Wendy Barrie

Wendy Barrie (18 April 1912 ? 2 February 1978) was a British actress who worked in British and Hollywood films. ... more on Wikipedia

Wendy Barrie Filmography

movie 1954 It Should Happen to You as Guest Panelist
tv series 1952 Stars in Khaki and Blue as Host
tv series 1948 Picture This as Herself
tv series 1948 The Adventures of Oky Doky as Hostess
tv series 1948 The Wendy Barrie Show as Hostess
movie 1943 Follies Girl as Anne Merriday
movie 1943 Forever and a Day as Edith Trimble-Pomfret
movie 1943 Submarine Alert as Ann Patterson
movie 1942 A Date with the Falcon as Helen Reed
movie 1942 Eyes of the Underworld as Betty Standing
movie 1941 Public Enemies as Bonnie Parker
movie 1941 Repent at Leisure as Emily Baldwin
movie 1941 The Gay Falcon as Helen Reed
movie 1941 The Saint in Palm Springs as Elna Johnson
movie 1940 Cross-Country Romance as Diane North, aka Maggie 'Jonesy' Jones
movie 1940 Men Against the Sky as Kay Mercedes, aka Kay Green
movie 1940 The Saint Takes Over as Ruth Summers
movie 1940 Who Killed Aunt Maggie? as Sally Ambler
movie 1940 Women in War as Pamela Starr
movie 1939 Day-Time Wife as Kitty
movie 1939 Five Came Back as Alice Melbourne
movie 1939 Pacific Liner as Ann Grayson
movie 1939 The Hound of the Baskervilles as Beryl Stapleton
movie 1939 The Saint Strikes Back as Val Travers
movie 1939 The Witness Vanishes as Joan Marplay
movie 1938 I Am the Law as Frances 'Frankie' Ballou
movie 1938 Newsboys' Home as Gwen Dutton
movie 1937 A Girl with Ideas as Mary Morton
movie 1937 Breezing Home as Floria
movie 1937 Dead End as Kay
movie 1937 Prescription for Romance as Valerie Wilson
movie 1937 What Price Vengeance as Polly Moore
movie 1937 Wings Over Honolulu as Lauralee Curtis
movie 1936 Give Her a Ring as Karen Svenson
movie 1936 Love on a Bet as Paula Gilbert
movie 1936 Speed as Jane Mitchell, an alias if Jane Emery
movie 1936 Ticket to Paradise as Jane Forbes
movie 1936 Under Your Spell as Cynthia Drexel
movie 1935 A Feather in Her Hat as Pauline Anders
movie 1935 College Scandal as Julie Fresnel
movie 1935 It's a Small World as Jane Dale
movie 1935 Millions in the Air as Marion Keller
movie 1935 The Big Broadcast of 1936 as Sue
movie 1935 There Goes Susie as Madeleine Sarteaux
movie 1934 Freedom of the Seas as Phyllis Harcourt
movie 1934 Murder at the Inn as Angela
movie 1934 The Man I Want as Marion Round
movie 1934 Without You as Molly Bannister
movie 1933 Cash as Lilian Gilbert
movie 1933 It's a Boy as Mary Bogle
movie 1933 The Acting Business as Joyce
movie 1933 The House of Trent as Angela Fairdown
movie 1933 The Private Life of Henry VIII. as Jane Seymour The Third Wife
movie 1932 Collision as Joyce
movie 1932 The Barton Mystery as Phyllis Grey
movie 1932 The Callbox Mystery as Iris Banner
movie 1932 Threads as Olive Wynn
movie 1932 Wedding Rehearsal as Lady Mary Rose Wroxbury
movie 1932 Where Is This Lady? as Lucie Kleiner

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Wendy Barrie (18 April 1912 -- 2 February 1978) was a British-born American actress who worked in British and American films. Barrie went on to make a ...

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