William Hauber

William Hauber (20 May 1891 ? 17 July 1929), was an American film actor. He appeared in 66 films between 1913 and 1928. ... more on Wikipedia

William Hauber Filmography

movie 1928 The Midnight Taxi as Squint
movie 1926 Tub Cleaners as Truck Driver
movie 1925 The Wizard of Oz as Undetermined Role
movie 1924 Her Boy Friend
movie 1924 Kid Speed as Sheriff Phil O'Delfa
movie 1924 Trouble Brewing
movie 1923 Lightning Love
movie 1923 The Barnyard
movie 1923 The Gown Shop
movie 1923 The Midnight Cabaret
movie 1922 A Pair of Kings as Bit Role
movie 1922 Golf as Mr. Dub
movie 1922 The Agent
movie 1922 The Counter Jumper as Bit Role
movie 1922 The Sawmill
movie 1922 The Show as Audience member
movie 1921 The Bakery as Rival worker
movie 1921 The Bell Hop as Hotel detective
movie 1921 The Fall Guy
movie 1921 The Hick
movie 1921 The Rent Collector as Bit Role
movie 1921 The Sportsman as Chief Bodyguard
movie 1920 Solid Concrete
movie 1920 The Fly Cop as A Crook
movie 1920 The Stage Hand as Props
movie 1920 The Suitor as The Chef
movie 1919 Dew Drop Inn as A Moonshiner
movie 1919 Dull Care as Chief Crook
movie 1919 His Home Sweet Home as A Policeman
movie 1919 Passing the Buck as A Hindoo
movie 1919 Scamps and Scandals as Policeman
movie 1919 The Grocery Clerk
movie 1919 Traps and Tangles as Gangster
movie 1919 Well, I'll Be as A Crook
movie 1918 Bears and Bad Men
movie 1918 Boodle and Bandits
movie 1918 Dunces and Dangers
movie 1918 Frauds and Frenzies as Prison guard
movie 1918 Hindoos and Hazards as A Hindoo
movie 1918 Humbugs and Husbands
movie 1918 Huns and Hyphens as Waiter
movie 1918 Pluck and Plotters as A Gangster
movie 1917 An Aerial Joy Ride
movie 1917 Her Father's Station
movie 1917 Social Pirates
movie 1916 An Oily Scoundrel as 1st Crooked Real Estate Broker
movie 1916 His Bitter Pill as The Bar Fighter
movie 1916 Love Will Conquer as Minor Role
movie 1916 The Lion and the Girl
movie 1916 The Surf Girl as Man at Test of Strength Concession
movie 1916 The Village Vampire as 3rd Accomplice
movie 1916 The Winning Punch
movie 1915 A Bird's a Bird as Raffle Wheel Spinner and Bomber
movie 1915 A Game Old Knight as Servant with Document
movie 1915 A Lucky Leap as First Prowler
movie 1915 A Rascal's Foolish Way as Henchman
movie 1915 Ambrose's Little Hatchet as The Cop
movie 1915 Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition as Parade Official
movie 1915 Hash House Mashers as The Film Director
movie 1915 Love in Armor as 1st Crook
movie 1915 Love, Loot and Crash as Male Crook
movie 1915 Mabel, Fatty and the Law as Cop in Park
movie 1915 Peanuts and Bullets as Man in Blackface
movie 1915 Settled at the Seaside as Rolling Chair Man
movie 1915 That Little Band of Gold as Attendant Inside Coat Check
movie 1915 The Rent Jumpers as Check Room Clerk
movie 1914 A Coat's Tale
movie 1914 A Colored Girl's Love
movie 1914 A False Beauty as 1st Abductor
movie 1914 A Film Johnnie as Audience Member
movie 1914 A Flirt's Mistake as Handlebar-Moustached Cop
movie 1914 A Thief Catcher as Cop
movie 1914 Caught in a Cabaret as Park Thief
movie 1914 Chicken Chaser as Cop
movie 1914 Cruel, Cruel Love as Gardener
movie 1914 Fatty and Minnie He-Haw as Laughing Cowboy in Saloon
movie 1914 Fatty's Finish as The Waiter
movie 1914 Gentlemen of Nerve as Spectator
movie 1914 He Loved the Ladies as Minor Role
movie 1914 Her Friend the Bandit
movie 1914 His Favorite Pastime as Shoeshine Customer
movie 1914 His Musical Career as Servant
movie 1914 His New Profession as Smoking Cop
movie 1914 His Talented Wife as The Husband's Pal
movie 1914 Killing Horace as Kate's Father
movie 1914 Love and Bullets as Policeman
movie 1914 Love and Dynamite as The Cop
movie 1914 Mabel at the Wheel as Mabel's co-driver
movie 1914 Mabel's Blunder as Waiter
movie 1914 Mabel's Busy Day as Customer
movie 1914 Mabel's Strange Predicament as Hotel Guest
movie 1914 Tango Tangles as Flutist
movie 1914 The Love Thief as The Boyfriend
movie 1914 The Plumber as Bystander
movie 1914 The Rounders as Waiter
movie 1914 The Sea Nymphs as Minor Role
movie 1914 The Water Dog as The Nursemaid's Boyfriend
movie 1914 Their Fatal Bumping as Birdie's Boyfriend
movie 1914 Those Love Pangs as Movie Patron
movie 1914 Tillie's Punctured Romance as Servant
movie 1914 Zip, the Dodger as 1st Customer
movie 1913 A Bad Game as Man with Moustache in Park
movie 1913 A Bandit as Villager
movie 1913 A Fishy Affair as 1st Cop
movie 1913 A Healthy Neighborhood as Dr. Noodles' Assistant
movie 1913 A Life in the Balance as Cop in Station
movie 1913 A Muddy Romance as Cop at Call Box
movie 1913 A Noise from the Deep
movie 1913 A Quiet Little Wedding as Wedding Guest
movie 1913 A Strong Revenge as Bread Customer
movie 1913 Barney Oldfield's Race for a Life as Villager
movie 1913 Cohen Saves the Flag as Soldier
movie 1913 Fatty Joins the Force as Cop at Station House
movie 1913 Fatty's Day Off as Cop
movie 1913 Fatty's Flirtation as Undetermined Minor Role
movie 1913 Love and Rubbish as 2nd Cop
movie 1913 Mabel's Dramatic Career as Cameraman
movie 1913 Mother's Boy as Mug
movie 1913 Peeping Pete as Villager
movie 1913 Rastus and the Game Cock as Owner of Champion Cock
movie 1913 That Ragtime Band as Man in Audience
movie 1913 The Chief's Predicament as Cop
movie 1913 The Fatal Taxicab as Cop
movie 1913 The Gangsters as Cop
movie 1913 The Gusher as Party Guest
movie 1913 The Man Next Door as Cop
movie 1913 The Riot as Rioter
movie 1913 Their First Execution as Minor Role
movie 1913 Toplitsky and Company as Bath House Customer
movie 1913 Zuzu, the Band Leader as Trombonist

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