William Salyers

William Salyers Filmography

movie 2013 Desperate Acts of Magic as Lou
movie 2013 The Audience as Narrator
tv series 2013 Kittens in a Cage as Aloysius
movie 2012 Beforel Orel: Trust as Reverend Rod Putty
tv movie 2012 Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary as Rigby
movie 2012 Raincheck Romance as George Goldberg
movie 2007 Welcome to Happyland as Auguste
movie 2006 Outta Sync as Talking Wind
movie 2005 Documentarians in Love as Kevin Lange
movie 2005 Whigmaleerie as Gerard Didier
movie 2004 Crazy Love as Chance LaRue
movie 2004 What's New, Jersey as Flint
movie 2003 Hideous Scream
movie 2002 Damaged Goods as Traci Gilmore
movie 2000 Bedazzled as Elegant Devil
movie 1999 The Book of Stars as Hospital Doctor
movie 1998 Crocodile Tears as Chesebro
tv movie 1996 Pandora's Clock as Controller
movie 1996 The Transcendental Slave as Ray Dayglo
movie 1994 Miles' Grand Exit as Ty
movie In a Parallel Universe as Al

William Salyers on Youtube

Abi chats to William Salyers who is in Wellington for the Armageddon Expo.

William Salyers , Mordin of Mass Effect 3, sings "Krogan Queen" (the song Mordin sang to Eve in the Normandy Medbay) to me at Florida Supercon 2014.

Living life as Rigby is a bit crazy when people ask you to do the voice! Of course as a major fan of Regular Show with all it's 80s pop culture it's a real t...

(C) 2014 Lionsgate/Hasbro Studios/Nickelodeon Starring J. G. Quintel as Mordecai William Salyers as Rigby Miranda Cosgrove as Margo Gru Dana Gaier as ...