Willard E. Pugh

Willard Earl Pugh (born June 16, 1959) is an American actor with numerous film and television credits. He has appeared in notable mainstream Hollywood films such as The Color Purple and Air Force One as well as genre films such as Robocop 2 and Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy. In the latter film his excellence as an ensemble actor was specifically cited by PopMatters film critic Bill Gibron. ... more on Wikipedia

Willard E. Pugh Filmography

movie 2014 McTaggart's Fortune as Sgt. Leonard Forte
movie 2014 Apparitional
tv movie 2012 Alien Tornado as Norm Mackey
movie 2012 Making Change as Manager
movie 2008 Kings of the Evening as Henry Nicholson
movie 2008 Loved Ones as Captain Strader
movie 2007 Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy as Police Chief
movie 2001 The Big Leaf Tobacco Company as Mr. Franklin
movie 2000 Today's Life as The PR Man
movie 2000 Up Against Amanda as Officer Wharton
movie 1998 High Freakquency as Dale
movie 1998 Progeny as Eric Davidson
movie 1998 Spoiler as Bounty #2
movie 1997 Air Force One as White House Communications Officer
tv movie 1996 Circle of Pain as Store Keeper
movie 1995 Under the Hula Moon as Duane
video movie 1994 Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter as Jason
movie 1993 CB4 as Trustus
movie 1992 Eddie Presley as Nick
movie 1991 A Rage in Harlem as Claude X
movie 1991 Ambition as Freddie
movie 1991 Guyver as Col. Castle
movie 1990 RoboCop 2 as Mayor Kuzak
tv series 1989 The California Raisin Show as Red
movie 1988 Traxx as Deeter
movie 1987 Amazon Women on the Moon as Speaking Cop
tv movie 1987 Deadly Care as Male Nurse
movie 1987 Made in Heaven as Guy Blanchard
movie 1986 Blue City as Leroy
tv movie 1986 Miss Universe Pageant as Himself - Judge
movie 1986 Native Son as Gus
movie 1985 Moving Violations as Jeff Roth
movie 1985 Stand Alone as Macombers
movie 1985 The Color Purple as Harpo Johnson
tv series 1985 The Atlanta Child Murders as Jimmy Ray Payne
movie 1984 The Hills Have Eyes Part II as Foster
movie 1984 Toy Soldiers as Ace
movie 1982 Divided We Fall as Runaway Slave

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