Wendy Milette

Wendy Milette Filmography

video movie 2010 The Nina Foch Course for Filmmakers and Actors
movie 2006 Slater Meets Her Hero Jean-Micheal Cousteau
movie 2004 Breakwater
video movie 2004 West Hollywood Story
movie 2003 Seahorses
movie 2001 Liliana
movie 2001 Echo

Wendy Milette on Youtube

Winslow and Gibson visit with My Hero Film Festival director, Wendy Milette about her hopes and dreams and gratitudes for the festival.

A small art college in Laguna Beach is infested with the walking dead. The custodians along with some femme fatales ward off flesh devouring zombies from the.

Custodians and a Femme Fatale fend against hungry zombies at a small hapless art college! Produced by: *Dre Sepulveda *Wendy Milette *Gary Birch Music ...

Do heroes need help? Winslow and Gibson visit with the producer of the animated short Everyone is a Hero, whose characters give us their answers.