Wilfrid Hyde-White

Wilfrid Hyde-White (12 May 1903 ? 6 May 1991) was an English character actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Wilfrid Hyde-White Filmography

tv movie 1998 What's a Carry On? as The Colonel
video movie 1995 The Making of 'My Fair Lady' as Colonel Hugh Pickering
tv series 1993 Laugh with the Carry Ons
movie 1983 Fanny Hill as Mr. John Barville
tv movie 1982 The Letter as Judge
movie 1982 The Toy as Barkley
movie 1981 Tarzan, the Ape Man as Club Member
tv movie 1980 Father Damien: The Leper Priest as Bishop Maigret
movie 1980 In God We Tru$t as Abbot Thelonious
movie 1980 Oh, God! Book II as Judge Thomas Miller
tv movie 1980 Scout's Honor as Uncle Toby 'Nuncle' Bartlett
tv movie 1980 The 37th Annual Golden Globe Awards as Himself
movie 1980 The 6th People's Choice Awards as Himself - Presenter:Carol Burnett Performance
movie 1980 Xanadu as Male Heavenly Voice
movie 1979 A Touch of the Sun as M-1
movie 1979 King Solomon's Treasure as Oldest Club Member
movie 1979 That's Carry On as Colonel
tv movie 1979 The Plank as Old man trying to cross the road
tv movie 1979 The Rebels as Gen. Howe
movie 1978 Battlestar Galactica as Sire Anton
movie 1978 No Longer Alone as Lord Home
movie 1978 The Cat and the Canary as Cyrus West
tv movie 1976 The Great Houdini as Supt. Melville
movie 1974 The Cherry Picker as Dobson
tv movie 1973 A Brand New Life as Mr. Berger
tv movie 1973 The 27th Annual Tony Awards as Himself
movie 1970 Fragment of Fear as Mr. Copsey
tv movie 1970 Ritual of Evil as Harry Snowden
movie 1970 Skullduggery as Eaton
tv movie 1969 Fear No Evil as Harry Snowden
movie 1969 Gaily, Gaily as The Governor
tv movie 1969 Run a Crooked Mile as Dr. Ralph Sawyer
movie 1969 The Magic Christian as Captain Reginald K. Klaus
movie 1968 P.J. as Billings-Browne
tv movie 1968 The Sunshine Patriot as Morris Vanders
movie 1967 The Million Eyes of Su-Muru as Colonel Sir Anthony Baisbrook
movie 1966 Chamber of Horrors as Harold Blount
tv movie 1966 Lucy in London as Madame Tussauds Guide
movie 1966 Our Man in Marrakesh as Arthur Fairbrother
movie 1966 The Sandwich Man as Lord Uffingham
movie 1965 John Goldfarb, Please Come Home! as Mustafa Guz
movie 1965 Ten Little Indians as Judge Cannon
movie 1965 The Liquidator as Chief
movie 1965 You Must Be Joking! as Gen. Lockwood
movie 1964 My Fair Lady as Colonel Hugh Pickering
movie 1962 Aliki My Love as Richard Caraway
movie 1962 Crooks Anonymous as Laurence Montague
movie 1962 In Search of the Castaways as Lord Glenarvan
movie 1961 Ada as Sylvester Marin
movie 1961 His and Hers as Charles Dunton
movie 1961 On the Double as Colonel Somerset
movie 1961 On the Fiddle as Trowbridge
movie 1960 Let's Make Love as George Welch
movie 1960 Two Way Stretch as Soapy Stevens
movie 1959 Carry on Nurse as The Colonel
movie 1959 Libel as Hubert Foxley
movie 1959 Life in Emergency Ward 10 as Professor Bourne-Evans
movie 1959 North West Frontier as Bridie
movie 1959 The Lady Is a Square as Charles
movie 1958 Up the Creek as Adm. Foley
movie 1958 Wonderful Things! as Sir Bertram
movie 1957 Tarzan and the Lost Safari as 'Doodles' Fletcher
movie 1957 That Woman Opposite as Sir Maurice Lawes
movie 1957 The Truth About Women as Sir George Tavistock
movie 1957 The Vicious Circle as Maj. Harrington aka Robert Brady
movie 1956 My Teenage Daughter as Sir Joseph
movie 1956 The March Hare as Col. Keene
movie 1956 The Silken Affair as Sir Horace Hogg
movie 1955 John and Julie as Sir James
movie 1955 Quentin Durward as Master Oliver
movie 1955 See How They Run as Brig. Buskin
movie 1954 Betrayed as Gen. Charles Larraby
movie 1954 Duel in the Jungle as Pitt
movie 1954 The Million Pound Note as Roderick Montpelier
movie 1954 The Rainbow Jacket as Lord Stoneleigh
movie 1954 To Dorothy a Son as Mr. Starke
movie 1953 The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan as Mr. Marston
movie 1953 The Triangle as Government Minister
movie 1952 Mr. Denning Drives North as Woods
movie 1952 The Card as Lord at Liverpool Boat Harbour
movie 1952 Top Secret as Sir Hubert Wells
movie 1951 Blackmailed as Lord Dearsley
movie 1951 Mister Drake's Duck as Mr. May
movie 1951 No Highway as Fisher, Inspector of Accidents
movie 1951 Outcast of the Islands as Vinck
movie 1951 The Browning Version as Frobisher
movie 1950 Golden Salamander as Agno
movie 1950 Highly Dangerous as Mr. Luke, British consul
movie 1950 Last Holiday as Chalfont
movie 1950 Midnight Episode as Mr. Knight
movie 1950 The Angel with the Trumpet as Simmerl
movie 1950 The Mudlark as Tucker
movie 1950 Trio as Mr. Gray
movie 1949 Adam and Evelyne as Col. Bradley
movie 1949 Britannia Mews as Mr. Culver
movie 1949 Conspirator as Lord Pennistone
movie 1949 Helter Skelter as Dr. B. Jekyll
movie 1949 That Dangerous Age as Mr. Potts
movie 1949 The Bad Lord Byron as Mr. Hopton
movie 1949 The Man on the Eiffel Tower as Professor Grollet
movie 1949 The Passionate Friends as Lawyer
movie 1949 The Third Man as Crabbin
movie 1948 Bond Street as Jeweller
movie 1948 My Brother Jonathan as Mr. Gaige
movie 1948 My Brother's Keeper as Harding
movie 1948 Quartet as 2nd. Clubman
movie 1948 The Winslow Boy as Wilkinson
movie 1947 Meet Me at Dawn as Garin - News Editor
movie 1947 The Ghosts of Berkeley Square as Staff Captain
movie 1947 While the Sun Shines as Male Receptionist
movie 1946 Appointment with Crime as Cleaner
movie 1946 Night Boat to Dublin as Taxi Driver
movie 1946 Wanted for Murder as Guide in Madame Tussaud's
movie 1943 The Demi-Paradise as Nightclub Waiter
movie 1942 Asking for Trouble as Pettifer
movie 1942 Lady from Lisbon as Ganier
movie 1941 Turned Out Nice Again as Removal Man
movie 1940 The Briggs Family as Man with Moustache at Party
movie 1939 Over the Moon as Dwight - Sanitarium Spokesman
movie 1939 Poison Pen as Postman
movie 1939 The Lambeth Walk as Lord Battersby
movie 1938 I've Got a Horse as Police Constable
movie 1938 Keep Smiling as Assistant hotel clerk
movie 1938 Meet Mr. Penny as Mr. Wilson
movie 1938 Murder in the Family as Purvitt - Estate Agent
movie 1938 The Claydon Treasure Mystery as Holmes
movie 1937 Bulldog Drummond at Bay as Conrad
movie 1937 Change for a Sovereign as Charles
movie 1937 Elephant Boy as Commissioner
movie 1936 Murder by Rope as Alastair Dane
movie 1936 Rembrandt as Civil Guardsman
movie 1936 The Scarab Murder Case as Philo Vance
movie 1935 Admirals All as Mr. Stallybrass
movie 1935 Alibi Inn as Husband
movie 1935 Night Mail
movie 1935 Smith's Wives
movie 1934 Josser on the Farm as Brooks

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