Walter Perry

Walter Laing MacDonald Perry, Baron Perry of Walton FRS (June 16, 1921 - July 17, 2003) was a distinguished academic. He was the first Vice Chancellor of the Open University. ... more on Wikipedia

Walter Perry Filmography

movie 1940 The Grapes of Wrath as Migrant
movie 1939 Unexpected Father as Doorman
movie 1938 Letter of Introduction as Backstage Doorman
movie 1935 She Couldn't Take It as Prisoner
movie 1934 Name the Woman as Janitor
movie 1932 Dynamite Denny as Jim Dayton - Mary's Father
movie 1932 Spirit of the West as Uncle Toby
movie 1931 Morals for Women
movie 1931 The Two Gun Man as Ranch Foreman Riggs
movie 1930 Kathleen Mavourneen as Uncle Mike Shannon
movie 1930 The Third Alarm as Uncle
movie 1930 The Thoroughbred as Donovan
movie 1930 Trigger Tricks as Mike
movie 1930 Troopers Three as Halligan
movie 1928 The Foreign Legion as Cpl. Gotz
movie 1927 Irish Hearts as Sheila's Father
movie 1927 Wilful Youth as Terrance Clang
movie 1926 3 Bad Men as Pat Monahan
movie 1926 The Beautiful Cheat as Tom 'Pa' Callahan
movie 1926 The Fighting Tailor as The Girl's Father
movie 1926 The Johnstown Flood as Pat O'Day
movie 1925 Tessie as Uncle Dan
movie 1925 The Unholy Three as Dime Museum Announcer
movie 1925 Too Much Youth as Pat Casey
movie 1925 White Fang as Joe Holland
movie 1924 Dark Stairways as Chris Martin
movie 1924 The Love Master as Andrew Thomas Francis Joseph Mulligan
movie 1923 Souls for Sale as Grip
movie 1923 The Shriek of Araby as Minor Role
movie 1922 Second Hand Rose as Tim McCarthy
movie 1922 The Guttersnipe as Dennis O'Day
movie 1922 The Scrapper as Rapport
movie 1921 A Certain Rich Man as Jake Dolan
movie 1921 A Poor Relation as O'Halley
movie 1921 Garments of Truth as Nat Sears
movie 1921 The Fire Eater as Jim O'Neil
movie 1920 The Parish Priest as Michael Sullivan
movie 1920 The U.P. Trail as Casey
movie 1919 A Fugitive from Matrimony as Zachariah E. Riggs
movie 1919 A Sagebrush Hamlet as Sheriff John Doe
movie 1919 Come Again Smith as John Creighton
movie 1919 Dangerous Waters as Dinny O'Moore
movie 1919 Fighting Cressy as Uncle Ben Dabney
movie 1919 Love's Prisoner as Nancy's father
movie 1919 The Drifters as Pat Gerry
movie 1919 The End of the Game as Wild Bill
movie 1919 The Man Who Turned White as Watchman
movie 1919 The Mints of Hell as Reirdon
movie 1919 The Pagan God as American Minister
movie 1919 The Prince and Betty as President of Mervo
movie 1919 The Prodigal Liar as Paddy Donohue
movie 1919 Whitewashed Walls as Alias Patricia Cassidano
movie 1918 By Proxy as Aleck
movie 1918 Faith Endurin' as King
movie 1918 Mlle. Paulette
movie 1918 Prisoners of the Pines as 'Spud' Lafferty
movie 1918 The Fly God as Wind River
movie 1918 The Red-Haired Cupid as 'Wind-River' Smith
movie 1918 Three X Gordon as Farmer Muldoon
movie 1917 In Slumberland as Flynn, the Bog Man
movie 1917 The Learnin' of Jim Benton as Joe
movie 1917 The Sudden Gentleman as Rafferty
movie 1917 Truthful Tulliver as Silver Lode Thompson
movie 1917 Until They Get Me as Sergeant Blaney
movie 1916 A Corner in Colleens as Manus McCoy
movie 1916 The Thoroughbred as Mose

Walter Perry on Youtube

Walter Perry Choir of 2010, conducted by Olenka Gorochko. We had alot of fun .

Walter Perry Junior Choir at Polo for Heart 2011 conducted by Olenka Gorochko.