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movie 2013 Islands
movie 2013 Lukas nino
movie 2013 Mga anino ng kahapon
movie 2012 Colossal
movie 2012 Palitan
movie 2011 Brownout sa Neighborhood namin That Day
movie 2011 Immanuel
movie 2011 Sirip
movie 2010 Slow Fade
movie 2010 Ang umaatikabong buhay ni Badong Aguirre
movie 2010 Casa de los NiƱos
movie 2010 Ricochet
movie 2010 Uyayi

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Colossal by Whammy Alcazaren.

SYNOPSIS: Victoria Lansang is a popular news reporter who has been requested to mediate a hostage crisis. And in front of a national television audience, som ...

PALITAN Directed by: Ato Bautista Mon Confiado Mara Lopez Alex Medina with CJ Ramos Joe Gruta Leon Miguel Karen Gaerlan, Arpee Bautista Written by: ...

Starring: Derek Ramsey and Jennylyn Mercado Directed by Dan Villegas Screenplay: Antoinette Jadaone and Anj Pessumal Cinematography: Dan Villegas, ...