Will Patton

Will Patton Filmography

movie 2014 November Man as Perry Weinstein
movie 2014 You Can't Win as Foot and A Half George
movie 2012 Abigail Harm as The Visitor
movie 2012 The Girl as Tommy
movie 2012 The Presence of Joseph Chaikin
movie 2010 Ka'iulani: Crown Princess of Hawai'i as Sanford Dole
movie 2010 Knucklehead as Vic Sullivan
movie 2010 Meek's Cutoff as Soloman Tetherow
movie 2010 MindFlux as Himself
movie 2010 Waking Madison as Mr. Walker
movie 2009 Brooklyn's Finest as Lt. Bill Hobarts
movie 2009 Looking at Animals as Raymond
movie 2009 Princess Ka'iulani as Sanford B. Dole
movie 2009 The Canyon as Henry
movie 2009 The Fourth Kind as Sheriff August
video movie 2009 The Making of 'Dog Days of Summer' as Himself
movie 2008 American Violet as Sam Conroy
movie 2008 Lucky Days as J.C.
movie 2008 The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond as Mr. Dobyne
movie 2008 Wendy and Lucy as Mechanic
movie 2007 A Mighty Heart as Randall Bennett
movie 2007 Code Name: The Cleaner as Riley
movie 2007 Dog Days of Summer as Eli Cottonmouth
movie 2007 The List as Michael Harriston
video movie 2006 Road House 2: Last Call as Nate Tanner
tv movie 2006 The Way
tv movie 2004 The Last Ride as Aaron Purnell
movie 2004 The Punisher as Quentin Glass
video movie 2003 Day by Day: A Director's Journey Part II as Himself
movie 2002 The Mothman Prophecies as Gordon Smallwood
movie 2002 The Rough South of Larry Brown as Frank in 'Samaritans'
movie 2000 Gone in Sixty Seconds as Atley Jackson
movie 2000 Remember the Titans as Coach Bill Yoast
movie 2000 Trixie as W. 'Red' Rafferty
movie 1999 Breakfast of Champions as Moe the Truck Driver
movie 1999 Entrapment as Hector Cruz
movie 1999 Jesus' Son as John Smith
movie 1998 Armageddon as Chick
movie 1998 I Woke Up Early the Day I Died as Preacher
movie 1998 O.K. Garage as Sean
movie 1997 Inventing the Abbotts as Lloyd Abbott
movie 1997 The Postman as General Bethlehem
movie 1997 This World, Then the Fireworks as Lt. Morgan
tv series 1997 The Protector as Jeff
movie 1996 Fled as Gibson
movie 1996 Plain Pleasures
movie 1996 The Spitfire Grill as Nahum Goddard
movie 1995 Copycat as Nicoletti
movie 1994 Judicial Consent as Alan Warwick
movie 1994 Natural Causes as Michael Murphy
movie 1994 The Client as Sgt. Hardy
movie 1994 The Puppet Masters as Dr. Graves
movie 1994 Tollbooth as Dash Pepper
movie 1993 Midnight Edition as Jack Travers
movie 1993 Romeo Is Bleeding as Martie
tv movie 1993 Taking the Heat as Hadley
movie 1993 The Paint Job as Wesley
tv movie 1992 A Child Lost Forever: The Jerry Sherwood Story as Frank Maxwell
tv movie 1992 In the Deep Woods as Eric Gaines
movie 1992 In the Soup as Skippy
tv movie 1992 Lincoln and the War Within
movie 1991 Cold Heaven as Father Niles
tv movie 1991 Deadly Desire as Giles Menteer
tv movie 1991 Dillinger as Melvin Purvis
movie 1991 The Rapture as Deputy Foster
movie 1990 A Shock to the System as Lt. Laker
movie 1990 Bright Angel as Woody
movie 1990 Everybody Wins as Jerry
tv movie 1990 Nasty Boys, Part 2: Lone Justice as Batiste
movie 1989 Signs of Life as Owen's Father
movie 1988 Stars and Bars as Duane Gage
movie 1988 Wildfire as Mike
tv movie 1987 A Gathering of Old Men as Lou Dimes
movie 1987 No Way Out as Scott Pritchard
movie 1986 Belizaire the Cajun as Matthew Perry
movie 1985 After Hours as Horst
movie 1985 Desperately Seeking Susan as Wayne Nolan
movie 1985 The Beniker Gang as Forest Ranger
movie 1984 Chinese Boxes as Marsh
movie 1983 King Blank as Bar Customer
movie 1983 Silkwood as Joe
movie 1983 Variety as Mark
tv movie 1981 Kent State as Peter
movie 1979 Minus Zero as Schreiber
tv series 1975 Ryan's Hope as Ox Knowles
tv series 1951 Search for Tomorrow as Kentucky Bluebird

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