Wally Vernon

Wally Vernon Filmography

movie 1964 What a Way to Go! as Agent
movie 1956 Columbia Laff Hour
movie 1956 Come on Seven as Wally
movie 1956 Fury at Gunsight Pass as Okay, Okay aka Johnny Oakes
movie 1956 The White Squaw as Faro Bill
movie 1955 He Took a Powder as Wally
movie 1955 His Pest Friend as Wally
movie 1955 Nobody's Home as Wally
movie 1954 Doggie in the Bedroom
movie 1953 Affair with a Stranger as Joe, Taxi Driver
movie 1953 He Popped His Pistol as Wally
movie 1952 A Fool and His Honey as Wally
movie 1952 Bloodhounds of Broadway as Harry 'Poorly' Sammis
movie 1952 Heebie Gee-Gees as Wally
movie 1952 Strop, Look and Listen as Wally
movie 1952 What Price Glory as Lipinsky
movie 1951 Fun on the Run as Wally
movie 1951 He Flew the Shrew as Wally Werson
movie 1950 Beauty on Parade as Sam Short
movie 1950 Border Rangers as Hungry Hicks
movie 1950 Gunfire as Clem
movie 1950 Holiday Rhythm as Klaxon
movie 1950 House About It as Wally
movie 1950 I Shot Billy the Kid as Vicente
movie 1950 Train to Tombstone as Clifton Gulliver
movie 1949 Always Leave Them Laughing as Wally Vernon - Comic
movie 1949 Let Down Your Aerial as Wally
movie 1949 Square Dance Jubilee as Seldom Sam Jenks
movie 1949 The Lucky Stiff as Card Player
movie 1948 A-Hunting They Did Go as Wally
movie 1948 Behind Locked Doors as Maintenance Man
movie 1948 Crabbin' in the Cabin as Wally
movie 1948 He Walked by Night as Postman
movie 1948 Joe Palooka in Fighting Mad as Archie Stone
movie 1948 Joe Palooka in Winner Take All as Taxi Driver
movie 1948 King of the Gamblers as Mike Burns
movie 1948 Parlor, Bedroom and Wrath as Wally
movie 1944 Call of the South Seas as Handsome
movie 1944 Outlaws of Santa Fe as Buckshot Peters
movie 1944 Silent Partner as Room Service Waiter
movie 1944 Silver City Kid as 'Wildcat' Higgens
movie 1944 Stagecoach to Monterey as Throckmorton 'Other-Hand' Snodgrass
movie 1943 A Scream in the Dark as Klousky, the morgue attendant
movie 1943 Black Hills Express as Deputy Deadeye
movie 1943 California Joe as Tumbleweed Smith
movie 1943 Canyon City as Beauty Bradshaw
movie 1943 Fugitive from Sonora as Jack Pot Murphy
movie 1943 Get Going as Bit Part
movie 1943 Here Comes Elmer as Wally
movie 1943 Hit Parade of 1943 as Vaudeville Actor
movie 1943 Pistol Packin' Mama as The Joker
movie 1943 Reveille with Beverly as Stomp McCoy
movie 1943 Tahiti Honey as Maxie
movie 1943 The Man from the Rio Grande as Jimpson Simpson
movie 1943 Thumbs Up as Comedy Trio Member
movie 1941 Fresh as a Freshman
movie 1940 Margie as Al
movie 1940 Sailor's Lady as Goofer
movie 1940 Sandy Gets Her Man as Fireman Bagshaw
movie 1939 Broadway Serenade as Joey - the Jinx
movie 1939 Charlie Chan at Treasure Island as Elmer Kelner
movie 1939 Chasing Danger as Waldo Winkle [AFI Name: Waldo Rohrbeck]
movie 1939 Tail Spin as Chick
movie 1939 The Gorilla as Seaman
movie 1938 Alexander's Ragtime Band as Wally Vernon
movie 1938 Happy Landing as Al Mahoney
movie 1938 Kentucky Moonshine as Gus Bryce
movie 1938 Meet the Girls as Delbert Jones
movie 1938 Sharpshooters as Waldo
movie 1937 Mountain Music as Odette Potta
movie 1937 Submarine D-1 as Sailor
movie 1937 This Way Please as Bumps
movie 1937 You Can't Have Everything as Jerry

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