Vincent Vescio

Vincent Vescio Filmography

movie 2014 From the Morning
tv movie 2013 Smar Tech as Dave
video movie 2012 Meet Betsy as Son
movie 2011 Baby, We'll Be Fine as Him
movie 2011 BFFinger Painting as Vin
video movie 2011 BFFinger Painting as Vin
movie 2011 Cowboys & Aliens
movie 2010 Beating Around the Bush with Dr. Wulfie as Dr. Wulfie
video movie 2010 One Child Left Behind as Todd Hanson
video movie 2010 One Child Left Behind: The Todd Hanson Story as Todd Hanson
movie 2010 Gulliver's Travels
movie 2009 Spring Breakdown as Hot Guy
movie 2009 Middle Men
movie 2008 Inconvenience as Victor
tv movie 2007 All I Want for Christmas as Michael
tv movie 2007 Sharpshooter as Commando
tv movie 2005 2005 Radio Music Awards as Bartender
movie 2005 King of the Lost World as Survivor

Vincent Vescio on Youtube

Horror/sci-fi actor Dave Vescio talks with Skyler and Steve (and callers) about his career, how he approaches method acting, and scaring his fellow actors on...

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