William A. Seiter

William A. Seiter (June 10, 1890 - July 26, 1964) is an American film director. He was born in New York City. After attending Hudson River Military Academy, Seiter broke into films in 1915 as a bit player at Mack Sennett's Keystone Studios, doubling a cowboy. He graduated to director in 1918, . At Universal Studios in the mid-'20s, Seiter was principal director of the popular Reginald Denny vehicles, most of which co-starred Seiter's then wife Laura La Plante (his second wife was actress Marion ... more on Wikipedia

William A. Seiter Filmography

movie 1965 The World of Abbott and Costello
tv movie 1956 Have Camera Will Travel
movie 1954 Make Haste to Live
movie 1953 Champ for a Day
movie 1953 The Lady Wants Mink
movie 1951 Dear Brat
movie 1950 Borderline
movie 1949 Gems of Song
movie 1948 One Touch of Venus
movie 1948 Up in Central Park
movie 1947 I'll Be Yours
movie 1946 Little Giant
movie 1946 Lover Come Back
movie 1945 It's a Pleasure
movie 1945 That Night with You
movie 1945 The Affairs of Susan
movie 1944 Belle of the Yukon
movie 1944 Four Jills in a Jeep
movie 1943 A Lady Takes a Chance
movie 1943 Destroyer
movie 1942 Broadway
movie 1942 You Were Never Lovelier
movie 1941 Appointment for Love
movie 1941 Nice Girl?
movie 1940 Hired Wife
movie 1940 It's a Date
movie 1939 Allegheny Uprising
movie 1939 Susannah of the Mounties
movie 1939 The Little Princess
movie 1938 Room Service
movie 1938 Sally, Irene and Mary
movie 1938 Thanks for Everything
movie 1938 Three Blind Mice
movie 1937 Life Begins in College
movie 1937 The Life of the Party
movie 1937 This Is My Affair
movie 1937 On the Avenue
movie 1936 Dimples
movie 1936 Stowaway
movie 1936 The Case Against Mrs. Ames
movie 1936 The Moon's Our Home
movie 1935 If You Could Only Cook
movie 1935 In Person
movie 1935 Orchids to You
movie 1935 Roberta
movie 1935 The Daring Young Man
movie 1934 Love Birds
movie 1934 Sing and Like It
movie 1934 The Richest Girl in the World
movie 1934 We're Rich Again
movie 1933 Sons of the Desert
movie 1933 Chance at Heaven
movie 1933 Diplomaniacs
movie 1933 Hello, Everybody!
movie 1933 Professional Sweetheart
movie 1933 Rafter Romance
movie 1932 Girl Crazy
movie 1932 Hot Saturday
movie 1932 If I Had a Million
movie 1932 Is My Face Red?
movie 1932 Young Bride
movie 1931 Big Business Girl
movie 1931 Caught Plastered
movie 1931 Full of Notions
movie 1931 Kiss Me Again
movie 1931 L'aviateur
movie 1931 Peach-O-Reno
movie 1931 Too Many Cooks
movie 1931 Way Back Home
movie 1930 Back Pay
movie 1930 The Flirting Widow
movie 1930 Going Wild
movie 1930 Strictly Modern
movie 1930 Sunny
movie 1930 The Truth About Youth
movie 1929 Footlights and Fools
movie 1929 Prisoners
movie 1929 Smiling Irish Eyes
movie 1929 Synthetic Sin
movie 1929 Synthetic Wife
movie 1929 The Love Racket
movie 1929 Why Be Good?
movie 1928 Good Morning, Judge
movie 1928 Happiness Ahead
movie 1928 Outcast
movie 1928 Thanks for the Buggy Ride
movie 1928 Waterfront
movie 1927 Life in Hollywood No. 4 as Himself
movie 1927 Out All Night
movie 1927 The Small Bachelor
movie 1926 Skinner's Dress Suit
movie 1926 The Cheerful Fraud
movie 1926 Rolling Home
movie 1926 Take It from Me
movie 1926 What Happened to Jones
movie 1925 Dangerous Innocence
movie 1925 The Mad Whirl
movie 1925 The Teaser
movie 1925 Where Was I?
movie 1924 The City of Stars as Director
movie 1924 Listen Lester
movie 1924 Daddies
movie 1924 Helen's Babies
movie 1924 His Forgotten Wife
movie 1924 The Family Secret
movie 1924 The Fast Worker
movie 1924 The White Sin
movie 1923 Bell Boy 13
movie 1923 Little Church Around the Corner
movie 1922 Up and at 'Em
movie 1922 Boy Crazy
movie 1922 Gay and Devilish
movie 1922 The Beautiful and Damned
movie 1922 The Understudy
movie 1922 When Love Comes
movie 1921 The Foolish Age
movie 1921 Eden and Return
movie 1921 Hearts and Masks
movie 1921 Passing Through
movie 1920 The Kentucky Colonel
movie 1919 A Sure Cure
movie 1919 After the Bawl
movie 1919 Close to Nature
movie 1919 His Own Medicine
movie 1919 Honeymooning
movie 1919 In a Pinch
movie 1919 Moving Day
movie 1919 The Little Dears
movie 1919 Their Day of Rest
movie 1919 Why Divorce?
movie 1918 Ain't It So?
movie 1918 All 'Fur' Her
movie 1918 Oh! What a Day
movie 1918 Some Baby!
movie 1918 The Fatal Flower
movie 1918 The Fly Ball
movie 1918 The Recruit
movie 1918 Beach Birds
movie 1918 Beauties and Bombs
movie 1918 Camouflage
movie 1918 In and Out
movie 1918 Love and Lunch
movie 1915 The Honeymoon Roll
movie 1915 Gold-Bricking Cupid
movie 1914 Cruel, Cruel World!
movie 1914 When Their Wives Joined the Regiment
movie 1913 Pierre of the North
movie 1913 The Three Wise Men as Joseph

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Dimples Trailer 1936 Director: William A. Seiter Starring: John Carradine, Frank Morgan, Shirley Temple, Helen Westley, Robert Kent, Delma Byron Official Con.

Sons of the Desert. William A Seiter. 1933. http://aliceineclectiland.blogspot.com.ar/