William Gould

The Rev. William Gould A.M. (born 1715) was an English cleric and naturalist. ... more on Wikipedia

William Gould Filmography

movie 1977 Buck Rogers as Air Marshal Kragg
movie 1962 Wakakute warukute sugoi koitsura as O. H. Smith
movie 1960 Guns of the Timberland as Dr. Evans
movie 1953 Law and Order as Lynch Mob Member
movie 1953 Planet Outlaws as Air Marshal Kragg
movie 1953 The Man Behind the Gun as Stage Manager
movie 1952 Lost in Alaska as 2nd Stranger
movie 1952 Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair as Baking Judge
movie 1951 Francis Goes to the Races as Sheriff
movie 1951 Half Angel as Motel Guest
movie 1951 Heart of the Rockies as Warden Parker
movie 1951 Tomorrow Is Another Day as Ticket Seller
movie 1950 A Ticket to Tomahawk
movie 1950 Outcasts of Black Mesa as Walt Dorn
movie 1950 The Man Who Cheated Himself as Doc Munson
movie 1950 Woman in Hiding as Train Conductor
movie 1949 Homicide as Coroner
movie 1949 I Cheated the Law as First Judge
movie 1949 Look for the Silver Lining as Producer
movie 1949 Sweet Cheat as Johnson, Leon's Boss
movie 1949 Task Force as Mr. Secretary
movie 1948 For the Love of Mary as Sen. Benning
movie 1948 If You Knew Susie as Senator
movie 1948 Lady at Midnight as Police Chief Mulhare
movie 1948 Letter from an Unknown Woman as B├╝rgermeister
movie 1948 Silver River as Everest T. Walker
movie 1948 The Walls of Jericho as Politician
movie 1948 The Winner's Circle as Tom Trent
movie 1948 Yellow Sky as Banker
movie 1947 A Likely Story as Robert - Doorman
movie 1947 Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome as 'Pop' - Hospital Desk Sergeant
movie 1947 Dick Tracy's Dilemma as Collins - Police Lab Technician
movie 1947 Her Husband's Affairs as Jailer
movie 1947 Jewels of Brandenburg as Secret Service Chief with Mustache
movie 1947 Messenger of Peace as Jacob Togel
movie 1947 My Wild Irish Rose as Mr. O'Rourke
movie 1947 Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman as Judge
movie 1947 The Devil Thumbs a Ride as Police Capt. Martin, San Diego Police
movie 1947 The Voice of the Turtle as Man in Line at Theater
movie 1947 Violence as Mr. X
movie 1947 Wild Horse Mesa as Marshal Bradford
movie 1946 Beauty and the Bandit as Doc Wells
movie 1946 San Quentin as Police Chief
movie 1945 San Antonio as Wild Cowman
movie 1945 Song of the Prairie as Sheriff Jim
movie 1945 Texas Panhandle as Chief Harrington
movie 1944 Once Upon a Time as Brandt's Editor
movie 1944 Saddle Leather Law as Hiram Denton
movie 1944 Sing a Jingle as Tracy
movie 1944 The Adventures of Mark Twain as Ship's Bouncer
movie 1943 Captive Wild Woman as Sheriff
movie 1943 City Without Men as Judge
movie 1943 Colt Comrades as Rancher
movie 1943 Fighting Frontier as Commissioner Daniel Slocum
movie 1943 Flesh and Fantasy as Detective
movie 1943 Gem-Jams as Mr. Stone, Leon's boss
movie 1943 Keep 'Em Slugging as First Detective
movie 1943 King of the Cowboys as Texas Sheriff
movie 1943 Mission to Moscow as Isolationist
movie 1943 Petticoat Larceny as Police Desk Sergeant
movie 1943 The Desperadoes as Army Officer at Dance
movie 1942 City of Silent Men as Mayor Hendricks
movie 1942 Duck Soup as Lawyer
movie 1942 Flight Lieutenant as Comdr. Bartley
movie 1942 Juke Girl as Deputy Turnkey
movie 1942 Madame Spy as Minister
movie 1942 Mug Town as Detective #1
movie 1942 Murder in the Big House as Warden John Bevins
movie 1942 Overland Mail as Colonel Medford [Ch. 1]
movie 1942 Pittsburgh as Burns
movie 1942 Pretty Dolly as Psychiatrist
movie 1942 Saboteur as Stranger on Sidewalk
movie 1942 Sealed Lips as Dist. Atty. Slater
movie 1942 The Big Shot as Guard
movie 1942 The Spoilers as New Marshal
movie 1942 The Strange Case of Doctor Rx as Dist. Atty. Mason
movie 1942 The Talk of the Town as Sheriff with Hounds
movie 1942 Top Sergeant as Detective
movie 1942 Tramp, Tramp, Tramp as Colonel
movie 1942 Wild Bill Hickok Rides as Chicago Pedestrian
movie 1941 Adventure in Washington as Senator
movie 1941 Appointment for Love as Dr. Lamar
movie 1941 Bad Men of Missouri as Sheriff Brennan
movie 1941 Buck Privates as Recruiting Major
movie 1941 Father Takes a Wife as Ship Captain at Launching Ceremony
movie 1941 Four Mothers as Tom, an Ocean Zephyr Investor
movie 1941 Hard Guy as Bill Randall
movie 1941 High Sierra as Hotel Watchman
movie 1941 Man from Montana as Winchester Thompson
movie 1941 Manpower as Freeman, Police Desk Sergeant
movie 1941 Meet John Doe as Sergeant
movie 1941 Never Give a Sucker an Even Break as Doorman
movie 1941 No Greater Sin as District Attorney Benton
movie 1941 One Foot in Heaven as Fire Chief
movie 1941 Pot o' Gold as Chalmers
movie 1941 Tanks a Million as Maj. Greer
movie 1941 Texas as Parkhill - Abilene Cattle Buyer
movie 1941 The Great Mr. Nobody as Garner - Landlord Agent
movie 1941 The Man Who Lost Himself as Mr. Ryan
movie 1941 The Richest Man in Town as Thorpe
movie 1941 The Sea Wolf as Second Detective
movie 1940 'Til We Meet Again as Chief of Police
movie 1940 An Angel from Texas as First Banker
movie 1940 Brother Rat and a Baby as Second Doctor
movie 1940 Dr. Christian Meets the Women as Dr. Webster
movie 1940 Flowing Gold as Detective
movie 1940 Framed as House Detective
movie 1940 Hot Steel as Detective
movie 1940 Island of Doomed Men as Parole Board Member
movie 1940 Lady with Red Hair as Police Sergeant on Courthouse Steps
movie 1940 Lightning Strikes West as Marshal Jim Correy
movie 1940 Money and the Woman as Chief Detective Dyer
movie 1940 Murder in the Air as Admiral Winfield
movie 1940 Nobody's Children as Dr. Jim Tovar
movie 1940 Phantom of Chinatown as Policeman
movie 1940 Ragtime Cowboy Joe as Mansfield
movie 1940 Riders of Pasco Basin as Editor Caleb Scott
movie 1940 Spring Parade as Chief of Detectives
movie 1940 Tear Gas Squad as Capt. Henderson
movie 1940 The Man Who Talked Too Much as Chief Kendall
movie 1940 Three Cheers for the Irish as Police Desk Sergeant
movie 1940 When the Daltons Rode as Deputy on Train
movie 1939 Blackwell's Island as Deputy Warden Michaels
movie 1939 Buck Rogers as Air Marshal Kragg
movie 1939 Confessions of a Nazi Spy as FBI Agent
movie 1939 Exile Express as Detective
movie 1939 Full Confession as Policeman
movie 1939 Indianapolis Speedway as Doctor
movie 1939 King of the Underworld as Chief of Police
movie 1939 Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation as Police Captain
movie 1939 Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase as Daniel Talbert
movie 1939 Nancy Drew... Reporter as The Judge
movie 1939 Naughty But Nice as Bailiff
movie 1939 Off the Record as Swedish Captain
movie 1939 On Dress Parade as Dr. Lewis
movie 1939 Pride of the Blue Grass as First Detective
movie 1939 Streets of New York as Undetermined Supporting Role
movie 1939 The Adventures of Jane Arden as Detective Looking for Pearls
movie 1939 The Cowboy Quarterback as Colonel Moffett
movie 1939 The House of Fear as Policeman
movie 1939 The Lone Ranger Rides Again as Jed Scott
movie 1939 The Man Who Dared as Police Captain
movie 1939 Three Smart Girls Grow Up as Conference Room Businessman
movie 1939 Torchy Blane.. Playing with Dynamite as Fire Chief
movie 1939 Waterfront as Sgt. Walsh
movie 1939 Women in the Wind as Palmer
movie 1938 Blind Alibi as Police Detective
movie 1938 Gangster's Boy as District Attorney Edward Jameson
movie 1938 Little Miss Thoroughbred as Dave, Police Commissioner
movie 1938 Mr. Wong, Detective as Meisle
movie 1938 My Bill as Dr. Judd
movie 1938 Newsboys' Home as Auctioneer
movie 1938 Night Spot as Policeman
movie 1938 Racket Busters as Police Sergeant
movie 1938 Red Barry as Commissioner Tom
movie 1938 Romance of the Limberlost as Lawyer
movie 1938 Secrets of a Nurse as Doctor
movie 1938 Tarnished Angel as Jewelry Fence
movie 1938 The Buccaneer as Victory Ball Guest
movie 1938 The Gladiator as Professor
movie 1938 The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok as J.W. Johnson
movie 1938 The Jury's Secret as Sheriff
movie 1938 The Purple Vigilantes as Jenkins, Saloon Owner
movie 1938 Wives Under Suspicion as Prison Warden
movie 1937 Boy of the Streets as Police Detective
movie 1937 Breezing Home as Steward
movie 1937 Carnival Queen as Judge
movie 1937 Danger Patrol as Sheriff Frank
movie 1937 Hoosier Schoolboy as John Matthews Sr.
movie 1937 I Promise to Pay as Lefty
movie 1937 Let Them Live as Pullman Conductor
movie 1937 Partners in Crime as Callahan's Henchman
movie 1937 Prescription for Romance as Doorman
movie 1937 Radio Patrol as 1925 Police Chief
movie 1937 Ranger Courage as Daniel Harper
movie 1937 Renfrew of the Royal Mounted as Inspector Newcomb
movie 1937 Servant of the People: The Story of the Constitution of the United States as Man on the Street
movie 1937 The 13th Man as Dist. Atty. Robert E. Sutherland
movie 1937 The Mighty Treve as First Dog Show Judge
movie 1937 The Toast of New York as Angry Stockholder who Shoots Fisk
movie 1937 The Wildcatter as Real Estate Agent
movie 1937 Wild Horse Rodeo as Harkley
movie 1936 After the Thin Man as Detective
movie 1936 Chatterbox as Laughing Audience Member
movie 1936 Counterfeit as Chief of Police
movie 1936 Desert Guns as Jeff Bagley
movie 1936 Desert Justice as Hugo Cohn
movie 1936 Don't Gamble with Love as Captain of Detectives
movie 1936 Fast Bullets as Ranger Captain Drummond
movie 1936 Feud of the West as Rodeo Announcer
movie 1936 Fibbing Fibbers as Mr. Bebee, the Boss
movie 1936 Love on a Bet as Estimator
movie 1936 Parole! as Detective
movie 1936 Pinto Rustlers as Inspector
movie 1936 Roaming Lady as McLaughlin
movie 1936 Shakedown as Lieutenant
movie 1936 Sutter's Gold as Captain Jensen
movie 1936 The Devil Is a Sissy as Court Clerk
movie 1936 The Drag-Net as Police Detective
movie 1936 The Fugitive Sheriff as Ross
movie 1936 The Little Red Schoolhouse as Second Detective
movie 1936 The Perfect Set-Up as San Francisco Police Detective
movie 1936 Tough Guy as Police Dispatcher #4
movie 1936 Trapped by Television as Member of Paragon Board of Directors
movie 1936 Wildcat Saunders as Joe Pipp -Jack's Manager
movie 1935 'Hit-and-Run Driver' as Police Sergeant
movie 1935 A Night at the Opera as Police Captain
movie 1935 Baby Face Harrington as Country Club Extra
movie 1935 Big Boy Rides Again as Lawyer Burt Hartecker
movie 1935 Chinatown Squad as Detective
movie 1935 Hard Rock Harrigan as Clark
movie 1935 Hot Off the Press
movie 1935 Loser's End as Bill Meeker
movie 1935 Men of Action as Rancher
movie 1935 Mississippi as Minor Role
movie 1935 Now or Never as Police Sergeant Daly
movie 1935 Rio Rattler as Banker Mason
movie 1935 Stone of Silver Creek as Croupier
movie 1935 Strangers All as Bailiff
movie 1935 Swifty as Cheevers
movie 1935 The Judgement Book as Hank Osborne
movie 1935 The Lone Wolf Returns as Detective
movie 1935 The Nitwits as Police Sergeant
movie 1935 The Public Menace as Bill - Second Detective
movie 1935 Trigger Tom as Mose Jeckyl
movie 1935 Unconquered Bandit as Frank Cleyburn
movie 1935 Vagabond Lady as Hotel Detective
movie 1935 Valley of Wanted Men as Prison Warden
movie 1935 Western Frontier as Jed
movie 1935 Wolf Riders as Butch Weldon
movie 1934 A Successful Failure as Reporter
movie 1934 Cowboy Holiday as The Lawyer
movie 1934 Hat, Coat, and Glove as Assistant Prosecutor
movie 1934 Kentucky Kernels as One of the Milfords
movie 1934 Mystery Mountain as Corwin Teamster
movie 1934 One Exciting Adventure as Conductor
movie 1934 Smoking Guns as Silas Stone
movie 1934 Tailspin Tommy as Sheriff of Starbuck [Ch. 11]
movie 1934 Terror of the Plains as Kirk Cramer, aka 'Butcher' Wells
movie 1934 The Man Who Reclaimed His Head as Undetermined Role
movie 1934 The Richest Girl in the World as Second Trustee
movie 1934 Wheels of Destiny as Deacon
movie 1934 You Belong to Me as Stagehand
movie 1933 Gun Justice as Jones
movie 1933 Phantom Thunderbolt as 'Red' Matthews
movie 1933 The Trail Drive as 'Honest' John
movie 1932 One Way Passage as Singing Drunk
movie 1932 The Crowd Roars as Track Doctor
movie 1932 The Lost Special as Steele [Ch. 1]
movie 1932 Uptown New York as Police Desk Sergeant
movie 1931 Heroes of the Flames as John Madison
movie 1931 Sunrise Trail as Joe - Card Player
movie 1931 The Phantom as Dr. Weldon
movie 1924 Flirting with Love as John Williams
movie 1924 Pride of Sunshine Alley
movie 1924 Red Lily as Arresting Detective
movie 1924 The Desert Outlaw as The Sheriff
movie 1924 The Riddle Rider as Jack Archer
movie 1923 Beasts of Paradise
movie 1922 Back Fire as Steve Rollins
movie 1922 Saved by Radio as Spike Jones

William Gould on Youtube

This is a one minute book trailer for the new book, "Promises Kept" by Michael William Gould.

We caught up with William Gould after his feature win Saturday night April 5th.

IMCA modified feature race at Boyd Raceway. William has some bad luck on a restart that leaves the 60 car wounded. He is able to hold on for a 3rd place fini...

IMCA modified feature at Kennedale Speedway Park. Special thanks to Karl Perfomance, Smiley's Racing Products, PTC Engineering and Consulting, BSB ...