Wellington A. Playter

Wellington A. Playter Filmography

movie 1921 The Golden Snare as 'Black' Dawson
movie 1919 Back to God's Country as Capt. Rydal
movie 1919 Fool's Gold as John Moore
movie 1919 In Search of Arcady as Earl of Chamboyne
movie 1919 Spotlight Sadie as O'Keefe
movie 1919 The Littlest Scout as A pacifist
movie 1919 The Wicked Darling as Kent Mortimer
movie 1918 The Eagle's Eye as Franz von Rintelen
movie 1918 The Struggle Everlasting as Champion Pugilist, aka Bob Dempsey
movie 1917 Glory as James Strong
movie 1917 Polly of the Circus as Big Jim, Boss Canvasman
movie 1917 The Sin Woman as Driver
movie 1917 The Slave Market as Portugese Joe
movie 1916 Beatrice Fairfax
movie 1916 Beatrice Fairfax Episode 14: The Hidden Menace
movie 1916 Beatrice Fairfax Episode 15: Wristwatches
movie 1916 The Return
movie 1916 The Soul of a Child as Her father
movie 1915 A Daughter of the Jungles as Jack Packard
movie 1915 Business Is Business as Vicomte de la Fountenelle
movie 1915 Chasing the Limited as Clagett
movie 1915 Coral as Philip Norton
movie 1915 Pennington's Choice as Jules Blondeau
movie 1915 The Blood of His Brother as Holden
movie 1915 The Circus Girl's Romance as Patsy's Father
movie 1915 The Jungle Queen
movie 1915 The Morals of Marcus as English Vice-Consul
movie 1915 The Queen of Jungle Land as Philip Blackton
movie 1915 The Test of a Man as Jack Arnold
movie 1915 The Toll of the Sea
movie 1915 The Torrent as Lindsay - an Engineer
movie 1915 The War of the Wild as Wallace
movie 1915 What the River Foretold
movie 1914 A Woman's Triumph as Reuben Butler
movie 1914 An American Citizen as Valet
movie 1914 His Last Dollar as Broker
movie 1914 Marta of the Lowlands as Manelich - the Shepherd
movie 1914 Mrs. Black Is Back as Tom Larkey
movie 1914 The County Chairman as Joseph Whittaker
movie 1914 The Lost Paradise as Schwartz
movie 1914 The Man from Mexico as Prison Warden
movie 1914 The Ring and the Man as William Haldane
movie 1913 The Daughter of the Hills as Sergius