Vic Diaz

Vic Diaz (born 1932 in Manila, Philippines) is a Filipino former character actor who mostly portrayed villains. He is also the father of the late Teddy Diaz the legendary founding guitarist of the Filipino Rock band The Dawn. ... more on Wikipedia

Vic Diaz Filmography

movie 2010 Machete Maidens Unleashed! as Himself
movie 2001 La vida Rosa as Tiyong
movie 2001 Yamashita: The Tiger's Treasure as Old Naguchi
movie 2000 Kahit demonyo itutumba ko
movie 2000 Tunay na tunay: Gets mo? Gets ko! as Mr. Wong
movie 1995 Closer to Home as Gruta
movie 1994 Caged Heat II: Stripped of Freedom as Warden Chen
movie 1994 Fortunes of War as Colonel Shan
movie 1993 Live by the Fist as Warden Acosta
movie 1990 Kaaway ng batas as Don Pedro
movie 1989 Blackbelt II as Bill Akida
movie 1989 Bloodfist as Detective
movie 1988 Agila ng Maynila as Mr. Frisco Tabiante
movie 1988 Crackdown as Zamora
movie 1988 Spyder as Bill Akida
movie 1988 The Expendables as Tranh Um Phu
movie 1988 Trappola diabolica as Huan To
movie 1988 Whiteforce as Martinez
tv series 1988 A Dangerous Life as Maj. General Olivas
movie 1987 Equalizer 2000 as Bone
movie 1987 Eye of the Eagle as Col. Trang
movie 1986 Isa lang ang dapat mabuhay
movie 1986 Iyo ang Tondo kanya ang Cavite as Kanor
movie 1986 Muslim .357
movie 1986 Revenge of the Street Warrior
movie 1986 Silk as Tokuda
movie 1985 High Blood
movie 1985 Isa-isa Lang! as Mr. Buenaventura
movie 1985 Isla as Hepe
movie 1985 Nagalit ang patay sa haba ng lamay
movie 1984 Minanong magat
movie 1984 The Firebird Conspiracy as NVA
movie 1983 Hot Property
movie 1983 Isang bala ka lang!
movie 1983 Jun Parak
movie 1983 Pieta as Jack
movie 1983 Sa bawat tunog ng kampana
movie 1982 Daniel Bartolo ng Sapang Bato
movie 1982 Mga pambato
movie 1982 Raw Force as Monk
movie 1981 Firecracker as Grip
movie 1981 Nakakabaliw, Nakakaaliw
movie 1980 Boy Singkit
tv movie 1980 The Children of An Lac as Dr. Tran Van Binh
movie 1979 Durugin si Totoy Bato
movie 1979 Pacific Inferno as Kempei
movie 1978 Death Force
movie 1978 Patayin si ... mediavillo
movie 1978 The Boys in Company C as Colonel Trang
movie 1978 Vampire Hookers as Pavo
movie 1977 Sudden Death as Carnival barker
movie 1977 Too Hot to Handle as Sanchez
movie 1977 Totoy Bato
movie 1976 Hustler Squad as Japanese Officer
movie 1976 Project: Kill as Alok Lee
movie 1975 Cover Girl Models as Kulik
movie 1974 Bamboo Gods and Iron Men as Hotel clerk
movie 1974 Savage Sisters as One-Eye
movie 1974 The Deathhead Virgin as Mr. Kapunan
movie 1974 The Dragon Force Connection
movie 1974 The Pacific Connection as Tsang
movie 1974 The Thirsty Dead as Police lieutenant
movie 1973 A Taste of Hell as Major
movie 1973 Beyond Atlantis as Manuel the Barracuda
movie 1973 Black Mama, White Mama as Vic Cheng
movie 1973 Fly Me as Enriquez
movie 1973 Savage!
movie 1973 Wonder Women as Lapu-Lapu
movie 1972 Daughters of Satan as Carlos Ching
movie 1972 Night of the Cobra Woman as Japanese Soldier
movie 1972 Superbeast as Mondo Diaz
movie 1972 The Big Bird Cage as Rocco
movie 1971 Beast of the Yellow Night as Satan
movie 1971 Blood Thirst as Inspector Miguel Ramos
movie 1970 Maharlika
movie 1970 The Losers as Diem-Nuc
movie 1969 Impasse as Jesus
movie 1969 Mr. Wong Strikes Again
movie 1969 Surabaya Conspiracy as Ah Song
tv movie 1968 Escape to Mindanao as Sokuri
movie 1968 Manila, Open City
movie 1968 Mission Batangas
movie 1967 Hell of Borneo
movie 1967 The Longest Hundred Miles as Japanese General
movie 1966 Espiya kontra espiya
movie 1966 Tatlong kasaysayan ng pag-ibig
movie 1966 The Passionate Strangers as Angel Mascardo
movie 1965 Dolpinger
movie 1965 Operation C.I.A. as Professor Yen
movie 1965 The Ravagers as Cruz
movie 1964 Bale-bale kung lumaban
movie 1964 Daigdig ng matatapang
movie 1964 Flight to Fury as Lorgren
movie 1964 Kulay dugo ang gabi as Voice of priest & narrator
movie 1964 Lagalag
movie 1964 Mabilis... Paa at kamay
movie 1964 Moro Witch Doctor as Salek
movie 1964 Reyna ng Tundo
movie 1963 Los palikeros
movie 1963 Sa pagitan ng dalawang mata
movie 1963 Sigaw ng digmaan
movie 1963 Tres kantos
movie 1962 Adiong Sikat ng Tondo
movie 1962 Asiong Meets Alembong
movie 1962 Gung-Ho vs. Apache
movie 1962 Kapitan Tornado
movie 1961 Asiong Salonga as Totoy Golem
movie 1961 Espionage: Far East
movie 1961 Habagat sa tag-araw
movie 1959 Anak ng kidlat
movie 1959 The Scavengers as Casimir O'Hara
movie 1959 Tuko sa Madre Kakaw
movie 1958 Ana Maria
movie 1958 Casa grande
movie 1958 Eddie Junior Detective
movie 1958 Malvarosa as Leonides
movie 1958 Obra Maestra
movie 1958 Sisang tabak
movie 1958 The Day of the Trumpet as Julio
movie 1957 Bicol Express

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