 1981 8 to 4 as Julie
movie 1981 A Girl's Best Friend as Charlotte
movie 1981 Amanda by Night as Amanda Heather
movie 1981 American Desire as Sheila Welles
movie 1981 Angel Buns as Angel Buns
movie 1981 Babe as Jocasta
movie 1981 Beauty as Betty
movie 1981 Between the Sheets as Lisa
movie 1981 Blue Magic as Jenny
movie 1981 Delicious as Divina
movie 1981 Indecent Exposure as Lilah Ford
movie 1981 Neon Nights as Rhonda
movie 1981 Outlaw Ladies as Diedre
movie 1981 Pandora's Mirror as Pandora
movie 1981 Roommates as Joan Harmon
movie 1981 Tara Tara Tara Tara as Angie
movie 1981 The Tale of Tiffany Lust as Betty
movie 1981 Twilite Pink as Miss Rocksoff
movie 1980 A Scent of Heather as Heather
movie 1980 Afternoon Delights as Mrs. Smith at the Dentist
movie 1980 Fascination as Gladys Crenshaw
movie 1980 Games Women Play as Alice
movie 1980 Midnight Blue 2
movie 1980 Pretty Looks
movie 1980 Princess as Dyke
movie 1980 The Seduction of Cindy as Jennifer
movie 1978 Woman in Love: A Story of Madame Bovary as Eric's Model

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