Violet Hopson

Violet Hopson Filmography

movie 1933 One Precious Year as Woman at Party
movie 1932 Self Made Lady as Annie
movie 1929 Widecombe Fair as The Widow
movie 1928 Remembrance as Herself
movie 1926 Beating the Book as Joan Marlow
movie 1925 A Daughter of Love as Mary Tannerhill
movie 1924 The Great Turf Mystery as Sheila Donovan
movie 1924 The Stirrup Cup Sensation as Eileen Chelverley
movie 1923 Beautiful Kitty as Kitty
movie 1923 The Lady Owner as Pamela Morland
movie 1923 What Price Loving Cup? as Lady Lorimer
movie 1922 Son of Kissing Cup as Constance Medley
movie 1922 The Scarlet Lady as Gwendoline Gordon
movie 1922 The White Hope as Claudia Carisbrooke
movie 1922 When Greek Meets Greek as Christine Ward
movie 1921 A Sportsman's Wife as Jessica Dunders
movie 1921 The Imperfect Lover as Noreen Grene
movie 1921 Vi of Smith's Alley as Vi Jeffries
movie 1920 Her Son as Dorothy Fairfax
movie 1920 Kissing Cup's Race as Constance Medley
movie 1920 The Case of Lady Camber as Esther Yorke
movie 1920 The Romance of a Movie Star as Vanna George
movie 1919 A Daughter of Eve as Jessica Bond
movie 1919 In the Gloaming as Adrienne Morland
movie 1919 Missing the Tide as Margaret Carson
movie 1919 Snow in the Desert as Felice Beste
movie 1919 The Gentleman Rider as Marjorie Denton
movie 1919 The Irresistible Flapper as Gladys Standish
movie 1919 The Soul of Guilda Lois as Guilda Lois
movie 1918 A Fortune at Stake as Lady Launcelot
movie 1918 A Turf Conspiracy as Madge Iman
movie 1918 My Son, My Son
movie 1918 Sisters in Arms as WRAF Girl
movie 1918 The Snare as Diane
movie 1918 The Woman Wins as Brenda Marsh
movie 1917 A Gamble for Love as Fay de Launay
movie 1917 A Munition Girl's Romance as Jenny Jones
movie 1917 Her Marriage Lines as Sybil Ransley
movie 1917 The Adventures of Dick Dolan as Mrs. Cambray
movie 1917 The American Heiress as Cynthia Hunks
movie 1917 The Blindness of Fortune as Grace Hardfeldt
movie 1917 The Cobweb as Dolorosa
movie 1917 The Eternal Triangle as Audrey
movie 1917 The House Opposite as Mrs. Anstruther
movie 1917 The Ragged Messenger as Mary Ainslee
movie 1917 The Ware Case as Lady Magdalene Ware
movie 1916 A Bunch of Violets as Mrs. Murgatroyd
movie 1916 Comin' Thro' the Rye
movie 1916 Exploits of Tubby as Mrs. Tubby
movie 1916 Iris
movie 1916 Molly Bawn as Marcia Amherst
movie 1916 Sowing the Wind as Helen Gray
movie 1916 The Grand Babylon Hotel as Miss Spencer
movie 1916 The House of Fortescue as Ceclie Harding
movie 1916 The Marriage of William Ashe as Mary Lyster
movie 1916 Trelawny of the Wells as Imogen Parrott
movie 1916 Tubby and the Clutching Hand as Mrs. Tubby
movie 1916 Tubby's Bungle-Oh! as Mrs. Tubby
movie 1916 Tubby's Dugout as Mrs. Tubby
movie 1916 Tubby's Good Work as Mrs. Tubby
movie 1916 Tubby's Rest Cure as Mrs. Tubby
movie 1916 Tubby's River Trip as Mrs. Tubby
movie 1916 Tubby's Spanish Girls as Mrs. Tubby
movie 1916 Tubby's Tip as Mrs. Tubby
movie 1916 Tubby's Typewriter as Mrs. Tubby
movie 1916 Tubby's Uncle as Mrs. Tubby
movie 1915 A Losing Game as The girl
movie 1915 A Moment of Darkness as The Woman
movie 1915 All the World's a Stage as Sophia Slippitose
movie 1915 Barnaby Rudge as Emma Haredale
movie 1915 Be Sure Your Sins as Mrs. Wynne
movie 1915 Behind the Curtain
movie 1915 Her Boy as Nance
movie 1915 Marmaduke and His Angel as Fleurette de Lys
movie 1915 Schoolgirl Rebels as Teacher
movie 1915 Sweet Lavender
movie 1915 The Baby on the Barge as Lady Lafene
movie 1915 The Man Who Stayed at Home as Miriam Leigh
movie 1915 The Man Who Wasn't
movie 1915 The Nightbirds of London
movie 1915 The Outrage as The Wife
movie 1915 The Recalling of John Grey as Mary Loder
movie 1915 The Second String as Diana Nugent
movie 1915 The Shepherd of Souls as Nobody's child
movie 1915 The White Hope as Claudia Carisbrooke
movie 1915 Things We Want to Know as Maisie
movie 1914 A Noble Deception
movie 1914 Judged by Appearances as Countess Vezin
movie 1914 Life's Dark Road as Helen Winston
movie 1914 Memory as Marita
movie 1914 The Bridge Destroyer as The Girl
movie 1914 The Chimes as Meg Veck
movie 1914 The Cry of the Captive as Zorah Vibart
movie 1914 The Girl Who Played the Game as Julia Stevens
movie 1914 The Great Poison Mystery as Vera Duncan
movie 1914 The Heart of Midlothian as Jeanie Deans
movie 1914 The Hunchback as Girl
movie 1914 The Kleptomaniac as Lady Cynthia
movie 1914 The Man from India as Girl
movie 1914 The Quarry Mystery
movie 1914 The Schemers: or, The Jewels of Hate as Vera Mortimer
movie 1914 The Stress of Circumstance as Roma Barton
movie 1914 The Terror of the Air as Gabrielle Townsend
movie 1914 The Unseen Witness as Ethel
movie 1914 They Say - Let Them Say as Eva
movie 1914 Time the Great Healer as Kate
movie 1914 Two of a Kind as Delia Highspite
movie 1914 Unfit; or, The Strength of the Weak as Margaret Adams
movie 1913 A Little Widow Is a Dangerous Thing
movie 1913 At the Foot of the Scaffold as Shop assistant
movie 1913 Drake's Love Story as Queen Elizabeth
movie 1913 The Jewel Thieves Outwitted as Maid
movie 1913 The Law in Their Own Hands as Guest
movie 1913 The Vicar of Wakefield as Olivia Primrose
movie 1913 Two Little Pals as Mrs. Pete
movie 1912 Love in a Laundry
movie 1912 The Stolen Picture
movie 1912 The Umbrella They Could Not Lose as Mildred
movie 1910 Mr. Tubby's Triumph as Mrs. Tubby

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