William J. Butler

William J. Butler (1860 ? 27 January 1927) was an Irish silent film actor. He appeared in 262 films between 1908 and 1917. ... more on Wikipedia

William J. Butler Filmography

tv movie 1985 Proposta in quattro parti
movie 1917 A Girl Like That as Clergyman
movie 1917 At First Sight as The Sheriff
movie 1917 The Girl Who Didn't Think as Her Father
movie 1917 The Great Secret as Tom Clarke
movie 1916 I Accuse as Banker Ward
movie 1916 Rolling Stones as Mr. Branigan
movie 1916 Stronger Than Woman's Will
movie 1916 Susie Snowflake as Amos
movie 1916 The Isle of Love as Captain of the Schooner
movie 1915 Arline's Chauffeur
movie 1915 Between Father and Son
movie 1915 Blow for Blow as Josiah Craddock
movie 1915 Colomba as Their father
movie 1915 Dwellers in Glass Houses as Ford
movie 1915 East Lynne as O. Hallijohn
movie 1915 Fate's Healing Hand as Jack Calvert
movie 1915 Heart's Hunger as The Doctor
movie 1915 Her Hidden Life
movie 1915 His Criminal Career as Professor Bryson
movie 1915 His Emergency Wife as George's Uncle John
movie 1915 Just a Lark as Lucille's Father
movie 1915 Life's Changing Tide as The Old Fisherman
movie 1915 Lorna Doone as Earl of Lorne
movie 1915 Love's Enduring Flame
movie 1915 More Than Friends
movie 1915 Rosa and the Author as Rosa's Father
movie 1915 Seekers After Romance as Bill Wright
movie 1915 Serge Panine
movie 1915 Tess of the Hills as The New Settler
movie 1915 The Avenging Sea as The Old Fisherman
movie 1915 The Barrier Between as Doctor
movie 1915 The Claim of Honor as The Count
movie 1915 The Cowboy's Conquest as Edith's Father
movie 1915 The End of the Play as The Old Farmer
movie 1915 The Gambler of the West as Tom Grey
movie 1915 The Girl He Brought Home as Her father
movie 1915 The Inevitable Retribution as The mortgagee
movie 1915 The Man Who Never Was Caught
movie 1915 The Mystery of Henri Villard as Uncle Darby
movie 1915 The Oriental Ruby as Charles's Father
movie 1915 The Seymour House Party as Mr. Seymour
movie 1915 The Stray Shot as The Husband's Partner
movie 1915 The Test of Sincerity as The Girl's Father
movie 1915 Toys of Destiny as Deacon White
movie 1915 Where Enmity Dies as Foreman
movie 1914 Brute Force as Priscilla's Father
movie 1914 His Old Pal's Sacrifice as The Foreman
movie 1914 How They Struck Oil as Extra
movie 1914 Judith of Bethulia as Bethulian
movie 1914 Lord Chumley
movie 1914 Strongheart as Manager of the Opposing Team
movie 1914 The Bond Sinister as The Jeweler
movie 1914 The Dole of Destiny as The Valley Girl's Father
movie 1914 The Master of the Strong as The Master
movie 1914 The New Reporter as The Newspaper Owner
movie 1914 The Tides of Sorrow as Ruth's Father
movie 1914 The Wages of Sin
movie 1914 The War of Wealth
movie 1914 The Wife
movie 1913 A Compromising Complication as The Mayor
movie 1913 A Delivery Package as In Wedding Party
movie 1913 A Horse on Bill as In Audience
movie 1913 A Lesson to Mashers as In Laundry
movie 1913 A Queer Elopement as The Sheriff
movie 1913 A Timely Interception as The Oil Syndicate
movie 1913 All Hail to the King as First Assassin
movie 1913 Almost a Wild Man as Policeman
movie 1913 Among Club Fellows as In Club
movie 1913 An Up-to-Date Lochinvar as Dora's Father
movie 1913 Cupid and the Cook as The Young Woman's Father
movie 1913 Death's Marathon as At Club
movie 1913 Fate
movie 1913 Her Wedding Bell as Wedding Guest
movie 1913 His Hoodoo as In Club
movie 1913 In Diplomatic Circles as The Father
movie 1913 Jenks Becomes a Desperate Character as In Club
movie 1913 Kissing Kate as At Church Fair
movie 1913 Oil and Water as Among Dancers
movie 1913 Red Hicks Defies the World as First Creditor
movie 1913 Slippery Slim Repents as The Minister
movie 1913 The Bite of a Snake as The Sheriff
movie 1913 The Crook and the Girl as The Lawyer
movie 1913 The Cure as The Father
movie 1913 The Daylight Burglar as In Club
movie 1913 The Enemy's Baby as Sam Miller, the Grandfather
movie 1913 The Hero of Little Italy as In Bar
movie 1913 The House of Darkness as Minor Role
movie 1913 The King and the Copper as The King's Aide
movie 1913 The Law and His Son as The Outcast Son's Father
movie 1913 The Left-Handed Man as In Court
movie 1913 The Mothering Heart as Club Patron
movie 1913 The Old Gray Mare as Inside Saloon
movie 1913 The Power of the Camera as Townsman
movie 1913 The Reformers; or, The Lost Art of Minding One's Business as Man with Pipe
movie 1913 The Spring of Life as The Innkeeper's Daughter's Cruel Papa
movie 1913 The Stolen Treaty as A Diplomat
movie 1913 The Strong Man's Burden as The Doctor
movie 1913 The Suffragette Minstrels as In Audience
movie 1913 The Tenderfoot's Money as In Bar
movie 1913 The Work Habit as A Visitor
movie 1913 The Yaqui Cur as In Tribe
movie 1913 Their One Good Suit as 2nd Policeman
movie 1913 There Were Hoboes Three as The Employer
movie 1913 Tightwad's Predicament as The Cleaner
movie 1912 A Blot on the 'Scutcheon as A Hunter
movie 1912 A Change of Spirit as The Young Woman's Father
movie 1912 A Dash Through the Clouds as Townsman
movie 1912 A Feud in the Kentucky Hills as First Clan Member
movie 1912 A Mixed Affair as The Jewelry Store Owner
movie 1912 A String of Pearls as The Second Woman's Father
movie 1912 A Tale of the Wilderness as Pioneer Leader
movie 1912 A Voice from the Deep as A Fisherman
movie 1912 Algy the Watchman as The Bank President
movie 1912 An Interrupted Elopement as Papa
movie 1912 Bill Bogg's Windfall as The Lawyer
movie 1912 Billy's Stratagem as A Settler
movie 1912 Blind Love as The Landlord
movie 1912 Brutality as At Theatre
movie 1912 Fate's Interception as An American
movie 1912 Getting Rid of Trouble as Dad
movie 1912 Gold and Glitter as The First Older Brother
movie 1912 He Must Have a Wife as Uncle William
movie 1912 Heaven Avenges as Inez's Father
movie 1912 Helen's Marriage as Clubman
movie 1912 His Own Fault as Mr. Jenks
movie 1912 Hot Stuff as Hank's Sweetheart's Father
movie 1912 In the Aisles of the Wild as The Widower
movie 1912 Iola's Promise as An Indian
movie 1912 Man's Lust for Gold as The Prospector
movie 1912 Neighbors as At Duel
movie 1912 Oh, Those Eyes as The Butler
movie 1912 One Round O'Brien as Fight Manager
movie 1912 The Baby and the Stork as The Doctor
movie 1912 The Brave Hunter as In Lodge
movie 1912 The Club-Man and the Crook as A Friend
movie 1912 The Engagement Ring as The Benefactor
movie 1912 The Fickle Spaniard as Marcelle's Father
movie 1912 The Furs as The Money Lender
movie 1912 The God Within as In Other Town
movie 1912 The Painted Lady as The Minister
movie 1912 The Punishment as The Landowner
movie 1912 The Root of Evil as The Wealthy Man
movie 1912 The Speed Demon as In Crowd
movie 1912 The Tourists as 2nd Tourist Couple
movie 1912 The Transformation of Mike as The Tenement Father
movie 1912 The Would-Be Shriner as On Street
movie 1912 Their First Kidnapping Case as Health Officer
movie 1912 Tomboy Bessie as Bessie's Father
movie 1912 Tragedy of the Dress Suit as At Party
movie 1912 Trying to Fool Uncle as Dick's Uncle
movie 1912 What the Doctor Ordered as Jenks' Wife's Friend
movie 1912 When Kings Were the Law as At Court
movie 1912 When the Fire-Bells Rang as An Actor
movie 1912 Willie Becomes an Artist as Willie's Father
movie 1912 Won by a Fish as At Dinner
movie 1911 A Decree of Destiny as At the Club
movie 1911 A Romany Tragedy as Carlos' Father
movie 1911 A Wreath of Orange Blossoms as In Office
movie 1911 Bobby, the Coward as The Father of the Girl Next Door
movie 1911 Comrades as Charles A. Franklin
movie 1911 Conscience as Detective
movie 1911 Dan the Dandy as The Father
movie 1911 Enoch Arden: Part II as In Bar
movie 1911 Fighting Blood as A Settler
movie 1911 Fisher Folks as Fisherman
movie 1911 Heart Beats of Long Ago as A Guard
movie 1911 Help Wanted as Doctor
movie 1911 Her Awakening as A Doctor
movie 1911 In the Days of '49 as The Bartender
movie 1911 Paradise Lost as The Parson's Friend
movie 1911 Priscilla and the Umbrella as The Father
movie 1911 Saved from Himself as A Guest
movie 1911 Stubbs' New Servants as Mr. Stubbs
movie 1911 Swords and Hearts as Old Ben
movie 1911 Teaching Dad to Like Her as Outside Theatre
movie 1911 The Baron as License Bureau Worker
movie 1911 The Battle as A Union Officer
movie 1911 The Crooked Road as Pawnbroker
movie 1911 The Diving Girl as The Uncle's Friend
movie 1911 The Last Drop of Water
movie 1911 The Lily of the Tenements as One of the Father's Friends
movie 1911 The Long Road as At Party
movie 1911 The Making of a Man as Young Woman's Family
movie 1911 The Manicure Lady as Maitre D'
movie 1911 The Miser's Heart as Policeman
movie 1911 The New Dress as Priest at Wedding
movie 1911 The Poor Sick Men as Gambler
movie 1911 The Rose of Kentucky as A servant
movie 1911 The Spanish Gypsy as The Doctor
movie 1911 The Squaw's Love as Father
movie 1911 The Two Sides as The Rancher
movie 1911 The Unveiling
movie 1911 The Village Hero
movie 1911 The Villain Foiled as Club Valet
movie 1911 Through Darkened Vales as Second Doctor
movie 1911 Was He a Coward? as At Train Station
movie 1911 What Shall We Do with Our Old? as In Shop
movie 1911 Why He Gave Up as One of the Husband's Chums
movie 1910 A Child of the Ghetto as In Second Shop
movie 1910 A Child's Faith as The Realtor
movie 1910 A Child's Impulse as The Butler
movie 1910 A Child's Stratagem as Policeman
movie 1910 A Flash of Light as A Doctor
movie 1910 A Midnight Cupid as A Butler
movie 1910 A Mohawk's Way as Servant
movie 1910 A Plain Song as Edith's Employer
movie 1910 A Rich Revenge
movie 1910 A Summer Idyll as At Party
movie 1910 A Summer Tragedy as Manager of Soda Shop
movie 1910 A Victim of Jealousy as Valet
movie 1910 After the Ball as A Friend of Mr. Brown's
movie 1910 An Arcadian Maid as Second Man
movie 1910 An Old Story with a New Ending as Outside Store
movie 1910 As It Is in Life
movie 1910 As the Bells Rang Out! as A Court Officer
movie 1910 Effecting a Cure as At Club
movie 1910 Examination Day at School as New Teacher
movie 1910 Happy Jack, a Hero as The Butler
movie 1910 Her Father's Pride as At Poor Farm
movie 1910 His Sister-In-Law as Minister
movie 1910 In Life's Cycle as James' Friend
movie 1910 In the Border States as Confederate Soldier
movie 1910 Little Angels of Luck as A Client
movie 1910 Muggsy Becomes a Hero as The Pastor
movie 1910 Not So Bad as It Seemed as Mr. Hall
movie 1910 One Night, and Then --
movie 1910 Rose O'Salem Town as Judge
movie 1910 Serious Sixteen as The Father
movie 1910 Simple Charity as Tradesman
movie 1910 Sunshine Sue as Piano Store Owner
movie 1910 That Chink at Golden Gulch as Cowboy
movie 1910 The Broken Doll as Townsman
movie 1910 The Call to Arms as A Servant
movie 1910 The Honor of His Family
movie 1910 The House with Closed Shutters as The colored servant
movie 1910 The Iconoclast as Employer's Friend
movie 1910 The Last Deal
movie 1910 The Marked Time-Table as In Station
movie 1910 The Masher as Passerby
movie 1910 The Message of the Violin as The Music Teacher
movie 1910 The Modern Prodigal as A Farmer
movie 1910 The Oath and the Man as Aristocrat
movie 1910 The Proposal as Messenger
movie 1910 The Purgation as Inspector
movie 1910 The Sorrows of the Unfaithful as On Shore
movie 1910 The Troublesome Baby as Mr. Samuels
movie 1910 The Usurer as The Doctor
movie 1910 Turning the Tables as In Bar
movie 1910 Two Little Waifs as The Doctor
movie 1910 Waiter No. 5 as Chief of Police's Aide
movie 1910 White Roses as The Good Samaritan
movie 1910 Wilful Peggy as A servant
movie 1910 A Salutary Lesson
movie 1909 A Corner in Wheat as Ruined Wheat Trader
movie 1909 A Trap for Santa Claus as In Bar
movie 1909 His Wife's Visitor as At Club
movie 1909 In Little Italy as In Bar
movie 1909 In Old Kentucky as Union Soldier
movie 1909 Mr. Jones' Burglar as At Club
movie 1909 The Better Way as The Squire's Father
movie 1909 The Hessian Renegades as Farmer
movie 1909 The Mills of the Gods as In Editor's Office
movie 1909 The Sealed Room as Nobleman at Court
movie 1909 The Slave as A Patrician
movie 1909 The Test as At the Hotel
movie 1909 They Would Elope as In Group
movie 1909 With Her Card as At Churchill's
movie 1908 The Taming of the Shrew

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