William V. Mong

William V. Mong Filmography

movie 1939 Let Us Live as Joe Taylor, Sr.
movie 1938 Painted Desert as Banker Heist
movie 1937 Fight for Your Lady as 1st Undertaker
movie 1937 Stand-In as Cyrus Pettypacker
movie 1936 Dancing Pirate as Tecolote
movie 1936 Strike Me Pink as Professor Hendricks
movie 1936 The Dark Hour as Henry Carson
movie 1936 The Last of the Mohicans as Sacham
movie 1935 Rendezvous as Hotel Desk Clerk
movie 1935 Square Shooter as Banker Ezra Root
movie 1935 The County Chairman as Uncle Eck
movie 1935 The Florentine Dagger as Fishback
movie 1935 The Hoosier Schoolmaster as Jake Means
movie 1935 The Last Days of Pompeii as Cleon, the Slave Dealer
movie 1935 The Perfect Tribute as Old Story Teller
movie 1935 Together We Live as Johnny
movie 1935 Whispering Smith Speaks as Blake
movie 1934 Cleopatra as Court physician
movie 1934 Dark Hazard as Plummer, Hotel Owner
movie 1934 Massacre as Grandy
movie 1934 Sweet Adeline as The Cobbler
movie 1934 Treasure Island as Pew
movie 1933 Footlight Parade as Auditor
movie 1933 Her Forgotten Past as Manners
movie 1933 I Loved a Woman as Bowen
movie 1933 Lilly Turner as Honest Druggest
movie 1933 Silent Men as Lawyer Oscar Sikes
movie 1933 The Eleventh Commandment
movie 1933 The Film Parade as Himself, film clip
movie 1933 The Mayor of Hell as Mr. Walter
movie 1933 The Narrow Corner as Jack Swan
movie 1933 The Vampire Bat as Sauer
movie 1933 The Working Man as Hartland Co. Auditor
movie 1932 A Strange Adventure as Silas Wayne
movie 1932 Arm of the Law as Bailey
movie 1932 By Whose Hand? as J.W. Martin
movie 1932 Cross-Examination as Emory Wells
movie 1932 Dynamite Denny as William B. Marston
movie 1932 Fighting for Justice as Gafford
movie 1932 If I Had a Million as Harry - Jackson's Fence
movie 1932 Love Bound as Verna's Crooked Lawyer
movie 1932 No More Orchids as Burkehart
movie 1932 Rule 'Em and Weep
movie 1932 Tess of the Storm Country as Longman
movie 1932 The Fighting Fool as Uncle John Lyman
movie 1932 The Sign of the Cross as Licinius
movie 1932 The Widow in Scarlet
movie 1932 Women Won't Tell as Elias Moorehouse
movie 1931 A Dangerous Affair as Lionel
movie 1931 Bad Company as Henry
movie 1931 Gun Smoke as 'Strike' Jackson, Prospector
movie 1931 The Flood as Colonel Marshall
movie 1930 Double Cross Roads as Caleb
movie 1930 In Gay Madrid as Rivas
movie 1930 Murder on the Roof as Anthony Sommers
movie 1930 Should a Girl Marry? as Andrew Blaine
movie 1930 The Big Trail as Wellmore
movie 1930 The Girl Said No as Mr. Ward
movie 1929 Dark Skies as Mr. Morgan
movie 1929 House of Horror as Mystery Man
movie 1929 Seven Footprints to Satan as The Professor
movie 1928 Code of the Air as Professor Ross
movie 1928 Forget Me Not
movie 1928 Noah's Ark as Innkeeper
movie 1928 Ransom as Wu Fang
movie 1928 Telling the World as City Editor
movie 1928 The Broken Mask as Santo Bendito
movie 1928 The Devil's Trademark as Fred Benton
movie 1928 The Haunted House as Caretaker
movie 1928 White Flame
movie 1927 Alias the Lone Wolf as Whitaker Monk
movie 1927 Taxi! Taxi! as Nosey Ricketts
movie 1927 The Clown as Albert Wells
movie 1927 The Magic Garden as John Forrester
movie 1927 The Price of Honor as Daniel B. Joyt
movie 1927 The Way of All Pants
movie 1927 Too Many Crooks as Coxey, the Con-man
movie 1926 Brooding Eyes as Slaney
movie 1926 Crazy Like a Fox as George, the Bride's Father
movie 1926 Fifth Avenue as Peter Heffner
movie 1926 No Babies Wanted as Michael O'Day
movie 1926 Shadow of the Law as Egan
movie 1926 The Old Soak as Cousin Webster
movie 1926 The Silent Lover as Kobol
movie 1926 The Strong Man as 'Holy Joe'
movie 1926 What Price Glory as Cognac Pete
movie 1925 Alias Mary Flynn as John Reagan
movie 1925 Barriers Burned Away as Peg-Leg Sullivan
movie 1925 Excuse Me as Rev. Dr. Temple
movie 1925 Fine Clothes as Philip
movie 1925 Off the Highway as Caleb Fry
movie 1925 Oh, Doctor! as Mr. McIntosh
movie 1925 Speed as Sam Whipple
movie 1925 Steel Preferred as Nicker
movie 1925 The People vs. Nancy Preston as Pasquale
movie 1925 The Shadow on the Wall as Robert Glaxton
movie 1925 The Unwritten Law
movie 1925 Under the Rouge as Doc Haskell
movie 1925 Up the Ladder as Richards
movie 1924 Flapper Wives as Enoch Metcalf
movie 1924 Thy Name Is Woman as Pedro the Fox
movie 1924 Welcome Stranger as Clem Beemis
movie 1924 What Shall I Do? as Henry McLean
movie 1924 Why Men Leave Home as Grandpa Sutton
movie 1923 All the Brothers Were Valiant as Cook
movie 1923 Drifting as Dr. Li
movie 1923 In the Palace of the King as Perez
movie 1923 Lost and Found on a South Sea Island as Skinner
movie 1923 Penrod and Sam as Deacon Bitts
movie 1923 Wandering Daughters as Will Bowden
movie 1922 A Fool There Was as Boggs
movie 1922 Arctic Adventure
movie 1922 Monte Cristo as Caderousse, the innkeeper
movie 1922 Shattered Idols as Rama Pal
movie 1922 The Woman He Loved as Nathan Levinsky
movie 1921 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court as Merlin the Magician
movie 1921 Ladies Must Live as Max Bleeker
movie 1921 Pilgrims of the Night as Ambrose
movie 1921 Playthings of Destiny as Conklin
movie 1921 Shame as Li Clung
movie 1921 Sowing the Wind as Watkins
movie 1921 The Ten Dollar Raise as Wilkins
movie 1921 The Winding Trail
movie 1920 813 as Chapman
movie 1920 Burning Daylight as Necessity
movie 1920 Life's Twist as Charlie Moye
movie 1920 Number 99 as Jake Trebs
movie 1920 The Chorus Girl's Romance as Prof. Dillinger
movie 1920 The Coast of Opportunity as An Old Miner
movie 1920 The County Fair as Solon Hammerhead
movie 1920 The Dwelling Place of Light as John Gallager
movie 1920 The Luck of Geraldine Laird as Leo Goldman
movie 1920 The Mutiny of the Elsinore as Snoop Jenkins, aka The Rat
movie 1920 The Turning Point as Mr. Rivett
movie 1919 After His Own Heart as Judah P. Corpus
movie 1919 Fools and Their Money as Martin Tompkins
movie 1919 Love's Prisoner as Jonathan Twist
movie 1919 Put Up Your Hands! as 'Highball' Hazelitt
movie 1919 The Amateur Adventuress as William Claxtonbury
movie 1919 The Delicious Little Devil as Larry McKean
movie 1919 The Follies Girl as Edward Woodruff
movie 1919 The Master Man as Sebastian Ritter
movie 1919 The Spender as Stetson
movie 1918 The Flame of the West
movie 1918 The Hopper as The Hopper
movie 1918 The Law of the Great Northwest as Petain Monest
movie 1918 The Man Who Woke Up as William Oglesby
movie 1918 The Painted Lily as Daniel Fanjoy
movie 1917 A Darling in Buckskin
movie 1917 An Old Soldier's Romance
movie 1917 Bartered Youth
movie 1917 Chubby Takes a Hand as Mark Frawley
movie 1917 Fanatics as Hugh Groesbeck
movie 1917 Good-for-Nothing Gallagher as Good-for-Nothing Gallagher
movie 1917 The Chosen Prince, or The Friendship of David and Jonathan as Samuel
movie 1917 The Daring Chance
movie 1917 The Girl and the Crisis as The Honorable Peter Barnitz
movie 1917 The Grudge
movie 1917 A Midnight Mystery
movie 1917 Wild Sumac
movie 1916 A Son of Neptune
movie 1916 Alias Jane Jones
movie 1916 Along the Malibu
movie 1916 Birds of a Feather
movie 1916 Eleanor's Catch as Flash' Darcy
movie 1916 Fighting Joe
movie 1916 Her Bitter Cup as Henry Burke
movie 1916 Husks of Love
movie 1916 Last of the Morgans as Col. Morgan
movie 1916 Shoes as 'Cabaret' Charlie
movie 1916 The Crimson Yoke as Caribi
movie 1916 The Girl in Lower 9
movie 1916 The Good Woman as Kansas Reeves
movie 1916 The Iron Hand as Slim
movie 1916 The Prince of Graustark as Aide to Count Quinnox
movie 1916 The Severed Hand
movie 1916 The Son of a Rebel Chief
movie 1916 The Wrath of Cactus Moore
movie 1916 To Another Woman
movie 1916 Two Men of Sandy Bar as Don Jose de Castro
movie 1916 Virginia
movie 1916 When the Wolf Howls
movie 1916 The Awakening of Bess Morton
movie 1916 The Sins That Ye Sin
movie 1915 Alias Holland Jimmy
movie 1915 Out of the Silence
movie 1915 Tainted Money
movie 1915 The Cost
movie 1915 The Word
movie 1915 Montana Blunt
movie 1915 The Parasite's Double
movie 1915 Told in the Rockies
movie 1914 The Yellow Traffic as Capt. Rawley
movie 1912 All on Account of Checkers
movie 1912 The Girl He Left Behind
movie 1912 The Redemption of 'Greek Joe'
movie 1912 A Citizen in the Making
movie 1912 An Unexpected Fortune
movie 1912 Driftwood
movie 1912 His Chance to Make Good
movie 1912 On the Trail of the Germs
movie 1912 Sons of the North Woods
movie 1912 The Slip
movie 1912 When Memory Calls
movie 1912 When the Heart Rules
movie 1912 In Little Italy
movie 1912 Two Old Pals
movie 1911 Back to the Primitive as The father
movie 1911 Buddy, the Little Guardian as The Wayward Husband
movie 1911 Busy Day at the Selig General Office
movie 1911 Lost in the Arctic as Davis - an Explorer
movie 1911 Lost in the Jungle as Jan Kruga
movie 1911 The Survival of the Fittest as Tony
movie 1911 The Way of the Eskimo as 1st Trapper
movie 1911 A Summer Adventure
movie 1910 The Clay Baker as The Clay Baker
movie 1910 The Connecticut Yankee
movie 1910 The Range Riders

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