Walter Summers

Walter Summers Filmography

movie 1940 At the Villa Rose
movie 1939 Black Limelight
movie 1939 Dead Men Tell No Tales
movie 1939 The Dark Eyes of London
movie 1939 Traitor Spy
movie 1938 Queer Cargo
movie 1938 Premiere
movie 1937 The Price of Folly
movie 1937 Lucky Jade
movie 1936 The Limping Man
movie 1936 Ourselves Alone
movie 1935 McGlusky the Sea Rover
movie 1935 Music Hath Charms
movie 1935 Royal Cavalcade
movie 1934 The Return of Bulldog Drummond
movie 1934 The Warren Case
movie 1934 What Happened Then?
movie 1933 Timbuctoo
movie 1933 The Butterfly Affair
movie 1932 Dual Control
movie 1932 Men Like These
movie 1931 The House Opposite
movie 1931 The Flying Fool
movie 1930 Raise the Roof
movie 1930 Suspense
movie 1930 Should a Doctor Tell?
movie 1930 The Flame of Love
movie 1930 The Man from Chicago
movie 1929 Chamber of Horrors
movie 1929 Lost Patrol
movie 1929 The Battle of Mons
movie 1928 Bolibar
movie 1927 The Battles of Coronel and Falkland Islands
movie 1926 A Royal Divorce
movie 1926 Mons
movie 1926 Nelson
movie 1925 Afraid of Love
movie 1925 She
movie 1925 The Perfect Crime
movie 1925 Ypres
movie 1924 The Cost of Beauty
movie 1924 The Unwanted
movie 1924 Who Is the Man?
movie 1923 A Couple of Down and Outs
movie 1923 Afterglow
movie 1923 Castles in the Air
movie 1923 I pagliacci
movie 1923 Married Love
movie 1923 Should a Doctor Tell?
movie 1923 The Cause of all the Trouble
movie 1923 The Hotel Mouse
movie 1923 The Knockout
movie 1923 The Right to Strike
movie 1922 Brown Sugar
movie 1922 If Four Walls Told
movie 1922 Stable Companions
movie 1922 The Faithful Heart

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(a.k.a. "The Dark Eyes Of London") Bela Lugosi stars in this British production, portraying dual roles in this, the first film adaptation of Edgar Wallace's ...

Feature film released in 1926 - a film biography of Horatio Nelson. Made by British Instructional Films, Surbiton, Surrey, directed by Walter Summers. Openin...

Voyez l'intégralité de la bande annonce sous-titrée là : Titre américain : "The Human Monster" et sorti en Belgique ...

Título original The Dark Eyes of London (AKA The Human Monster) Año 1940 Duración 76 min. País Estados Unidos Director Walter Summers Guión John ...