Willard Robertson

Willard Robertson (1 January 1886 ? 5 April 1948) was an American actor. He appeared in 146 films between 1924 and 1948. He was born in Runnels, Texas and died in Hollywood, California. ... more on Wikipedia

Willard Robertson Filmography

movie 1948 Fury at Furnace Creek as Gen. Leads
movie 1948 Sitting Pretty as Mr. Ashcroft
movie 1947 Deep Valley as Sheriff Akers
movie 1947 My Favorite Brunette as Prison Warden
movie 1946 Gallant Journey as Zachary Montgomery
movie 1946 Perilous Holiday as Graeme
movie 1946 Renegades as Nathan Brockway
movie 1946 The Virginian as Judge Henry
movie 1946 To Each His Own as Dr. Hunt
movie 1945 Along Came Jones as Luke Packard
movie 1944 Nine Girls as Capt. Brooks
movie 1943 Air Force as Colonel at Hickam Field
movie 1943 Background to Danger as 'Mac' McNamara
movie 1943 No Time for Love as Construction Co. President
movie 1943 The Ox-Bow Incident as Sheriff Risley
movie 1942 Juke Girl as Mister Just
movie 1942 Wake Island as Col. Cameron
movie 1942 Moontide
movie 1941 I Wanted Wings as Judge Advocate
movie 1941 Men of the Timberland as Tim MacGregor
movie 1941 Night of January 16th as Inspector Donegan
movie 1941 Sullivan's Travels as Judge
movie 1941 Texas as Rancher Wilson
movie 1941 The Monster and the Girl as Lieutenant Strickland
movie 1940 Brigham Young as Heber Kimball
movie 1940 Castle on the Hudson as Ragan
movie 1940 Lucky Cisco Kid as Judge McQuade
movie 1940 My Little Chickadee as Uncle John
movie 1940 North West Mounted Police as Supt. Harrington
movie 1940 Remember the Night as Francis X. O'Leary
movie 1939 Each Dawn I Die as Lang
movie 1939 Heritage of the Desert as Henchman Nebraska
movie 1939 Jesse James as Clarke
movie 1939 Main Street Lawyer as John Ralston
movie 1939 My Son Is a Criminal as Tom Halloran Sr.
movie 1939 Range War as Buck Collins
movie 1939 Two Bright Boys as Clayton
movie 1939 Union Pacific as Oakes Ames
movie 1938 Gangs of New York as Inspector Sullivan
movie 1938 Island in the Sky as Walter Rhodes
movie 1938 Kentucky as Bob Slocum
movie 1938 Men with Wings as Col. Hadley
movie 1938 Torchy Gets Her Man as Charles Gilbert
movie 1938 You and Me as J. Dayton, Parole Officer
movie 1937 Exclusive as Mr. Franklin
movie 1937 Hot Water as Dr. Enfield
movie 1937 John Meade's Woman as Man
movie 1937 Larceny on the Air as Inspector 'Mac' McDonald
movie 1937 Park Avenue Logger as Ben Morton
movie 1937 Roaring Timber as Harrigan
movie 1937 The Go Getter as Matt Peasely
movie 1937 The Last Gangster as Mr. Broderick
movie 1937 This Is My Affair as George Andrews
movie 1936 Dangerous Waters as Bill MacKeechie
movie 1936 I Married a Doctor as Guy Pollock
movie 1936 That Girl from Paris as Immigration Officer
movie 1936 The First Baby as Dr. Clarke
movie 1936 The Gorgeous Hussy as Secretary Ingham
movie 1936 The Last of the Mohicans as Captain Winthrop
movie 1936 The Man Who Lived Twice as Police Insp. Logan
movie 1936 Three Godfathers as Reverend McLane
movie 1936 Wanted: Jane Turner as Walter Davies
movie 1936 Winterset as Policeman in the Square
movie 1935 Biography of a Bachelor Girl as Grigsby, the Process Server
movie 1935 Black Fury as Mr. J.J. Welsh
movie 1935 Dante's Inferno as Inspector Harris
movie 1935 Forced Landing as Martin Byrd
movie 1935 His Night Out as J.J. Trent
movie 1935 Laddie as Mr. John Stanton
movie 1935 O'Shaughnessy's Boy as Dan Hastings
movie 1935 Oil for the Lamps of China as Speaker
movie 1935 Straight from the Heart as District Attorney
movie 1935 The Old Homestead as Uncle Jed
movie 1935 The Virginia Judge
movie 1935 Transient Lady as Ed Goring
movie 1934 Dark Hazard as Bill 'Billy' Fallen
movie 1934 Death on the Diamond as Cato
movie 1934 Elinor Norton as Ranch Foreman
movie 1934 Gambling Lady as District Attorney
movie 1934 Have a Heart as Mr. Schauber
movie 1934 He Was Her Man as Police Captain
movie 1934 Heat Lightning as Everett Marshall
movie 1934 Here Comes the Navy as Executive Officer
movie 1934 Housewife as Judge
movie 1934 I'll Tell the World as Hardwick
movie 1934 Let's Talk It Over as Dr. Preston
movie 1934 Million Dollar Baby as Doctor
movie 1934 Mills of the Gods as Thomas
movie 1934 Murder in the Private Car as Hanks
movie 1934 One Is Guilty as Wells Deveroux
movie 1934 Operator 13 as Captain Channing
movie 1934 The Secret Bride as Representative Grosvenor
movie 1934 Two Alone as George Marshall
movie 1934 Upperworld as Police Capt. Reynolds
movie 1934 Whirlpool as Judge Jim Morrison
movie 1934 Wild Gold as Dam Boss
movie 1933 Another Language as Harry Hallam
movie 1933 Central Airport as Havana Airport Manager
movie 1933 Destination Unknown as Joe Shano
movie 1933 East of Fifth Avenue as Dr. Morgan
movie 1933 Ever in My Heart as Kennel Caretaker
movie 1933 Female as Department Head
movie 1933 Heroes for Sale as The Sheriff
movie 1933 Lady Killer as Detective Conroy
movie 1933 Roman Scandals as Warren Finley Cooper
movie 1933 Supernatural as Prison Warden
movie 1933 The Mad Game as Warden
movie 1933 The World Changes as Mr. Peterson
movie 1933 Trick for Trick as Dr. Frank Fitzgerald
movie 1933 Tugboat Annie as Red Severn
movie 1933 Wild Boys of the Road as Captain of Detectives
movie 1932 Behind the Mask as Capt. E.J. Hawkes
movie 1932 Born to Fight as Dad Kinney
movie 1932 Call Her Savage as Pete Springer
movie 1932 Doctor X as Detective O'Halloran
movie 1932 Frisco Jenny as Police Capt. Tom
movie 1932 Guilty as Hell as Police Sgt. Alcock
movie 1932 I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang as Prison Board Chairman
movie 1932 If I Had a Million as Fred - Glidden Associate
movie 1932 Lighthouse Love
movie 1932 Okay, America! as Bit Role
movie 1932 Silver Dollar as Al - Yates' Office Manager
movie 1932 So Big! as The Doctor
movie 1932 Steady Company as Pop Henley
movie 1932 The Broken Wing as Sylvester Cross
movie 1932 The Famous Ferguson Case as Sheriff
movie 1932 The Gay Caballero as Maj. Lawrence Blount
movie 1932 The Rider of Death Valley as Bill Joyce
movie 1932 The Texas Bad Man as Milton Keefe
movie 1932 Tom Brown of Culver as Capt. White
movie 1932 Virtue as Detective MacKenzie
movie 1932 Wild Girl as Red Pete
movie 1931 City Streets as Detective
movie 1931 Fair Warning as Tex Calder
movie 1931 Graft as E. T. Scudder
movie 1931 Murder by the Clock as Police Captain
movie 1931 Once a Sinner as Speaker at Party
movie 1931 Shanghaied Love as Newman
movie 1931 Silence as Phil Powers
movie 1931 Skippy as Dr. Skinner
movie 1931 Sooky as Mr. Skinner
movie 1931 The Cisco Kid
movie 1931 The Lawyer's Secret as Police Desk Sergeant
movie 1931 The Ruling Voice as Ed Bailey
movie 1930 The Last of the Duanes as Texas Ranger Captain
movie 1925 Why Women Love
movie 1924 Daughters of the Night as Prof. Woodbury
movie 1921 Big Game

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