Warren Davis

Warren Davis Filmography

movie 1995 National Lampoon's Senior Trip as Senator Duffield
tv movie 1995 Rent-a-Kid as Mr. Loman
movie 1990 The Freshman as Father Frank
movie 1989 The January Man as Bill
movie 1988 Dead Ringers as Anatomy Class Supervisor
tv movie 1988 Double Standard
tv movie 1988 Glory Enough for All as Charles Evans Hughes
movie 1988 Switching Channels as Reporter
movie 1987 Rolling Vengeance as Judge
tv movie 1986 Doing Life as Dr. Hampton
movie 1978 Drying Up the Streets as Mr. Smith
movie 1976 The Last Cause as Narrator
tv movie 1975 The Insurance Man from Ingersoll as Carleton
tv series 1974 Double Up as Announcer

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Thea Gill's interview on Sheena Metal's show, Sheena Metal Experience, in La Talk Radio. Also with her Nathan Frizell and Warren Davis. The interview took pl.

During our visit to Comic-Con, we scored a great interview with the legendary, Warren Davis. Here's part of that interview! facebook.com/theNESclub ...

A conversation with the creator of the 1982 arcade game, Q*bert. Warren Davis tells us everything about how his days of doing improv at Second City le...