Warner Anderson

Warner Anderson Filmography

tv movie 2005 Watch the Skies!: Science Fiction, the 1950s and Us as Dr. Charles Cargraves
tv movie 1969 Gidget Grows Up as Ambassador Post
movie 1964 Rio Conchos as Col. Wagner
movie 1961 Armored Command as Lt. Col. Wilson
movie 1958 The Lineup as Lt. Ben Guthrie
movie 1955 A Lawless Street as Hamer Thorne
movie 1955 Blackboard Jungle as Dr. Bradley
movie 1955 The Violent Men as Jim McCloud
movie 1954 City Story as The Church Pastor
movie 1954 Drum Beat as Gen. Canby
movie 1954 The Caine Mutiny as Capt. Blakely
tv movie 1954 The Ordeal of Thomas Jefferson as Thomas Jefferson
movie 1954 The Yellow Tomahawk as Major Ives
movie 1953 A Lion Is in the Streets as Jules Bolduc
movie 1953 The Last Posse as Robert Emerson
movie 1952 The Star as Harry Stone
movie 1951 Bannerline as Roy
movie 1951 Detective Story as Endicott Sims
movie 1951 Go for Broke! as Col. Charles W. Pence
movie 1951 Only the Valiant as Trooper Rutledge
movie 1951 Santa Fe as Dave Baxter
movie 1951 The Blue Veil as Bill Parker
movie 1951 The Cinematographer as Narrator
movie 1951 The Guest
movie 1950 Destination Moon as Dr. Charles Cargraves
movie 1949 The Doctor and the Girl as Dr. George Esmond
movie 1949 The Lucky Stiff as Eddie Britt
movie 1948 Alias a Gentleman as Capt. Charlie Lopen
movie 1948 Command Decision as Col. Earnest Haley
movie 1948 Tenth Avenue Angel as Joseph Mills
movie 1947 Dark Delusion as Teddy Selkirk
movie 1947 High Wall as Dr. George Poward
movie 1947 Song of the Thin Man as Dr. Monolaw
movie 1947 The Arnelo Affair as Det. Sam Leonard
movie 1947 The Beginning or the End as Capt. William S. Parsons
movie 1946 Bad Bascomb as Luther Mason
movie 1946 Faithful in My Fashion as Walter Medcraft
movie 1946 My Reputation as Frank Everett
movie 1946 Three Wise Fools as The O'Monahan
movie 1945 Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood as Norman Royce
movie 1945 Dangerous Partners as Miles Kempen
movie 1945 Her Highness and the Bellboy as Paul MacMillan
movie 1945 Objective, Burma! as Col. J. Carter
movie 1945 Week-End at the Waldorf as Dr. Robert Campbell
movie 1944 Trial by Trigger as Dan Fallon
movie 1943 Destination Tokyo as Andy
movie 1943 Oklahoma Outlaws as Whip McCord
movie 1943 This Is the Army as Kate Smith's Announcer
movie 1916 The Sunbeam as Bobby Rutherford

Warner Anderson on Youtube

Trailer for the 1958 film based on the popular television series, THE LINE-UP, starring Warner Anderson. Elui Wallach, Robert Keith, Mary LaRoche and Richard ...

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Trailer for 1950 United Artists release of George Pal's seminal SF classic Destination Moon, starring John Archer, Warner Anderson, Tom Powers, Erin O'Brien-...

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