Warburton Gamble

Warburton Gamble Filmography

video movie 1985 The Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes as Dr. Watson
movie 1940 Spare a Copper as Sir Robert Dyer
tv movie 1939 The Rising Sun as Sand, a friend of Strong's
tv movie 1938 Who Killed Cock Robin?
movie 1936 Blind Man's Bluff as Tracy
movie 1936 The Lonely Road as Fedden
movie 1933 A Study in Scarlet as Dr. Watson
movie 1933 By Candlelight as Baron von Ballin
movie 1933 Child of Manhattan as Stephen Eggleston
movie 1933 Tonight Is Ours as Alex
movie 1932 As You Desire Me as Baron
movie 1932 Fast Life as Halstead
movie 1931 Tonight or Never as Count Albert von Gronac
movie 1923 Lights of London as Clifford Armytage
movie 1921 Dangerous Lies as Leonard Pearce
movie 1921 Fine Feathers as John Brand
movie 1921 Poor, Dear Margaret Kirby as Gordon Pell
movie 1920 The Cost as Mowbray Langdon
movie 1920 The Law of the Yukon as Medford Delaney
movie 1920 The Paliser Case as Monty Paliser
movie 1919 A Society Exile as Lord Bissett
movie 1919 As a Man Thinks as Benjamin De Lota
movie 1919 La belle Russe as Phillip Sackton
movie 1919 The Invisible Bond as Otis Vale
movie 1919 The Silver King as Herbert Skinner
movie 1919 The Two Brides as Count Gabrielle di Marchesi
movie 1918 Thirty a Week as Freddy Ruyter
movie 1917 The Unforseen as Henry Traquair

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1933年的福爾摩斯電影〝A Study in Scarlet〞,我們的黃柳霜(Anna May Wong) 有份演出呢,現剪輯了她有份出鏡的片段,再次欣賞她在銀幕上的風姿。有趣的是她 ...

In London, a secret society led by lawyer Thaddeus Merrydew collects the assets of any of its deceased members and divides them among the remaining ...

Reginald Owen, a British actor who only a year earlier had essayed the role of Watson opposite Clive Brook in the film of William Gillette's play, takes an ...