William Collier Jr.

William Collier, Jr. (February 12, 1902 ? February 5, 1987) was an American film and stage actor who appeared in 89 films. ... more on Wikipedia

William Collier Jr. Filmography

movie 1963 Hollywood Without Make-Up as Himself
movie 1949 Paper Orchid
movie 1946 London Town
movie 1936 Echo Mountain
movie 1936 The Sunday Round-Up
movie 1935 The People's Enemy as Tony Falcone
movie 1934 Public Stenographer as James 'Jimmy' Martin Jr.
movie 1933 File 113 as Prosper Botomy
movie 1933 Forgotten as Joseph Meyers
movie 1933 Her Secret as Johnny Norton
movie 1933 Hollywood on Parade No. A-9 as Himself
movie 1933 Hollywood on Parade No. B-5 as Himself
movie 1933 The Story of Temple Drake as Toddy Gowan
movie 1932 Behind Jury Doors as Steve Mannon
movie 1932 Dancers in the Dark as Floyd Stevens
movie 1932 Exposed
movie 1932 Speed Demon as 'Speed' Morrow
movie 1932 The County Fair as Jimmie Dolan
movie 1932 The Fighting Gentleman as Jack Duncan aka The Fighting Gentleman
movie 1932 The Phantom Express as Bruce Harrington
movie 1931 Bought! as Reporter
movie 1931 Broadminded as Jack Hackett
movie 1931 Cimarron as The Kid
movie 1931 Little Caesar as Tony Passa
movie 1931 Reducing as Johnnie Beasley
movie 1931 Soul of the Slums as Jerry Harris
movie 1931 Sporting Chance as Terry Nolan
movie 1931 Street Scene as Sam Kaplan
movie 1931 The Big Gamble as Johnnie
movie 1931 The Secret Witness as Arthur Jones aka Casey
movie 1930 A Royal Romance as John Hale
movie 1930 Free and Easy as Master of Ceremonies
movie 1930 Lummox as Wally Wallenstein
movie 1930 Melody Man as Al Tyler
movie 1930 New Movietone Follies of 1930 as Conrad Sterling
movie 1930 Rain or Shine as Bud Conway
movie 1930 The March of Time as Himself
movie 1929 Hardboiled Rose as Edward Malo
movie 1929 New Orleans as Billy Slade
movie 1929 One Stolen Night as Bob
movie 1929 The Bachelor Girl as Jimmy
movie 1929 The College Coquette as Tom Marion
movie 1929 The Donovan Affair as Cornish
movie 1929 The Red Sword as Paul
movie 1929 The Show of Shows as Performer in 'Bicycle Built for Two' Number
movie 1929 Tide of Empire as Romauldo Guerrero
movie 1929 Two Men and a Maid as Jim Oxford
movie 1928 A Night of Mystery as Jérôme D'Egremont
movie 1928 Beware of Bachelors as Ed, the husband
movie 1928 So This Is Love? as Jerry McGuire
movie 1928 The Floating College as George Dewey
movie 1928 The Lion and the Mouse as Jefferson Ryder
movie 1928 The Tragedy of Youth as Dick Wayne
movie 1928 Women They Talk About as Steve Harrison
movie 1927 Backstage as Owen Mackay
movie 1927 Convoy as John Dodge
movie 1927 Dearie as Stephen, her son
movie 1927 Stranded as Johnny Nash
movie 1927 The Broken Gate as Don Lane
movie 1927 The College Widow as Billy Bolton
movie 1927 The Desired Woman as Lieutenant Larry Trent
movie 1927 The Sunset Derby as Jimmy Burke
movie 1926 God Gave Me Twenty Cents as Barney Tapman
movie 1926 Just Another Blonde as Scotty
movie 1926 The Lady of the Harem as Rafi
movie 1926 The Lucky Lady as Clarke
movie 1926 The Rainmaker as Bobby Robertson
movie 1925 Eve's Secret as Pierre
movie 1925 Playing with Souls as Matthew Dale Jr.
movie 1925 The Devil's Cargo as John Joyce
movie 1925 The Reckless Sex as Juan
movie 1925 The Verdict as Jimmy Mason
movie 1925 The Wanderer as Jether
movie 1924 Fools' Highway as Max Davidson
movie 1924 Great Diamond Mystery as Perry Standish
movie 1924 Leave It to Gerry as Dan Forbes
movie 1924 The Lighthouse by the Sea as Albert Dorn
movie 1924 The Mine with the Iron Door as Chico
movie 1924 The Sea Hawk as Marsak
movie 1924 Wine of Youth as Max Cooper
movie 1923 Enemies of Women as Gaston
movie 1923 Loyal Lives as Terrence
movie 1923 Pleasure Mad as Howard Benton
movie 1923 Sinner or Saint as Young Artist
movie 1923 The Age of Desire as Ranny
movie 1922 Cardigan as Michael Cardigan
movie 1922 Secrets of Paris as François
movie 1922 The Good Provider as Izzy Binswanger
movie 1921 At the Stage Door as Arthur Bates
movie 1921 The Girl from Porcupine as Jim McTvish
movie 1921 The Heart of Maryland as Lloyd Calvert
movie 1920 Everybody's Sweetheart as John
movie 1920 The Servant Question as Jack Merrick
movie 1920 The Soul of Youth as Dick Armstrong
movie 1919 Back Stage as Minor Role
movie 1916 The Bugle Call as Billy

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The Phantom Express is an American film directed by Emory Johnson. In the movie, a phantom express starts derailing trains, and threatens a company's future.

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