William Clifford

William Clifford Filmography

movie 1929 Beyond the Smoke as Diamond Jim - the Bootlegger
movie 1928 The Chinatown Mystery
movie 1927 Out of the Past
movie 1927 Three Miles Up as Boss Scanlon
movie 1925 The Lion's Mate
movie 1924 Stepping Lively as Black Mike
movie 1923 Ashes of Vengeance as André
movie 1921 Sowing the Wind
movie 1921 The Mask as François
movie 1920 An Adventuress as Dick Sayre
movie 1920 Notorious Miss Lisle as Craven
movie 1920 Parted Curtains as The Weasel
movie 1920 The Confession as Joseph Dumont
movie 1920 The Turning Point as Col. Follis Curmew
movie 1919 A Man of Honor as Valentine
movie 1919 Gambling in Souls as Robert Dunning
movie 1919 The Long Arm of Mannister as Oliver Hambledon
movie 1918 Broadway Bill as Daddy Dunningan
movie 1918 The Landloper as Richard Dodd
movie 1917 A Tale of Two Cities as Gabelle
movie 1917 Out of the Wreck as Steve O'Brien
movie 1917 Paradise Garden as Roger Canby
movie 1917 Pay Me! as Hal Curtis
movie 1917 Snow White as Prince Charming
movie 1917 The Avenging Trail as William Hale
movie 1917 The Island of Desire as Toari
movie 1917 The Jewel of Death
movie 1917 The Square Deceiver as William Pugfeather
movie 1917 Under Handicap as Roger Hapgood
movie 1917 Young Mother Hubbard as John Banning
movie 1916 A Corner in Cotton as Richard Ainslee
movie 1916 A Kaffir's Gratitude
movie 1916 A Siren of the Jungle
movie 1916 Clouds in Sunshine Valley
movie 1916 Destiny's Boomerang
movie 1916 Fate's Decision
movie 1916 Highlights and Shadows
movie 1916 Sins of Her Parent as Robert Carver
movie 1916 The Bait as Bruce Powell
movie 1916 The Good-for-Nothing Brat
movie 1916 The Heart of Tara as Captain Delmar
movie 1916 The Hidden Law as John Carlton
movie 1916 The Leopard's Bride as Captain Morey
movie 1916 The Lion's Nemesis
movie 1916 The Ostrich Tip
movie 1916 The Star of India
movie 1916 The Trap
movie 1915 A Double Deal in Pork as Tom De Knickerbocker
movie 1915 A Mountain Melody as Matt Martin
movie 1915 A Romance of Hawaii as Roselli
movie 1915 Custer's Last Scout as Captain Bates
movie 1915 In the Jungle Wilds as John Durke
movie 1915 One Man's Evil as Henry Cley aka The Stranger
movie 1915 Ridgeway of Montana as Waring Ridgeway
movie 1915 Rosemary as Sir Jasper Thorndyke
movie 1915 Terrors of the Jungle as Dirk Vedder - the Hunter
movie 1915 The Awaited Hour as Frank Colby
movie 1915 The Blood of the Children as The Mill Owner
movie 1915 The Crime of Thought as John Winton
movie 1915 The Fate of Persistent Pete as Count Peterhof
movie 1915 The Governor Maker
movie 1915 The Heart of Cerise as Pierre - Cerise's Sweetheart
movie 1915 The Lost Ledge as Andrew Leslie
movie 1915 The Mysterious Contragrav as Professor Coxheim
movie 1915 The Oaklawn Handicap
movie 1915 The Second in Command as Major Christopher Bingham
movie 1915 The Silent Voice as Marjorie's Father
movie 1915 The Struggle as Buck Milligan
movie 1915 The Terror of the Fold as Jim Thorne
movie 1915 Unlike Other Girls as Henry Darrell
movie 1915 Vanity as Henry Dillon
movie 1915 When Love Is Love as Will Braddon
movie 1914 A Daughter of the Plains
movie 1914 A Mexican Spy in America as Capt. Clifford
movie 1914 A Nation's Peril as Clifford
movie 1914 A Redskin Reckoning
movie 1914 Cast Adrift in the South Seas
movie 1914 From the Lion's Jaws as Clifford
movie 1914 Her Father's Guilt
movie 1914 In the Wolves' Fangs as Jean
movie 1914 Isle of Abandoned Hope as Clifford
movie 1914 Olana of the South Seas
movie 1914 Our Enemy's Spy
movie 1914 Rescued by Wireless as Clifford
movie 1914 The Arrow Maker's Daughter as Leader of the Wagon Train
movie 1914 The Brand of His Tribe as Lt. George Wilcox, Jr.
movie 1914 The Eleventh Hour as Clifford
movie 1914 The Flash of Fate as Clifford - the Mining Engineer
movie 1914 The Great Universal Mystery as Himself
movie 1914 The Half-Breed
movie 1914 The Jungle Master as Clifford
movie 1914 The Law of the Lumberjack
movie 1914 The Law of the Range
movie 1914 The Legend of the Phantom Tribe as Deerfoot
movie 1914 The Lure of the Geisha
movie 1914 The Phantom Light
movie 1914 The Silent Peril as Jack Parsons
movie 1914 The Trail Breakers as Clifford
movie 1914 The Vagabond Soldier as Capt. Clifford
movie 1914 The Yaqui's Revenge
movie 1914 Tribal War in the South Seas
movie 1913 A Black Conspiracy
movie 1913 Banzai
movie 1913 Borrowed Gold as Jim Colby
movie 1913 Campaigning with Custer as Capt. Clifford
movie 1913 His Brother as The Brother
movie 1913 His Brother's Keeper as Donald
movie 1913 In the Coils of the Python as Clifford - Mrs. Bainbridge's Brother
movie 1913 In the Wilds of Africa as Dr. Clifford, a Missionary
movie 1913 On El Camino Real as The Murder Victim
movie 1913 Sheridan's Ride as General Sheridan
movie 1913 The Battle of Bull Run as The Southern Colonel
movie 1913 The Coward's Atonement
movie 1913 The Cowboy Magnate as William Clifford
movie 1913 The Death Stone of India as Afga
movie 1913 The Girl and the Tiger as Lt. Clifford
movie 1913 The God of Girzah as William Clifford - Burton's Nephew
movie 1913 The Green Shadow
movie 1913 The Greenhorn
movie 1913 The Harvest of Sin
movie 1913 The Iron Trail as Clifford, Construction Foreman
movie 1913 The Light in the Window as Mr. Haley
movie 1913 The Pitfall
movie 1913 The Prairie Trail as Lt. Clifford
movie 1913 The Raid of the Human Tigers as Lt. Clifford
movie 1913 The Sign of the Snake as Lt. Hurd
movie 1913 The Toll of War as John Wilkes Booth
movie 1913 The Water War as Steelman
movie 1913 The Werewolf as Jack Ford
movie 1913 The White Squaw as Lt. Clifford
movie 1913 War as Tom
movie 1913 War of the Cattle Range as The Cowboy
movie 1912 A Fight for Friendship as Fred Seward, a Young Engineer
movie 1912 A Gentleman of Fortune
movie 1912 A Man Worthwhile
movie 1912 All Is Fair as Dick Cartwright
movie 1912 Betty's Bandit as Mexican Pete
movie 1912 Dodging the Sheriff as Bob Trevor
movie 1912 Fantasca, the Gipsy as Smiling Bob
movie 1912 Finding the Last Chance Mine as Jim
movie 1912 Hard Luck Bill as George
movie 1912 Hunted Down as George Willis
movie 1912 Making Good as Tom
movie 1912 Melita's Ruse as Pedro
movie 1912 On the Border Line as A Land Schemer
movie 1912 On the Warpath as Arrow Head, as the Old Chief
movie 1912 Smiling Bob as Jim
movie 1912 The Border Parson as The Parson
movie 1912 The Deserter as The Captain
movie 1912 The Employer's Liability as Lawrence Hulbert, an Ambitious Young Lawyer
movie 1912 The Land of Might as Sid
movie 1912 The Lieutenant's Last Fight
movie 1912 The Mortgage as Tom
movie 1912 The Obligation as John Barry
movie 1912 The Padre's Gift
movie 1912 The Rustler's Daughter as The Sheriff
movie 1912 The Sheriff's Round-Up as The Sheriff
movie 1912 The Squatter's Child as Dan Brierly - the Squatter
movie 1912 The Thespian Bandit as Tom
movie 1912 The Undoing of Slim Bill as Parson Jones
movie 1911 A Spanish Love Song as Jack
movie 1911 A Western Girl as Dick
movie 1911 Bessie's Ride as Steve Ross - Bessie's Sweetheart
movie 1911 Her Faithful Heart as Rob - a Cowpuncher
movie 1911 Her Spoiled Boy as Robert Burton
movie 1911 How Mary Met the Cowpunchers as Bill
movie 1911 In the Hot Lands as The City Doctor
movie 1911 In the Right of Way as John Burton
movie 1911 In Time for Press as Jack Burris - Cub Reporter
movie 1911 Jack Mason's Last Deal as Jack Mason - a Gambler
movie 1911 Mary's Strategem as Indian Chief
movie 1911 My Prairie Flower as Bob Ford
movie 1911 Right or Wrong as Tom Newhouse
movie 1911 Sir Percy and the Punchers as Billy James
movie 1911 The 'Schoolmarm' of Coyote County as The Foreman
movie 1911 The Fortunes of War
movie 1911 The Honor of the Flag as José
movie 1911 The Immortal Alamo as Travis
movie 1911 The Kiss of Mary Jane as Bob Ford
movie 1911 The Mission Waif as Captain Courtesy - the Bandit
movie 1911 The Reason Why
movie 1911 The Reformation of Jack Robbins as Bob Ford - the Sheriff
movie 1911 The Snake in the Grass as Jack - the Foreman
movie 1911 The Spring Round-Up as Hal Lloyd - the Rancher's Son
movie 1911 The Stolen Grey as Donald Maynard
movie 1911 The Warrant for Red Rube as Bill Sanders - Sheriff
movie 1911 Tony, the Greaser as Tony the Greaser
movie 1910 A Postal Substitute as Steve Benson
movie 1910 Love's C. Q. D. as Lt. Arthur Hartley
movie 1910 Pals as Denton, a Young Easterner
movie 1910 Return of Ta-Wa-Wa as Lord Wyndham
movie 1910 The Blazed Trail
movie 1910 The Debt Repaid as Swift Arrow
movie 1910 The Golden Secret as Nat Perry
movie 1910 The Padre's Secret as Brown
movie 1910 The Paleface Princess as Dashing Water
movie 1910 The Romance of Circle Ranch as Jack Rance
movie 1910 The Ruling Passion as Jose Rodriguez
movie 1910 The Seal of the Church
movie 1910 White Doe's Lovers as The Indian

William Clifford on Youtube

An eloquent explanation as to why exactly evidence is so damn important in determining belief.

LUCCA - La cappella Guinigi del complesso di San Francesco ha ospitato la presentazione del volume scritto nel 1877 dal matematico inglese William Clifford e ...

Thomas Donaldson (Stanford University) asks whether it is moral to believe something even when you have no evidence that it is true. He discusses a classic d.