William Desmond Taylor

William Desmond Taylor Filmography

tv movie 1999 Perfect Crimes? as Himself
video movie 1992 Murderers, Mobsters & Madmen Vol. 6: Hollywood Police Files as Himself
tv series 1980 Hollywood
movie 1922 The Green Temptation
movie 1922 The Top of New York
movie 1921 Beyond
movie 1921 Morals
movie 1921 Sacred and Profane Love
movie 1921 The Witching Hour
movie 1921 Wealth
movie 1920 Huckleberry Finn
movie 1920 The Soul of Youth
movie 1920 Jenny Be Good
movie 1920 Judy of Rogue's Harbor
movie 1920 Nurse Marjorie
movie 1920 The Furnace
movie 1919 Anne of Green Gables
movie 1919 Captain Kidd, Jr.
movie 1918 His Majesty, Bunker Bean
movie 1918 How Could You, Jean?
movie 1918 Huck and Tom
movie 1918 Johanna Enlists
movie 1918 Mile-a-Minute Kendall
movie 1918 The Spirit of '17
movie 1918 Up the Road with Sallie
movie 1917 Happiness of Three Women
movie 1917 Big Timber
movie 1917 Jack and Jill
movie 1917 North of Fifty-Three
movie 1917 Out of the Wreck
movie 1917 The Varmint
movie 1917 The World Apart
movie 1917 Tom Sawyer
movie 1916 Ben Blair
movie 1916 Davy Crockett
movie 1916 He Fell in Love with His Wife
movie 1916 Her Father's Son
movie 1916 Pasquale
movie 1916 Redeeming Love
movie 1916 The American Beauty
movie 1916 The Heart of Paula
movie 1916 The House of Lies
movie 1916 The Parson of Panamint
movie 1915 An Eye for an Eye as Dave Harmon
movie 1915 The Mission of Morrison as Arnold Morrison
movie 1915 A Woman Scorned
movie 1915 Eyes That Cannot See
movie 1915 Peggy Lynn, Burglar
movie 1915 The Diamond from the Sky
movie 1915 The High Hand
movie 1915 The Lonesome Heart
movie 1915 The Soul of the Vase
movie 1915 Tricks of Fate
movie 1914 A Little Madonna as Paul Langrois - an Artist
movie 1914 Anne of the Golden Heart as George Blake
movie 1914 Captain Alvarez as Robert W. Wainwright, alias Captain Alvarez
movie 1914 Counterfeiters
movie 1914 How God Came to Sonny Boy as Roger Vibrat, A Poor Artist
movie 1914 Master of the Mine as Arthur Berkow
movie 1914 Millions for Defence as Arthur Berkow
movie 1914 Secret of the Bulb as Jack, Mrs Richards' Son
movie 1914 Tainted Money as Jack Forsythe
movie 1914 The Brute as The Stranger
movie 1914 The Criminal Code as Roger Neville
movie 1914 The Informer
movie 1914 The Kiss as George Dale - a Society Man
movie 1914 The Last Chapter as Undetermined Role
movie 1914 The Love of Tokiwa as Richard Davis
movie 1914 The Night Riders of Petersham as Richard
movie 1914 A Slice of Life
movie 1914 A Soul Astray
movie 1914 Brass Buttons
movie 1914 The Awakening
movie 1914 The Beggar Child
movie 1914 The Judge's Wife
movie 1914 The Smouldering Spark
movie 1914 The Song of the Sea Shell
movie 1914 When the Road Parts
movie 1913 A True Believer
movie 1913 Bread Cast Upon the Waters
movie 1913 Exoneration as Cobb
movie 1913 Granddad as Jabez Burr - Grandad
movie 1913 Her Husband's Friend
movie 1913 Retrogression as Jim Hardy
movie 1913 The Battle of Gettysburg as Minor Role
movie 1913 The Iconoclast as Don Jose
movie 1913 The Quakeress as Rev. Cole
movie 1913 The Sins of the Father

William Desmond Taylor on Youtube

Silent film director William Desmond Taylor was killed in 1922. Here is footage of 16 silent film celebrities who were mentioned in connection with the case ...

In a 1986 interview, former LAPD detective William Cahill recalls the 1922 William Desmond Taylor murder case.

Our time period project for communications, we had the 20's. William Desmond Taylor was murdered on February 1st, 1922. The murder case went unsolved, ...

1914 silent film starring William Desmond Taylor and Margaret Gibson (aka Patricia Palmer). In 1922, Taylor was murdered, and many years later Gibson ...