Walter Forde

Walter Forde was a British actor, Screenwriter and Director. Born in Bradford, Yorkshire in 1896 he directed over fifty films between 1920 and 1949. ... more on Wikipedia

Walter Forde Filmography

movie 1949 Cardboard Cavalier
movie 1947 Master of Bankdam
movie 1944 One Exciting Night
movie 1944 Time Flies
movie 1943 It's That Man Again
movie 1943 The Peterville Diamond
movie 1942 Flying Fortress
movie 1942 Go to Blazes
movie 1941 Atlantic Ferry
movie 1941 Gasbags
movie 1941 Inspector Hornleigh Goes to It
movie 1941 The Ghost Train
movie 1940 Charley's (Big-Hearted) Aunt
movie 1940 Sailors Three
movie 1940 Saloon Bar
movie 1939 Cheer Boys Cheer as Pianist at Wedding
movie 1939 Happy Family
movie 1939 Happy Families
movie 1939 Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday
movie 1939 Let's Be Famous
movie 1939 The Four Just Men
movie 1938 Kicking the Moon Around
movie 1938 The Gaunt Stranger
movie 1936 Land Without Music
movie 1935 Brown on Resolution
movie 1935 Bulldog Jack
movie 1935 King of the Damned
movie 1934 Chu Chin Chow
movie 1934 Jack Ahoy
movie 1934 Orders Is Orders
movie 1932 Lord Babs as Crowd Member
movie 1932 Condemned to Death
movie 1932 Jack's the Boy
movie 1932 Rome Express
movie 1931 Splinters in the Navy
movie 1931 The Ghost Train
movie 1931 The Ringer
movie 1931 Third Time Lucky
movie 1930 You'd Be Surprised! as Walter
movie 1930 Bed and Breakfast
movie 1930 Lord Richard in the Pantry
movie 1930 Red Pearls
movie 1930 The Last Hour
movie 1929 Would You Believe It! as Walter
movie 1929 The Silent House
movie 1928 Wait and See as Monty Merton
movie 1928 What Next? as Walter
movie 1926 Walter Tells the Tale as Walter
movie 1926 Walter the Prodigal as Walter
movie 1926 Walter the Sleuth as Walter
movie 1926 Walter's Day Out as Walter
movie 1926 Walter's Paying Policy as Walter
movie 1926 Walter's Worries as Walter
movie 1923 Good Deeds
movie 1923 Radio Romeo as The Poet
movie 1922 Walter Makes a Movie as Walter
movie 1922 Walter Wants Work as Walter
movie 1922 Walter Wins a Wager as Walter
movie 1922 Walter's Trying Frolic as Walter
movie 1921 The Economist
movie 1921 Walter Finds a Father as Walter
movie 1921 Walter's Winning Ways as Walter
movie 1920 Fishing for Trouble
movie 1920 Never Say Die
movie 1920 The Handy Man

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