Vin Moore

Vin Moore (23 January 1879 ? 5 December 1949) was an American film director, actor and writer. He directed 83 films between 1915 and 1938. ... more on Wikipedia

Vin Moore Filmography

movie 1944 Cover Girl as Waiter
movie 1938 Topa Topa
movie 1936 The Drag-Net
movie 1935 The Rustlers of Red Dog
movie 1935 Cheers of the Crowd
movie 1934 Tailspin Tommy
movie 1934 The Red Rider
movie 1934 Flirting with Danger
movie 1934 Love Past Thirty
movie 1934 Young Eagles
movie 1932 Racing Youth
movie 1931 Ex-Bad Boy
movie 1931 Many a Slip
movie 1931 The Virtuous Husband
movie 1930 See America Thirst
movie 1930 The Cohens and the Kellys in Africa
movie 1929 Kid's Clever
movie 1929 The Border Wildcat
movie 1929 Wolves of the City
movie 1929 Society Circus
movie 1928 Beauty and Bullets
movie 1928 Hot Heels
movie 1928 The Gate Crasher
movie 1928 The Cloud Buster
movie 1927 Daze of the West
movie 1927 Painting the Town
movie 1927 A Strange Inheritance
movie 1927 Cows Is Cows
movie 1927 Doctors Prefer Brunettes
movie 1927 Flaming Snow
movie 1927 The Piperock Blaze
movie 1927 The Pride of Piperock
movie 1927 The Rest Cure
movie 1927 Tied Up
movie 1927 Too Much Progress for Pipe Rock
movie 1927 When Oscar Went Wild
movie 1926 Lazy Lightning as Sheriff Dan Boyd
movie 1926 The Man from the West as Lloyd Millard
movie 1926 A Man's Size Pet
movie 1926 Barely Reasonable
movie 1926 Desperate Dan
movie 1926 Fade Away Foster
movie 1926 Let Loose
movie 1926 One Wild Time
movie 1926 Pipe Rock Goes Wild
movie 1926 The Big Game
movie 1926 The Hen Punchers of Piperock
movie 1926 The Hero of Piperock
movie 1926 The Rescue
movie 1926 When East Meets West
movie 1925 Breakin' Loose
movie 1925 Just Cowboys
movie 1925 Shootin' Wild
movie 1925 Too Many Bucks
movie 1921 A Model Made
movie 1921 Fresh from the Country
movie 1921 The Spirits of '21
movie 1921 Chicken Country Style
movie 1921 Hearts and Flour
movie 1921 His Lady Friend
movie 1920 Maids-a-Courting
movie 1920 Romeo and Juliet
movie 1920 The Forbidden Brew
movie 1920 The Movie Bug
movie 1920 A Scream in Society
movie 1920 An Elephant's Nightmare
movie 1920 Distilled Love
movie 1920 Her Secret Still
movie 1920 Nearly Wed
movie 1920 Over the Garden Wall
movie 1920 Shapes and Scrapes
movie 1920 Way Down North
movie 1919 Captain Kidd, Jr. as Luella Butterfield
movie 1919 A Skate at Sea
movie 1919 Brownie's Doggone Tricks
movie 1919 Frisky Lions and Wicked Husbands
movie 1919 Howling Lions and Circus Queens
movie 1919 Looney Lions and Monkey Business
movie 1919 Society Stuff
movie 1918 Bawled Out
movie 1918 Cupid vs. Art
movie 1918 Cannibals and Carnivals
movie 1918 The Donkey Did It
movie 1917 Bombs and Bandits as The Mayor
movie 1917 Faking Fakirs
movie 1917 Heart Sick at Sea
movie 1917 On the Trail of the Lonesome Pill
movie 1917 Spike's Bizzy Bike
movie 1917 The Battle of 'Let's Go'
movie 1917 Blackboards and Blackmail
movie 1917 Chicken Chased and Henpecked
movie 1917 Deep Seas and Desperate Deeds
movie 1917 Dry Goods and Damp Deeds
movie 1917 Fat and Furious
movie 1917 Good Little Bad Boy
movie 1917 Her Daring, Caring Ways
movie 1917 Love and Blazes
movie 1917 Prairie Chicken
movie 1917 The Little Fat Rascal
movie 1916 By Stork Delivery as The Tailor's Uncle
movie 1916 Caught on a Skyscraper
movie 1916 Cold Hearts and Hot Flames as The Hotel Manager
movie 1916 Shooting His 'Art Out
movie 1916 The Right Car But the Wrong Berth
movie 1915 A Stool Pigeon's Revenge
movie 1915 A Tale of Twenty Stories
movie 1915 Love on an Empty Stomach
movie 1915 Mister Flirt in Wrong

Vin Moore on Youtube

A 1936 film directed by Vin Moore. With Rod La Rocque, Marian Nixon and Betty Compson. A playboy takes a job as an assistant district attorney, finds himself...