Wendy Davis Boyer

Wendy Davis Boyer Filmography

movie 2014 Reaper's Revenge: Fear the Reaper as Beatrice Blake
movie 2014 Safe Place as Julie
movie 2014 Tick Tock as Sara
movie 2014 Unknown Journeys as Betsy Reynolds
movie 2012 A Midsummer Nightmare as Suicidal Woman and Reaper #2
movie 2012 Beer Run as Surviving Card Player
movie 2012 Black Box as Becky Chase
movie 2012 Harvest of Blood as Mrs. Hodder
movie 2010 In the Absence of Evil as Abused Housewife

Wendy Davis Boyer on Youtube

Legacy Verse Productions' 12th (1/2) movie is a silent short about a card game that goes horribly wrong when one of its players decides to go on a Beer Run. ...