Walter Coy

Walter Coy Filmography

movie 1975 Hay que matar a B.
movie 1972 Pancho Villa as Gen. Pershing
movie 1971 Catlow as Parkman
movie 1967 El magnifico extranjero as Lem Trager
movie 1964 Zombies as Charles Bentley
tv series 1964 A Flame in the Wind as Jason Farrell
movie 1961 Gun Fight as Sheriff
movie 1960 Cash McCall as Reporter
movie 1960 Five Guns to Tombstone as Ike Garvey
movie 1959 Gunmen from Laredo as Ben Keefer
movie 1959 North by Northwest as U.S. Intelligence Agency Official
movie 1959 The Gunfight at Dodge City as Ben Townsend
movie 1959 The Trap as Second Fake Policeman
movie 1959 Warlock as Deputy Sheriff Roy Tompson
movie 1958 Juvenile Jungle as John Elliot
movie 1958 South Seas Adventure as Supplemental Narration
movie 1957 Hot Summer Night as Pete Wayne
movie 1957 Johnny Tremain as Dr. Joseph Warren
tv movie 1956 Blast Off as Torro, Nahima of the Valley People
tv movie 1956 Menace from Outer Space as Zoravac
movie 1956 On the Threshold of Space as Lt. Col. Dick Masters
movie 1956 Pillars of the Sky as Maj. Donahue
movie 1956 The Fastest Gun Alive as Clint Fallon
movie 1956 The Searchers as Aaron Edwards
movie 1956 The Young Guns as Sheriff Jim Peyton
movie 1955 Cult of the Cobra as Police Inspector
movie 1955 Running Wild as Lt. Ed Newpole
movie 1955 Wichita as Sam McCoy
movie 1954 Phantom of the Rue Morgue as Gendarme Arnot
movie 1954 Sign of the Pagan as Emperor Valentinian
movie 1954 Them! as Reporter
movie 1953 All the Brothers Were Valiant as Noah Shore
movie 1953 So Big as Roelf Pool
movie 1952 Bugles in the Afternoon as Capt. Benteen
movie 1952 Flat Top as Air Group Commander
movie 1952 The Lusty Men as Buster Burgess
movie 1951 FBI Girl as Priest
movie 1950 Barricade as Benson
movie 1950 Colt .45 as Carl
movie 1950 Saddle Tramp as The Stranger
movie 1950 Under Mexicali Stars as Giles Starkey
movie 1936 Love Letters of a Star as Charley Warren

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