Victory Bateman

Victory Bateman (6 April 1865, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 2 March 1926, Los Angeles) was an American silent film actress. On stage, Ms. Bateman appeared in the 1900 tour of "The Man From Mexico" and in the 1919 tour of "Seven Days' Leave". ... more on Wikipedia

Victory Bateman Filmography

movie 1924 Tess of the D'Urbervilles as Joan Durbeyfield
movie 1924 The Turmoil as Mrs. James Sheridan
movie 1923 Can a Woman Love Twice? as Mary's Landlady
movie 1923 Human Wreckage as Mother Finnegan
movie 1923 The Eternal Three as Mrs. Tucker
movie 1922 A Girl's Desire as Mrs. Browne
movie 1922 Captain Fly-by-Night as SeƱora
movie 1922 If I Were Queen as Aunt Ollie
movie 1921 A Trip to Paradise as Mrs. Smiley
movie 1921 Keeping Up with Lizzie as Mrs. Henshaw
movie 1921 The Idle Rich as Mrs. O'Reilly
movie 1920 Beautifully Trimmed as Mrs. Calkins
movie 1920 Cinderella's Twin as Ma Du Geen
movie 1918 The Service Star as Aunt Judith
movie 1916 A Slave of Corruption
movie 1916 Romeo and Juliet as Lady Montague
movie 1916 The Power of Evil as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 Dirty Face Dan
movie 1914 Freckles as Freckles' Mother
movie 1914 His Little Pal
movie 1914 The Ring as Mrs. Gallagher - Maggie's Mother
movie 1914 The Stronger Hand as Mrs. Wilton
movie 1914 The Ten of Spades as Nancy of the Dance Hall
movie 1914 The Thief and the Book as Old Meg
movie 1914 What the Crystal Told as Mrs. Murphy - Jane's Mother
movie 1913 A Guilty Conscience
movie 1913 For Her Boy's Sake as The Mother
movie 1913 Her Nephews from Labrador as The Aunt
movie 1913 His Heroine
movie 1913 L'article 47 as Mme. Duhamel - George's Mother
movie 1913 Psychology of Fear as The Boy's Mother
movie 1913 The Dove in the Eagle's Nest
movie 1913 The Hendrick's Divorce as The Nurse
movie 1913 The House in the Tree as May's Mother
movie 1913 The Lady Killer
movie 1912 Her Cousin Fred as Victory, Fred's Sister
movie 1912 Nicholas Nickleby as Miss La Creevy
movie 1912 Tangled Relations as Mrs. Mary Owen - The Widow, Florence's Mother