William James Craft

William James Craft (1887 ? 30 June 1931), was a Canadian film director and screenwriter. He directed 69 films between 1910 and 1931. He is also credited with writing for 12 films between 1920 and 1928. ... more on Wikipedia

William James Craft Filmography

movie 1931 Honeymoon Lane
movie 1931 The Runaround
movie 1930 Czar of Broadway
movie 1930 Dames Ahoy
movie 1930 Embarrassing Moments
movie 1930 See America Thirst
movie 1930 The Cohens and the Kellys in Scotland
movie 1930 The Little Accident
movie 1929 Kid's Clever
movie 1929 One Hysterical Night
movie 1929 Skinner Steps Out
movie 1929 The Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic City
movie 1928 How to Handle Women
movie 1928 The Gate Crasher
movie 1928 Hot Heels
movie 1927 A Hero for a Night
movie 1927 Birds of Prey
movie 1927 Painting the Town
movie 1927 Poor Girls
movie 1927 The Arizona Whirlwind
movie 1927 The Clown
movie 1927 The Wreck
movie 1926 The Power of the Weak
movie 1926 King of the Saddle
movie 1926 The Galloping Cowboy
movie 1926 The Radio Detective
movie 1926 The Silent Flyer
movie 1925 Dangerous Odds
movie 1925 Galloping Vengeance
movie 1925 That Man Jack!
movie 1925 The Bloodhound
movie 1925 The Range Terror
movie 1924 Blue Wing's Revenge
movie 1924 Flying Eagle
movie 1924 The King's Command
movie 1924 A Sagebrush Vagabond
movie 1924 Battling Mason
movie 1924 Between Fires
movie 1924 Pride of Sunshine Alley
movie 1924 Reckless Speed
movie 1924 South of the Equator
movie 1924 The Border Raid
movie 1924 The College Cowboy
movie 1924 The Powerful Eye
movie 1924 The Riddle Rider
movie 1923 Beasts of Paradise
movie 1923 Forgettin' the Law
movie 1923 In the Days of Daniel Boone
movie 1923 Lonesome Luck
movie 1923 Smilin' On
movie 1923 The Flash
movie 1923 The Power Divine
movie 1923 The Way of the Transgressor
movie 1922 A Blue-Jacket's Honor
movie 1922 The Phantom Terror
movie 1922 False Brands
movie 1922 Saved by Radio
movie 1922 Wolf Pack
movie 1922 Another Man's Boots
movie 1922 Headin' West
movie 1922 With Stanley in Africa
movie 1921 The Fightin' Actor
movie 1921 Who Was the Man?
movie 1921 Cameron of the Royal Mounted
movie 1921 God's Crucible
movie 1921 Crossed Clues
movie 1921 Double Crossers
movie 1921 The Show Down
movie 1920 The White Rider
movie 1920 Love's Battle
movie 1918 Canada's Work for Wounded Soldiers
movie 1912 The Life of Buffalo Bill
movie 1910 Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Pawnee Bill's Far East