Wallace McCutcheon

Malcolm Wallace McCutcheon, PC, CBE, QC known as Wallace McCutcheon (May 18, 1906 - January 23, 1969) was a Canadian lawyer, actuary and politician. ... more on Wikipedia

Wallace McCutcheon Filmography

movie 1913 Motion Picture Dancing Lessons as Himself - Dancing Instructor
movie 1909 The Stolen Wireless
movie 1908 'Ostler Joe
movie 1908 A Famous Escape
movie 1908 At the French Ball
movie 1908 Bobby's Kodak
movie 1908 Caught by Wireless
movie 1908 Classmates
movie 1908 Energizer
movie 1908 Her First Adventure
movie 1908 His Day of Rest
movie 1908 Hulda's Lovers
movie 1908 King of the Cannibal Islands
movie 1908 Mixed Babies
movie 1908 Old Isaacs, the Pawnbroker
movie 1908 The Boy Detective, or The Abductors Foiled
movie 1908 The Invisible Fluid
movie 1908 The Kentuckian
movie 1908 The King's Messenger
movie 1908 The Man in the Box
movie 1908 The Music Master
movie 1908 The Outlaw
movie 1908 The Princess in the Vase
movie 1908 The Romance of an Egg
movie 1908 The Sculptor's Nightmare
movie 1908 The Snowman
movie 1908 The Stage Rustler
movie 1908 The Yellow Peril
movie 1908 Thompson's Night Out
movie 1908 When Knighthood Was in Flower
movie 1908 When Knights Were Bold
movie 1907 Wife Wanted
movie 1907 Cohen's Fire Sale
movie 1907 Daniel Boone
movie 1907 Dr. Skinum
movie 1907 Love Microbe
movie 1907 The 'Teddy' Bears
movie 1906 A Winter Straw Ride
movie 1906 Dream of a Rarebit Fiend
movie 1906 From Leadville to Aspen: A Hold-Up in the Rockies
movie 1906 Looking for John Smith
movie 1906 Police Chasing Scorching Auto
movie 1906 The Black Hand
movie 1906 The Terrible Kids
movie 1906 Three American Beauties
movie 1905 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
movie 1905 Airy Fairy Lillian Tries on Her New Corsets
movie 1905 The Nihilists
movie 1905 The Wedding
movie 1905 Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son
movie 1905 Wanted: A Dog
movie 1905 Panorama from Times Building, New York
movie 1905 The Inauguration of President Roosevelt
movie 1905 The Watermelon Patch
movie 1905 Life of an American Policeman
movie 1905 Stolen by Gypsies
movie 1905 The Miller's Daughter
movie 1905 The White Caps
movie 1904 The Moonshiner
movie 1904 Troubles of a Manager of a Burlesque Show
movie 1904 The Chicken Thief
movie 1904 The Suburbanite
movie 1904 Launching of the U.S.S. Battleship 'Connecticut'
movie 1904 Personal
movie 1904 Photographing a Female Crook
movie 1904 The Escaped Lunatic
movie 1904 The Lost Child
movie 1904 The Widow and the Only Man
movie 1903 A Total Accident
movie 1903 A Yard of Puppies
movie 1903 Balloon Race
movie 1903 Battleship 'Indiana' in Action
movie 1903 Boat Race
movie 1903 Boat Race No. 2
movie 1903 Discovery of Bodies
movie 1903 Firing the Cabin
movie 1903 Hammock Scene
movie 1903 Harvard-Pennsylvania Football Game
movie 1903 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
movie 1903 In My Lady's Budoir
movie 1903 Indians Leaving Bald Mountain
movie 1903 Inspection Aboard Battleship 'Indiana'
movie 1903 Juvenile Elephant Trainer
movie 1903 Love in a Perilous Place
movie 1903 Love Me, Love My Dog
movie 1903 Man Overboard! 'Indiana'
movie 1903 Private Picture, Families of H.N.M. & H.C.
movie 1903 Raising Colors, Battleship 'Indiana'
movie 1903 Rescue of Child from Indians
movie 1903 Settler's Home Life
movie 1903 The Camera Fiend
movie 1903 The Girl at the Window
movie 1903 Trappers Crossing Bald Mountain
movie 1903 I Want My Dinner
movie 1903 Kit Carson
movie 1903 The Dude and the Burglars
movie 1903 The Pioneers
movie 1902 Boys Take Grandpa's Cigars with Distressing Results
movie 1902 Foxy Grandpa Shows Boys He Is a Magician
movie 1902 Grandpa's Reading Glass
movie 1901 An Unexpected Knockout
movie 1901 Finish of Futurity
movie 1901 President McKinley's Funeral
movie 1901 President McKinley's Funeral
movie 1901 President McKinley's Funeral
movie 1901 President McKinley's Funeral
movie 1901 President McKinley's Funeral
movie 1901 President McKinley's Funeral
movie 1901 The Matron Stakes
movie 1900 How They Rob Men in Chicago
movie 1900 Caught
movie 1900 I Had to Leave a Happy Home for You
movie 1900 Necessary Qualifications of a Typewriter
movie 1900 The Perfect Woman
movie 1899 An Intrigue in the Harem
movie 1899 How the Tramp Lost His Dinner
movie 1899 The Fire Boat 'New Yorker'
movie 1899 The X-Ray Mirror
movie 1899 Topsy-Turvy Quadrille
movie 1899 Where There's a Will, There's a Way
movie 1899 Wonderful Dancing Girls
movie 1899 A Gay Old Boy
movie 1897 Fastest Wrecking Crew in the World

Wallace McCutcheon on Youtube

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Tinted version of 1906 Edwin S. Porter & Wallace McCutcheon's Dream Of A Rarebit Fiend for the Edison Manufacturing Co.