Walter Sullivan

Walter Sullivan Filmography

movie 1994 Dallas Doll as Elderly Councillor
movie 1989 Fat Man and Little Boy as Secretary of War Henry Stimson
tv movie 1988 Computer Ghosts as Grey-Suited Man
movie 1988 Prisoner of Zenda
tv series 1985 Flight Into Hell
movie 1984 Tale of a Tiger as Stan
movie 1979 The Journalist as Nicholson
tv movie 1978 Cass
movie 1975 Scobie Malone as Police Inspector
tv series 1964 The Purple Jacaranda
tv movie 1963 The Tempest
tv movie 1962 Marriage Lines
tv series 1961 The Story of Peter Grey as Tony Beaumont
tv movie 1960 The Slaughter of St Theresa's Day
tv movie 1960 Venus Observed

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Walter fights as he does in his Ghost appearances, wielding a pipe and a handgun, both of which are fairly dangerous. He can also take a great deal of damage.