Whitney Anderson

Whitney T. Anderson (born 1931) is an American politician and businessman from Waimanalo, Hawaii. He is the younger brother of D.G. "Andy" Anderson. ... more on Wikipedia

Whitney Anderson Filmography

movie 2014 Refugio as Chrystal
movie 2014 The Lady Killers as Mrs. Casey
movie 2013 Coffin Baby as Winter Jones
movie 2013 Love, Sex and Promotions as Katie
movie 2012 Hero Of The Day as Cherry
movie 2012 Wayward Pilgrim as Susan
movie 2011 Alyce as Renee
movie 2011 Appearances as Lisa
movie 2011 Big Date
movie 2011 Shuffle as Amy
movie 2011 The Godmother as Jennifer Prodan
tv movie 2010 Tips as Tiffany
movie 2009 Hollywood, je t'aime as Trish
movie 2009 Pimpin' Pee Wee as Shelly
movie 2009 The Sister
movie 2008 Bald as Heather
movie 2008 Shatter the Silence as Female Cutter
movie 2008 Zombie Strippers! as Gaia
video movie 2007 Brutal as Vicki
movie 1996 Shoot the Moon as Patty
video movie 1995 Prehysteria! 3 as Ella
video movie 1994 A Pig's Tale as Jenna

Whitney Anderson on Youtube

Crossfire 16-1 Champlin, MN Asst. Dir. Lisa Halvorson lisa@gocrossfire.org.

Harford County Farm Fair Talent Competition Finals 2012- Whitney Anderson.

Whitney's awesome video for homecoming, lip-synching destiny's child's classic hit, soldier.