William C. Dowlan

William C. Dowlan Filmography

movie 1920 Dangerous to Men
movie 1920 Locked Lips
movie 1920 The Chorus Girl's Romance
movie 1920 The Peddler of Lies
movie 1919 Common Property
movie 1919 Cowardice Court
movie 1919 Loot
movie 1919 Restless Souls
movie 1919 Under Suspicion
movie 1918 Alias Mary Brown
movie 1918 Daughter Angele
movie 1918 Irish Eyes
movie 1917 The Two-Gun Parson as The Parson
movie 1917 Somewhere in America
movie 1917 The Outsider
movie 1916 Drugged Waters as Dr. J. Sherwood
movie 1916 Just Plain Folks as King Stander
movie 1916 Lavinia Comes Home
movie 1916 The Light
movie 1916 The Madcap
movie 1916 Youth's Endearing Charm
movie 1915 A Modern Enoch Arden as Dicky Bannister
movie 1915 Across the Footlights as Larry
movie 1915 All for Peggy as Will Brandon
movie 1915 An Idyll of the Hills as Frank Collins
movie 1915 Dear Little Old Time Girl as James K. Lee
movie 1915 Her Mysterious Escort
movie 1915 Lord Barrington's Estate as Dick Stanton
movie 1915 Outside the Gates as Manuel
movie 1915 Such Is Life as Will Deming
movie 1915 The Desert Breed as Jack - Fred's partner
movie 1915 The Devil and Idle Hands as Jack Saunders
movie 1915 The Double Standard
movie 1915 The Great Fear as Larry Moore
movie 1915 The Lilt of Love
movie 1915 The Masked Substitute as Jim Dexter
movie 1915 The Mayor's Decision as John Stanhope
movie 1915 The Measure of a Man as Bob Brandt
movie 1915 The Old Doctor as Young Doctor Richard Carleton
movie 1915 The Sin of Olga Brandt as Rev. John Armstrong
movie 1915 The Star of the Sea as Mario Brisoni
movie 1915 The Threads of Fate as The Lover
movie 1915 Their Secret as Billy Lawrence
movie 1915 Under the Crescent as Stanley Clyde
movie 1915 Where the Forest Ends as Jack Norton
movie 1915 The College Orphan
movie 1914 A Night of Thrills as Jack
movie 1914 Her Escape as Paul Reeves
movie 1914 Lights and Shadows
movie 1914 Richelieu as Adrien de Mauprat
movie 1914 The Embezzler as Arthur Bronson
movie 1914 The End of the Feud as Joel
movie 1914 The Forbidden Room as Prosecuting Attorney
movie 1914 The Great Universal Mystery as Himself
movie 1914 The Hopes of Blind Alley as Unsuccessful Artist
movie 1914 The Lion, the Lamb, the Man as Rev. Hugh Baxton
movie 1914 The Menace to Carlotta as Tony
movie 1914 The Tragedy of Whispering Creek as Bashful Bill
movie 1914 The Unlawful Trade as Neut Haigh
movie 1914 Them Ol' Letters
movie 1912 Dad's Mistake as The Younger Sister's Sweetheart
movie 1912 Home and Mother as Jack
movie 1912 In the Long Run as Jim Dowlan
movie 1912 The Stigma as Bert Warren