Wheaton Chambers

Wheaton Chambers Filmography

tv movie 1966 Cyclotrode 'X' as Storage Warehouse Manager
tv movie 1966 D-Day on Mars as Prof. Benjamin
movie 1958 Cole Younger, Gunfighter as Jury Foreman
movie 1958 Gunman's Walk as Townsman
movie 1958 The Notorious Mr. Monks as Coroner
movie 1957 The Oklahoman as Lounger
movie 1956 The Fastest Gun Alive as Jim Drews
movie 1956 The Peacemaker as Doc Runyan
movie 1955 East of Eden as Townsman at Carnival
movie 1955 Top Gun as Townsman
movie 1954 The Big Chase as Doctor Janssen
movie 1954 The Lone Gun as Deputy Tuttle
movie 1953 All I Desire as Mr. Atkins
movie 1953 Law and Order as Mr. Sterling
movie 1953 Slaves of Babylon as Cyrus' foster father
movie 1953 So Big as Dr. Bremer
movie 1953 The Lawless Breed as Doc Barker
movie 1952 Hans Christian Andersen as Townsman
movie 1952 Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair as Injured Man
movie 1952 Skirts Ahoy! as Servant
movie 1952 The Black Castle as Farmer
movie 1952 The Cimarron Kid as Webb Thompson
movie 1952 The Duel at Silver Creek as Doc Hargrove
movie 1952 The Girl in White as Chemistry Professor
movie 1952 The Member of the Wedding as Man Who Gives Bride Away
movie 1952 Wagons West as Sam Wilkins
movie 1952 Washington Story as Representative
movie 1952 Young Man with Ideas as Proctor - Law Professor
movie 1951 Grounds for Marriage as Dr. McKenzie
movie 1951 Inside Straight as Broker
movie 1951 Lorna Doone as Priest
movie 1951 Night Into Morning as Conductor
movie 1951 The Day the Earth Stood Still as Mr. Bleeker
movie 1951 The Prowler as Dr. William R. James
movie 1951 The Son of Dr. Jekyll as Magistrate
movie 1951 The Unknown Man as Second Bailiff
movie 1951 The Well as Mr. Woody, Florist
movie 1950 Between Midnight and Dawn as Building Superintendent Blake
movie 1950 Blonde Dynamite as Dr. Abrams
movie 1950 Key to the City as Waiter
movie 1950 Peggy as Gateman
movie 1950 The Baron of Arizona as Brother Gregory
movie 1950 The Happy Years as Baggage Man
movie 1950 The Magnificent Yankee as Senator
movie 1950 The Petty Girl as Faculty Member
movie 1950 The Secret Fury as Assistant District Attorney
movie 1950 The West Point Story as President's Secretary
movie 1950 Three Secrets as Man with Dog
movie 1950 Walk Softly, Stranger as Tobacco Clerk
movie 1950 Wyoming Mail as Bob
movie 1949 All the King's Men as Senator
movie 1949 Caught as Servant
movie 1949 Deputy Marshal as Harley Masters
movie 1949 East Side, West Side as Charlie, the Doorman
movie 1949 I Can't Remember
movie 1949 Mississippi Rhythm
movie 1949 Not Wanted as Mr. Kelton
movie 1949 Samson and Delilah as Victim
movie 1949 The Barkleys of Broadway as Theater Lobby Guest
movie 1949 The Great Sinner as Priest
movie 1949 The Life of Riley as Mr. Adler
movie 1949 The Undercover Man as Parker's Secretary
movie 1948 Homecoming as Doctor
movie 1948 Panhandle as Cabot
movie 1948 Romance on the High Seas as Passport Photographer
movie 1948 Song of the Drifter as Doctor
movie 1948 The Pirate as Artist
movie 1948 The Plunderers as Justice of the Peace
movie 1948 The Three Musketeers as Traveler
movie 1948 Three Daring Daughters as Stage Manager
movie 1947 Always Together as Court Clerk
movie 1947 Big Town as Witness
movie 1947 Body and Soul as Ben's Doctor
movie 1947 Good News as The Doctor
movie 1947 Gun Talk as Kermiker Stone
movie 1947 Joe Palooka in the Knockout as Doctor
movie 1947 Lady in the Lake as Property Clerk
movie 1947 Living in a Big Way as Court Clerk
movie 1947 Magic Town as Electrician
movie 1947 Monsieur Verdoux as Pharmacist
movie 1947 On the Old Spanish Trail as Oil Co. Clerk Silas MacIntyre
movie 1947 Possessed as Waiter
movie 1947 Roses Are Red as Coroner
movie 1947 Sarge Goes to College as Professor
movie 1947 Son of Zorro as Caleb Baldwin [Chs. 2-3, 5, 9]
movie 1947 Song of Love as Mr. Heller
movie 1947 That's My Gal as Sucker
movie 1947 The Crime Doctor's Gamble as Brown
movie 1947 The Invisible Wall as Conductor
movie 1947 The Mighty McGurk as Customs Official
movie 1947 The Sea of Grass as Dean
movie 1947 The Wild Frontier as Doc Hardy
movie 1946 Gentleman Joe Palooka as Board Member
movie 1946 King of the Forest Rangers as Ronald Spencer - Assayer [Ch. 11]
movie 1946 Lost City of the Jungle as Peace Foundation Member
movie 1946 Lover Come Back as Butler
movie 1946 Murder in the Music Hall as Head Evangelist
movie 1946 Night and Day as Assistant Headwaiter
movie 1946 People Are Funny as Revd. Allen - Contestant
movie 1946 So Goes My Love as Committee Man
movie 1946 Stagecoach to Denver as Jasper Braydon
movie 1946 Tangier as Vendor
movie 1946 The Crimson Ghost as Wilson [Ch. 1]
movie 1946 The El Paso Kid as Doctor Hamlin
movie 1946 The Flying Serpent as Louis Havener
movie 1946 The Last Crooked Mile as Lane
movie 1946 The Show-Off as Pedestrian Encountering Hortense
movie 1946 The Time of Their Lives as Bill - Museum Guard
movie 1946 Trail to Mexico as Padre
movie 1946 Two Sisters from Boston as Greek Professor
movie 1946 Undercurrent as Bookstore Proprietor
movie 1946 Valley of the Zombies as The Coroner
movie 1945 Apology for Murder as Minister
movie 1945 Behind City Lights as Davis
movie 1945 Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood as Pedestrian
movie 1945 Hitchhike to Happiness as Sam Jones
movie 1945 Marshal of Laredo as Dr. Allen
movie 1945 Mildred Pierce as Personnel Man
movie 1945 River Gang as Reporter
movie 1945 State Fair as Assistant Hog Judge
movie 1945 Strange Confession as Mr. Reed
movie 1945 That Night with You as Justice of the Peace Franklin
movie 1945 That's the Spirit as Doctor
movie 1945 The Brighton Strangler as Clerk
movie 1945 The Clock as Professor Type
movie 1945 The Daltons Ride Again as Attorney
movie 1945 The Purple Monster Strikes as Prof. Benjamin [Ch. 11]
movie 1945 The Southerner as Store Customer
movie 1945 The Topeka Terror as Doctor Webb
movie 1944 A Night of Adventure as Medical Examiner
movie 1944 Black Arrow as Official
movie 1944 Buffalo Bill as Customer
movie 1944 Girl Rush as Dealer
movie 1944 Heavenly Days as Well-Wisher
movie 1944 Nevada as Doctor Burton
movie 1944 Step Lively as First Hotel Clerk
movie 1944 Tall in the Saddle as Ab Jenkins
movie 1944 The Adventures of Mark Twain as Joker at Train Station
movie 1944 The Falcon in Hollywood as Marvin - in Miniatures
movie 1944 The Falcon in Mexico as Jarvis - Hughes' Butler
movie 1944 The Falcon Out West as Sheriff Bob
movie 1944 The Fighting Seabees as Navy Observer
movie 1944 The Heavenly Body as Old Gentleman in Front of Nancy at Concert
movie 1943 Beyond the Last Frontier as Doctor Jessup
movie 1943 Black Hills Express as Mr. Southern
movie 1943 Bordertown Gun Fighters as Roland Clark
movie 1943 Drums of Fu Manchu as Dr. Humphrey
movie 1943 Gangway for Tomorrow as Father Donovan
movie 1943 Phantom of the Opera as Reporter
movie 1943 Swing Shift Maisie as Technician
movie 1943 The Iron Major as Army Doctor
movie 1943 The Seventh Victim as Missing Girl's Father
movie 1943 This Land Is Mine as Mr. Lorraine
movie 1942 Even as IOU as Dr. O.B. Stretrick
movie 1942 Inside the Law as Minister
movie 1942 Life Begins at Eight-Thirty as Dept. Store Manager
movie 1942 Outlaws of Pine Ridge as Matson - Irate Poker Player
movie 1942 Reap the Wild Wind as Lawyer
movie 1942 Stagecoach Express as Stageline Official Gates
movie 1942 The Wife Takes a Flyer as Chaplain
movie 1942 They All Kissed the Bride as Board Member
movie 1941 Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc. as Dr. Henderson
movie 1941 Prairie Pioneers as Lawyer
movie 1941 The Devil Commands as Dr. Sanders
movie 1940 Adventures of Red Ryder as Boswell [Ch. 12]
movie 1940 Drums of Fu Manchu as Dr. Humphrey [Chs.2-3]
movie 1940 Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe as Scientist [Chs. 1, 4]
movie 1940 Foreign Correspondent as Committeeman
movie 1940 His Girl Friday as Elevator Passenger
movie 1939 Disbarred as Ballistics Expert
movie 1939 Geronimo as John A. Rawlins
movie 1939 Invitation to Happiness as Reporter
movie 1939 Slightly Honorable as Guest
movie 1939 Union Pacific as Businessman
movie 1938 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars as Professor
movie 1938 Mr. Wong, Detective as Chemistry Lab Director
movie 1937 Midnight Court as Reporter
movie 1937 Partners in Crime as Committee Man
movie 1937 The Man Who Found Himself as Man at Train Wreck
movie 1936 Florida Special
movie 1936 Rose Bowl as Wallace
movie 1936 Sky Parade as Farmer
movie 1936 The Plough and the Stars as Minor Role
movie 1936 The Story of Louis Pasteur as Alsatian
movie 1935 The Florentine Dagger as Servant

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