Victor Fairley

Victor Fairley Filmography

movie 1958 The Two-Headed Spy as Gen. Rupert
movie 1955 I Am a Camera as Nightclub Patron
movie 1953 The Captain's Paradise as Customs official #1
movie 1952 Moulin Rouge as Specialist Doctor
movie 1949 Now Barabbas
movie 1940 Olympic Honeymoon
movie 1940 Sailors Three as German Petty Officer
tv movie 1938 Cast Up by the Sea
movie 1938 Crackerjack
movie 1938 Mr. Satan
tv movie 1937 A Fool and His Money as Tim
movie 1937 Gypsy as Strauss
tv movie 1937 Three Epic Dramas
movie 1936 Everything Is Thunder as Minor Role
movie 1936 Terror on Tiptoe as Dr. Strauss
movie 1935 Brown on Resolution
movie 1934 Jew Süss
movie 1933 Going Gay as Grete's Father
movie 1933 Mr. Quincey of Monte Carlo as Manager
movie 1933 Naughty Cinderella as Herr Amsel
movie 1933 The Stolen Necklace as Colonel Hunter
movie 1932 Illegal
movie 1932 My Friend the King as Josef
movie 1931 The Rosary as Minor role
movie 1926 The Greater War as Schmidt