William H. West

William H. West Filmography

movie 1915 A Double Identity as Thomas Stone - a Diamond Salesman
movie 1915 According to Their Lights as Nate Tracey
movie 1915 Jared Fairfax's Millions as Jared Fairfax - Eccentric Millionaire
movie 1915 Mike Donegal's Escape as Warden Craven
movie 1915 Mysteries of the Grand Hotel as Various Roles
movie 1915 Old Isaacson's Diamonds as Isaacson - a Diamond Broker
movie 1915 The Accomplice as Harris' Father
movie 1915 The Affair of the Deserted House as Rumson - the Counterfeiter
movie 1915 The Apartment House Mystery as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 The Barnstormers as Adam Green
movie 1915 The Clairvoyant Swindlers as Brandon
movie 1915 The Closed Door as Dr. Barry - Keene's Accomplice
movie 1915 The Diamond Broker as Rankin - Jewelers Association
movie 1915 The Disappearance of Harry Warrington as Stromfsky - an Architect
movie 1915 The Disappearing Necklace as C.W. Fulton - a Western Millionaire
movie 1915 The Dream Seekers as Martin - the Old Music Master
movie 1915 The Figure in Black as Thompson - Manager of the Alhambra Hotel
movie 1915 The Girl Detective as Deacon - the Multimillionaire
movie 1915 The Man in Irons as Dr. Perrin - the House Physician
movie 1915 The Man on Watch as Mason - Hotel Manager
movie 1915 The Money Leeches as Gordon Stanley - Bank President
movie 1915 The Riddle of the Rings as Denning - Hotel Manager
movie 1915 The Secret Code as Captain Bradshaw - Secret Service Agent
movie 1915 The Secret Well as Federal Detective Denton
movie 1915 The Straight and Narrow Path as Dominick
movie 1915 The Strangler's Cord as Don Louis Gonzalez - a Wealthy Spaniard
movie 1915 The Substituted Jewel as Major Dunbar - a Southerner
movie 1915 The Tattooed Hand as Patrolman Kerrigan
movie 1915 The Thumb Prints on the Safe as Foster Merriman - Gem Collector
movie 1915 The Tragedy of Bear Mountain as Wayne - an Old Prospector
movie 1915 The Trap Door as Marsden - a Jeweler
movie 1915 The Vanishing Vases as Harding - Wealthy Porcelain Collector
movie 1915 The Vivisectionist as Dr. Jardine - a Vivisectionist
movie 1915 The Waitress and the Boobs as Blondie - a Cowboy
movie 1915 The Wolf's Prey as George Duncan - a Traveling Man
movie 1915 The Writing on the Wall as Webster Deacon - Multi-Millionaire
movie 1914 Captured by Mexicans as General Ordez
movie 1914 Micky Flynn's Escapade as Dutch Hinkle - a Counterfeiter
movie 1914 Shannon of the Sixth as Ram, High Priest
movie 1914 The Barrier of Ignorance as John Temple - a Circuit Rider
movie 1914 The Boer War as Jaubert, a Boer general
movie 1914 The Bond Eternal as Dr. Vane
movie 1914 The Chief of Police as John Franklin
movie 1914 The Death Sign at High Noon as Painted Horse
movie 1914 The Derelict as The Doctor
movie 1914 The District Attorney's Duty as James Sibley - Alice's Father
movie 1914 The Fatal Opal as Judge Morton - Frank's Uncle
movie 1914 The Invisible Power as Major Dean
movie 1914 The Man Between
movie 1914 The Master Rogue as Prentiss - a Retired Banker
movie 1914 The Primitive Instinct as Undetermined Role
movie 1914 The Prison Stain as Bunt - the Butler
movie 1914 The Quicksands as General Fields
movie 1914 The Rajah's Vow as Sir Edward Thorpe
movie 1914 The Shadow of Guilt as Henry Van Dam - a Millionaire
movie 1914 The Smugglers of Lone Isle as Dad Hallidy - Nellie's Father
movie 1913 A Daughter of the Underworld as Malva's Father
movie 1913 A Life in the Balance as Fealy - a Malpractitioner
movie 1913 Intemperance as The Burglar
movie 1913 On the Brink of Ruin as Mr. Edmund - the Employer
movie 1913 Perils of the Sea as Mr. Langdon - the Father
movie 1913 Red Sweeney's Mistake as Goodwin - a Capitalist
movie 1913 The Attack at Rocky Pass as The Indian Chief
movie 1913 The Battle for Freedom as Piet Joubert
movie 1913 The Big Horn Massacre as Buffalo Face
movie 1913 The Boomerang as Simon Watson - a Drug Manufacturer
movie 1913 The Buckskin Coat as The Indian Chief
movie 1913 The California Oil Crooks
movie 1913 The Cheyenne Massacre as Chief Swift Bear
movie 1913 The Chinese Death Thorn as Moi Ling
movie 1913 The Fight at Grizzly Gulch as The Indian Chief
movie 1913 The Honor System as The Warden
movie 1913 The Invaders as William Sawyer - Helen's Father
movie 1913 The Last Blockhouse as Jack, a Settler
movie 1913 The Man Who Vanished as Frederick Schuyler
movie 1913 The Missing Bonds as Archibald Langdon - the Banker
movie 1913 The Mountain Witch as Jacob Drake - Christine's Father - a Church Elder
movie 1913 The Plot of India's Hillmen as Count Savanoff - a Russian Spy
movie 1913 The Poet and the Soldier as The Poet
movie 1913 The Pride of Angry Bear as Angry Bear - the Indian Chief
movie 1913 The Redemption as Harrison Grey - the Sociologist
movie 1913 The Sacrifice as Mary's Grandfather
movie 1913 The Skeleton in the Closet as The Sheriff
movie 1913 The Struggle as Masterson - the Mill Owner
movie 1913 The Usurer as Ernest Renard
movie 1913 The Wayward Son as William Cartwell - Wilfred's Father
movie 1913 Trooper Billy as Stetlow - a Government Scout
movie 1912 A Princess of the Hills as Pedro - the Old Major Domo
movie 1912 A Railroad Lochinvar
movie 1912 Days of '49
movie 1912 Election Day in California as Paul Briscoe aka Solomon Wise
movie 1912 Freed from Suspicion as Mr. Lane - Mary's Father
movie 1912 Jean of the Jail as Gareta - a Notorious Bandit
movie 1912 Kentucky Girl as Colonel Hopkins
movie 1912 Mountain Dew as Old Man Hardy
movie 1912 Mrs. Simms Serves on the Jury as Mr. Simms
movie 1912 Red Wing and the Paleface as Elmore's Father
movie 1912 Saved by Telephone as Blinky Morgan
movie 1912 The Adventures of American Joe as Ortega - the Ranch Owner
movie 1912 The Apache Renegade as Outlaw Bill
movie 1912 The Daughter of the Sheriff
movie 1912 The Driver of the Deadwood Coach as John Nelson - Driver of the Deadwood Coach
movie 1912 The Family Tyrant as Joshua Barstow - Emily's Father
movie 1912 The Flower Girl's Romance as Reva's Father
movie 1912 The Indian Uprising at Santa Fe as Padre Corvero
movie 1912 The Mayor's Crusade as Abraham Fendrick - the Mayor
movie 1912 The Mexican Revolutionist as Felipe - Marcella's Father
movie 1912 The Organ Grinder as Pasquale
movie 1912 The Outlaw as Outlaw Bill - the Stranger
movie 1912 The Parasite
movie 1912 The Peril of the Cliffs as The Tramp
movie 1912 The Plot That Failed as Craig
movie 1912 The Power of a Hymn as Judge Reynolds
movie 1912 The Redskin Raiders as Dan - Sarah's Husband
movie 1912 The Russian Peasant as Prince Brogoff
movie 1912 The Skinflint as The Widow's Brother - the Skinflint
movie 1912 The Spanish Revolt of 1836 as Governor Chico
movie 1912 The Stolen Invention as Ernest Conery, an Inventor
movie 1912 The Suffragette Sheriff as Rattlesnake Bill
movie 1912 The Two Runaways as Bunkie
movie 1912 The Village Vixen as Storm - Maud's Father
movie 1912 The Water Rights War as Grueff - Mabel's Father
movie 1911 Between Father and Son as Diego de Vallejo
movie 1911 On the Warpath as Jim Ward
movie 1911 The Mistress of Hacienda del Cerro as SeƱor del Cerro - Dolores' Father

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The Outlaw (Kalem Company, 1912) While out prospecting, Jim rescues a man dying of thirst and takes him back to his cabin, but Jim soon discovers that the st.