William MacDonald

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William MacDonald Filmography

tv movie 2014 Bomb Girls-The Movie as Rex
movie 2014 The Captive as Frank
movie 2013 Carrie as Sheriff Otis Doyle
movie 2012 Cold Blooded as Louis Holland
tv movie 2012 The Phantoms as Steve Boucher
movie 2011 Exley as Luce
movie 2010 Blood: A Butcher's Tale as Pastor
movie 2010 Death Wish as Elvis
movie 2010 Transparency as Stross Representative
tv movie 2009 Desperate Escape as Detective Hanson
tv movie 2009 Northern Lights as Deputy Otto Gruber
movie 2009 Overture & Beginners as Mr. Mason
tv movie 2009 Storm Seekers as Eli Harder
movie 2008 Crime as Pot Dealer
tv movie 2008 Mail Order Bride as Sheriff
movie 2008 On the Other Hand, Death as Jonas Baskin
movie 2008 Run Rabbit Run as Baby Doll
movie 2008 The Ambassador as Detective Brown
tv movie 2008 Trial by Fire as Trip Crandall
tv movie 2008 Under
video movie 2007 Alien Agent as Sheriff Devlin
tv movie 2007 Hybrid
movie 2007 White Noise 2: The Light as Dr. Karras
tv movie 2006 Absolute Zero as Dempsy
movie 2006 Circumference as Bill
tv movie 2006 Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York as Site Director
tv movie 2006 Final Days of Planet Earth as Cruikshank
video movie 2006 Hollow Man II as Col. Gavin Bishop
video movie 2006 Inside 'Hollowman 2' as Himself
movie 2006 Mount Pleasant as Jack
movie 2006 Slither as Mr. Strutemyer
tv movie 2006 The Obsession as Detective Phil Mackey
tv movie 2006 To Have and to Hold as Det. Wilson
tv movie 2005 Personal Effects as Arthur Stowell
tv movie 2005 The Colt as Sgt. Woodruff
tv movie 2004 A Beachcombers Christmas as Earl Decker
tv movie 2004 Fatal Lessons: The Good Teacher as Daniel Eliot
movie 2004 Shelf Life as Martin
tv series 2004 Human Cargo as Davis
movie 2003 Betraying Reason as Hoop
movie 2003 The Delicate Art of Parking as Dave Demarco
movie 2003 The Snow Walker as Miner in Bar
movie 2003 Water's Edge as T. Wallace
movie 2002 Free as Norman Leskie
movie 2002 The Rhino Brothers as Sasha Kanachowski
movie 2000 Protection as Joe
movie 2000 Romeo Must Die as Officer
tv movie 2000 The Spiral Staircase as Sheriff Bell
tv movie 2000 The Virginian as Scipio
movie 1999 Dudley Do-Right as In The Back
movie 1999 Keys to Kingdoms as Cliffie
movie 1998 Blackheart as Boone
movie 1998 Curiously Dead as Boris
tv movie 1998 Don't Look Down as Ben
tv movie 1998 Goldrush: A Real Life Alaskan Adventure as Chloroformer
movie 1998 Golf Punks as Phelps
movie 1998 Rupert's Land as Brad
movie 1998 Tears of a Lotus as Sailor
movie 1998 The Vigil as George
tv movie 1998 Voyage of Terror as Mutineer #1
movie 1997 Barbecue: A Love Story
movie 1997 Barnone as Mike
tv movie 1997 Contagious as Drug Worker
tv movie 1997 Doomsday Rock as Harris
movie 1997 White Cloud, Blue Mountain
tv movie 1996 Captive Heart: The James Mink Story as Hagerstown Marshall
tv movie 1996 Gang in Blue as Groat
movie 1996 Groomed as Glenn
tv movie 1994 Sin & Redemption as Fred
movie 1993 Two Brothers, a Girl and a Gun as Jack
tv movie 1991 Posing: Inspired by Three Real Stories as Evan Stafford
movie 1991 Pure Luck as Airport Employee
movie 1990 The Fourth War as MP Corporal
movie 1989 Violent Zone as Chopper Pilot #2

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