Virginia Lee Corbin

Virginia Lee Corbin (December 5, 1910 - June 5, 1942) was an American silent film actress. Corbin began her career as a child actress in 1916, and went on to become a youthful flapper in the 1920s. Unfortunately she was one of the many silent stars that would not make it in the sound era, and was put to retirement in the early 1930s. ... more on Wikipedia

Virginia Lee Corbin Filmography

movie 1941 So Ends Our Night
movie 1940 Adventure in Diamonds as Nightclub Woman
movie 1938 Letter of Introduction as Woman at Barry's Party
movie 1931 Forgotten Women as Sissy Salem
movie 1931 Morals for Women as Maybelle
movie 1931 Shotgun Pass as Sally Seagrue
movie 1931 X Marks the Spot as Hortense
movie 1929 Footlights and Fools as Claire Floyd
movie 1929 Jazz Mamas as Kate Twiddle
movie 1929 Knee High
movie 1928 Bare Knees as Billie Durey
movie 1928 Jazzland as Martha Baggott
movie 1928 The Head of the Family as Alice Sullivan
movie 1928 The Little Snob as Jane
movie 1927 Chasing Choo Choos as Virginia Craig
movie 1927 Driven from Home
movie 1927 No Place to Go as Virginia Dare
movie 1927 Play Safe as Virginia Craig
movie 1927 The Perfect Sap as Ruth Webster
movie 1926 Hands Up! as Alice Woodstock
movie 1926 Ladies at Play as Dotty
movie 1926 The Honeymoon Express as Becky
movie 1926 The Whole Town's Talking as Ethel Simmons
movie 1925 Headlines as 'Bobby' Dale
movie 1925 Lilies of the Streets as Judith Lee
movie 1925 North Star as Marcia Gale
movie 1925 The Cloud Rider as Blythe Wingate
movie 1925 The Handsome Brute as Nelly Egan
movie 1925 Three Keys as Edna Trevor
movie 1924 All's Swell on the Ocean
movie 1924 Broken Laws as Patsy Heath
movie 1924 Fight and Win
movie 1924 Sinners in Silk as Flapper
movie 1924 The Chorus Lady as Nora O'Brien
movie 1924 The City That Never Sleeps as Molly Kendall
movie 1924 Wine of Youth as Flapper
movie 1923 Enemies of Children
movie 1923 The Cafe of Fallen Angels
movie 1920 The White Dove as Dorothy Lanyon
movie 1919 The Forbidden Room as Virginia Clark
movie 1918 Ace High as Annette Dupre
movie 1918 Fan Fan as Fan Fan
movie 1918 Six Shooter Andy as Undetermined Child Role
movie 1918 Treasure Island as Louise Trelawney
movie 1917 Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp as Princess Badr al-badr
movie 1917 Heart Strings as Johanna as a child
movie 1917 Jack and the Beanstalk as Virginia
movie 1917 Somebody Lied
movie 1917 The Babes in the Woods as Rose
movie 1917 The Light of Love
movie 1917 The Old Toymaker
movie 1917 Three Women of France
movie 1917 Vengeance of the Dead
movie 1916 Behind Life's Stage
movie 1916 By Conscience's Eye
movie 1916 Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages as Child in Epilogue
movie 1916 Let Katie Do It as Child
movie 1916 Pidgin Island as Undetermined Role
movie 1916 The Castle of Despair

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