Vivian Prescott

Vivian Prescott was an American actress. She appeared in 202 films between 1909 and 1917. ... more on Wikipedia

Vivian Prescott Filmography

movie 1917 The Girl of the Hour
movie 1916 A Designing Woman as Margaret
movie 1916 A Gentle Volunteer
movie 1915 All for the Boy as The Woman
movie 1915 Money as Georgina
movie 1915 Père Goriot as Anastasie Goriot
movie 1915 Souls in Pawn
movie 1915 The Unwelcome Wife as Elsie Edmonds
movie 1915 The Village Friend as Rose Gray
movie 1914 A Change of Complexion as The Cook
movie 1914 A Joke on the Joker
movie 1914 A Midnight Supper as Vivian
movie 1914 A Strange Bird
movie 1914 Almost a Bridegroom
movie 1914 An Up-to-Date Cook as Vivian
movie 1914 Barreled
movie 1914 Bashful Ben
movie 1914 Boxes and Boxers as Vivian
movie 1914 Charlie and a Dog as Vivian
movie 1914 Charlie Woos Vivian as Vivian Catchon
movie 1914 Charlie's New Suit
movie 1914 Charlie's Rival
movie 1914 Charlie's Smoker
movie 1914 Charlie's Toothache
movie 1914 Charlie's Waterloo as Vivian
movie 1914 Cousin Pons as Cecile De Marville
movie 1914 Dead Broke as Charlie's Wife
movie 1914 Ernest Maltravers as Florence
movie 1914 Foolish Lovers as Marguerite
movie 1914 Getting Vivian Married as Vivian
movie 1914 Her Cousin Bill
movie 1914 Her New Hat
movie 1914 His Lucky Day as Vivian
movie 1914 His Unwitting Conquest as The Actress
movie 1914 How to Keep a Husband
movie 1914 In Wrong as Vivian
movie 1914 Lost, Strayed or Stolen as Vivian La Monte
movie 1914 Man's Enemy as Sarah
movie 1914 Midnight Soaring
movie 1914 Naughty Nellie as Nellie
movie 1914 Nearly a Stepmother
movie 1914 Oh! You Gypsy Girl as Vivian
movie 1914 Oh! You Mummy as Mabel - the Professor's Niece
movie 1914 One Happy Tramp
movie 1914 Out on Business
movie 1914 Peg o' the Wild-Wood as Moll
movie 1914 Some Cop as Vivian
movie 1914 Some Crooks as Vivian
movie 1914 Some Doings as Vivian
movie 1914 Some Hero as Vivian
movie 1914 Some Pull as Vivian
movie 1914 Spotted as Vivian Doubter
movie 1914 Such a Mistake as Vivian Huff
movie 1914 The Bachelor's Housekeeper
movie 1914 The Deacon's Son as The Son's Wife
movie 1914 The Ethics of the Profession as The Financier's Wife
movie 1914 The Fat Girl's Romance as Hazel Jones
movie 1914 The Girl in Pants as Vivian
movie 1914 The Iron Master as Athenais
movie 1914 The New Magdalen as Grace Roseberry
movie 1914 The Persistent Lovers as Vivian
movie 1914 The Power of the Press as Annie Hosford Carson
movie 1914 The Restless Woman as The Restless Wife
movie 1914 The Song of Sunny Italy as Camilla
movie 1914 The Way Back as The Woman
movie 1914 Their New Lodger as Vivian
movie 1914 Their Parents' Kids as Vivian
movie 1914 They Didn't Know as Vivian de Gay
movie 1914 Vivian's Beauty Test as Vivian
movie 1914 Vivian's Best Fellow as Vivian
movie 1914 Vivian's Cookies as Vivian Piffle
movie 1914 Vivian's Four Beaus as Vivian
movie 1914 Vivian's Transformation as Vivian aka Katrina
movie 1914 Who's Looney Now?
movie 1914 Woman Against Woman as Rachel Westwood
movie 1913 An Expensive Drink as The Wife
movie 1913 Baldy Belmont and the Old Maid
movie 1913 Baldy Belmont as a Roman Gladiator as Jessie
movie 1913 Baldy Belmont Lands a Society Job as Vivian
movie 1913 Baldy Belmont Wanted a Wife
movie 1913 Baldy Belmont Wins the Prize
movie 1913 Baldy Is a Wise Old Bird as Mary - the Cook
movie 1913 Bob Builds a Boat as Vivian Thompson - Bob's Daughter
movie 1913 Bob Builds a Chicken House as Vivian Thompson - Bob's Daughter
movie 1913 Bob Buys an Auto
movie 1913 Getting the Grip as Nell
movie 1913 Her Little Darling
movie 1913 Hypnotized as Grace
movie 1913 Kissing Kate
movie 1913 My Brudder Sylvester as Rosa
movie 1913 Oh! What a Swim
movie 1913 One Wife Too Much as The Valet's Wife
movie 1913 Out of the Past as Violet - the daughter - as an Adult
movie 1913 Peg of the 'Polly P' as Peg
movie 1913 Squaring Things with Wifey
movie 1913 Success
movie 1913 The Regeneration of John Storm as Doris Mills
movie 1913 The Smuggler's Sister as Bessie Dean
movie 1913 The Veil of Sleep as Louise Gray
movie 1913 The Wiles of Cupid as The Girl
movie 1912 A Message from the Moon as The Old Astronomer's Daughter
movie 1912 Algy the Watchman
movie 1912 Betty, the Coxswain as Betty Marshall
movie 1912 Breach of Promise as Lizzie Snodgrass
movie 1912 Fanchon the Cricket as Fanchon
movie 1912 Far from the Beaten Track as Marie Simms - Nat's Wife
movie 1912 Ferdie's Family Feud as Ruth
movie 1912 How Shorty Won Out as Betty Rossmore
movie 1912 Katchem Kate
movie 1912 Lass o' the Light as The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter
movie 1912 Leah, the Forsaken as Leah
movie 1912 Mixed Bottles as Jessamine
movie 1912 No Greater Love as Venezia
movie 1912 Priscilla's Capture
movie 1912 Reunited by the Sea as Emily
movie 1912 Shamus O'Brien as Aileen Brennan
movie 1912 Tempted But True as Mary Dayton
movie 1912 The Blind Musician as The Music Teacher's Daughter
movie 1912 The Chef's Downfall as The Cook
movie 1912 The Clown's Triumph as Mimi - the Columbine
movie 1912 The Cruel Stepmother as The Stepmother
movie 1912 The Dividing Line as Virginia Wrayburn
movie 1912 The Fugitives as The Governor's Wife
movie 1912 The Heart of a Gypsy as Gypsy Rosa
movie 1912 The Hindoo's Prize as The Hindoo Girl
movie 1912 The Immigrant's Violin as Lora - Albert's Sweetheart
movie 1912 The Long Strike as Jane Learoyd
movie 1912 The Love Test as Margaret Burnham
movie 1912 The Lure of the Picture as Angelica - Antonio's Wife
movie 1912 The Maid's Stratagem as Bridget Kelly - the Maid
movie 1912 The Man from the West as Mary - the Cook
movie 1912 The New Magdalen as Mercy Merrick
movie 1912 The Old Actor as At Audition
movie 1912 The Old Bookkeeper as In Office
movie 1912 The Open Road as Peggy Dodge, Darius' Daughter
movie 1912 The Padrone's Daughter as Rosita Messano - the Padrone's Daughter
movie 1912 The Sands of Dee
movie 1912 Trying to Fool Uncle as Waitress
movie 1912 Under Two Flags as Cigarette
movie 1912 Up Against It as Louise Crampton - Amos's Sweetheart
movie 1912 Vengeance as The Governor's Wife
movie 1912 When the Fire-Bells Rang as An Actress
movie 1912 Who Got the Reward as The Wife
movie 1912 Willie Becomes an Artist as Willie's Sweetheart
movie 1912 With a Kodak as The Maid
movie 1912 Yvonne, the Foreign Spy as Yvonne
movie 1911 A Woman Scorned
movie 1911 An Interrupted Game as Baxter's Wife
movie 1911 Bearded Youth
movie 1911 Comrades as The Franklin Daughter
movie 1911 Cupid's Joke
movie 1911 Curiosity
movie 1911 Dooley's Scheme as The Maid
movie 1911 Dutch Gold Mine
movie 1911 Fisher Folks as Cora
movie 1911 Her Awakening as A Laundry Employee
movie 1911 Her Mother Interferes as Jack's Sweetheart
movie 1911 Her Sacrifice as The Barmaid
movie 1911 His Trust: The Faithful Devotion and Self-Sacrifice of an Old Negro Servant as Woman at farewell
movie 1911 How She Triumphed as Mary's Cousin
movie 1911 Italian Blood as The Wife
movie 1911 Madame Rex
movie 1911 Mr. Peck Goes Calling as Mrs. Peck
movie 1911 Paradise Lost as An Angel
movie 1911 Priscilla and the Umbrella
movie 1911 Priscilla's April Fool Joke
movie 1911 Resourceful Lovers as Old Chemist's Daughter
movie 1911 Taking His Medicine
movie 1911 Teaching Dad to Like Her as Dolly
movie 1911 That Dare Devil as Dan's Sweetheart
movie 1911 The Broken Cross as Slavey
movie 1911 The Delayed Proposal as Flossie
movie 1911 The Heart of a Savage
movie 1911 The Italian Barber as At Ball
movie 1911 The Jealous Husband as The Wife
movie 1911 The Making of a Man as In Second Audience
movie 1911 The Manicure Lady as The Manicure Lady
movie 1911 The New Dress as The Painted Woman
movie 1911 The Poor Sick Men
movie 1911 The Primal Call as The Millionaire's Girlfriend
movie 1911 The Spanish Gypsy as Pepita
movie 1911 The Two Paths as At Party
movie 1911 The Villain Foiled
movie 1911 Their Fates 'Sealed' as Dolly
movie 1911 Three Sisters as Adele
movie 1911 What Shall We Do with Our Old? as In Court
movie 1910 A Child's Impulse as Mrs. Thurston
movie 1910 A Flash of Light as Belle
movie 1910 A Midnight Cupid as At Party
movie 1910 A Salutary Lesson as The Woman on the Beach
movie 1910 A Summer Idyll
movie 1910 An Arcadian Maid as In Gambling Hall
movie 1910 As the Bells Rang Out!
movie 1910 Love in Quarantine
movie 1910 One Night, and Then --
movie 1910 Taming a Husband
movie 1910 The Banker's Daughters as The Banker's Youngest Daughter
movie 1910 The Call to Arms as A Gypsy
movie 1910 The Face at the Window as Mira
movie 1910 The Proposal
movie 1910 Winning Back His Love as Vera Blair
movie 1909 A Fool's Revenge
movie 1909 Lady Helen's Escapade
movie 1909 Lucky Jim as The Maid
movie 1909 The Lure of the Gown

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