William Wadsworth

William Wadsworth Filmography

movie 1926 White Mice as Sylvanus Codman
movie 1918 Rich Man, Poor Man as Henry Evans
movie 1918 Young America as Joe, the Grouch
movie 1917 Barnaby Lee as Gunner Kieger
movie 1917 Billy and the Big Stick as President Hamilcar Poussevain
movie 1917 Builders of Castles as Morton
movie 1917 Chris and His Wonderful Lamp as The Genie
movie 1917 Cy Whittaker's Ward as Captain Cy Whittaker
movie 1917 Envy as Eve's Foster Father
movie 1917 Friends, Romans and Leo
movie 1917 Gallegher
movie 1917 Kidnapped as Angus Ban Keillor
movie 1917 Putting the Bee in Herbert as The Mayor
movie 1917 Salt of the Earth as Snowshoe
movie 1917 The Apple-Tree Girl as Philip Pennington
movie 1917 The Courage of the Common Place as Brady
movie 1917 The Half Back
movie 1917 The Last Sentence as Pére Kerouac
movie 1917 The Light in Darkness as Sheriff Len Moody
movie 1917 The Little Chevalier as Dominick
movie 1917 The Luck of Roaring Camp
movie 1917 The Master Passion as Devere
movie 1917 The Royal Pauper as Muggins, the King
movie 1917 The Seven Deadly Sins as Eve's Foster Father
movie 1917 The Story That the Keg Told Me
movie 1917 Where Love Is as Theodore Weever
movie 1916 The Catspaw as Mr. Bonwit
movie 1916 The Cossack Whip as Orlinsky - Darya's Father
movie 1916 The Martyrdom of Philip Strong as Dunn
movie 1916 The Resurrection of Dan Packard
movie 1916 The Stolen Melody
movie 1915 A Clean Sweep as Waddy
movie 1915 A Spiritual Elopement as Old Banks - Evelyn's Father
movie 1915 A Superfluous Baby as Wood B. Wedd
movie 1915 All Cooked Up as Waddy - First Cook
movie 1915 Children of Eve as Peddler
movie 1915 Chinks and Chickens as Waddy - First Farm Hand
movie 1915 Cohen's Luck as Abe Cohen
movie 1915 Expensive Economy
movie 1915 Food for Kings and Riley as Michael Riley
movie 1915 Found, a Flesh Reducer as Roberts - The Fat Man
movie 1915 Hans and His Boss as Hans
movie 1915 Her Country Cousin as The Husband
movie 1915 His Sad Awakening as Nowerk
movie 1915 Hypno and Trance as Hypno
movie 1915 Lodgings for Two as Rayden
movie 1915 Martha's Romeo as Waddy
movie 1915 Music in Flats as Artie's Singing Teacher
movie 1915 Nearly a Scandal as Mr. Snitz
movie 1915 One Way to Advertise
movie 1915 Rooney the Bride as Rooney
movie 1915 Seen from the Gallery as Blotz
movie 1915 Seen Through the Make-Up
movie 1915 Suspicious Characters as Jim, a Burglar
movie 1915 The Butler as Uncle William Lanhem - the Butler
movie 1915 The Champion Process Server as Flighty - the Swindler
movie 1915 The Hand of the Law as Reuben Hazelton
movie 1915 The Idle Rich as Waddy - a Tramp
movie 1915 The Matchmakers as Pa Lane
movie 1915 The Sufferin' Baby as Mr. Anti
movie 1915 The Tailor's Bill
movie 1915 Vanity Fair as Joseph Sedley
movie 1915 Waifs of the Sea
movie 1914 A Canine Rival as Wood B. Wedd
movie 1914 A Four Footed Desperado
movie 1914 A Lady of Spirits as Wood B. Wedd
movie 1914 A Matter of High Explosives as Mr. Leonard - the Inventor
movie 1914 A Question of Clothes as Henry Harvey - Man of Affairs
movie 1914 A Story of Crime
movie 1914 A Summer Resort Idyll
movie 1914 All for a Tooth as Hiram
movie 1914 An Absent-Minded Cupid as Bookley
movie 1914 Father's Beard
movie 1914 In High Life as Wood B. Wedd
movie 1914 Lo! The Poor Indian as Professor Hunter
movie 1914 Love by the Pound as Wood B. Wedd
movie 1914 Martha's Rebellion as Bill Ruff - Martha's Husband
movie 1914 On the Lazy Line as Waddy the Conductor
movie 1914 Post No Bills as The Kodak Fiend
movie 1914 Qualifying for Lena
movie 1914 Seth's Sweetheart as Seth
movie 1914 Something to Adore as Papa Hammond
movie 1914 The Basket Habit as Mr. Clifford
movie 1914 The Beautiful Leading Lady as Wood B. Wedd
movie 1914 The Buxom Country Lass as Wood B. Wedd
movie 1914 The Calico Cat as Deacon Peaslee
movie 1914 The Courtship of the Cooks as 1st Cook
movie 1914 The Flirt as The Flirt
movie 1914 The Lovely Señorita as Wood B. Wedd
movie 1914 The Magic Skin
movie 1914 The Revengeful Servant Girl as Wood B. Wedd
movie 1914 The Sultan and the Roller Skates as The Grand Vizier
movie 1914 The Vision in the Window as Wood B. Wedd
movie 1914 Two's Company as Charlie
movie 1914 When the Men Left Town as Citizen
movie 1914 With Slight Variations as Bob Harding
movie 1914 Wood B. Wedd and the Microbes as Wood B. Wedd
movie 1914 Wood B. Wedd Goes Snipe Hunting as Wood B. Wedd
movie 1913 A Pair of Foils as The Actor
movie 1913 A Serenade by Proxy as Zeb Hawkins
movie 1913 A Will and a Way as Lawyer Foster
movie 1913 After the Welsh Rabbit as John Northrup
movie 1913 As the Tooth Came Out as Mr. Aik - the Dental Patient
movie 1913 At Midnight as The Father
movie 1913 Beau Crummel and His Bride as Mr. Perkins - Kitty's Father
movie 1913 Boy Wanted as Bobby's Father
movie 1913 Don't Worry as Mr. Mortimer
movie 1913 Fortune Smiles as Billy Pearl
movie 1913 He Would Fix Things
movie 1913 Her Face Was Her Fortune as Wood B. Wedd
movie 1913 Hiram Green, Detective as Smithers - the Storekeeper - Susie's Father
movie 1913 His Mother-in-Law's Visit as The Husband
movie 1913 His Undesirable Relatives as Mr. Witherspoon
movie 1913 How They Got the Vote as The Prime Minister
movie 1913 How They Outwitted Father as Peter Fossil - Forsythe's Choice for Annette
movie 1913 Interrupted Wedding Bells as John Smith - Miss Brown's Fiancé
movie 1913 Mary's New Hat as Mary's Papa
movie 1913 Mother's Lazy Boy as Lazy Ben
movie 1913 Newcomb's Necktie as Mr. Newcomb
movie 1913 Nora's Boarders as One of the Boarders
movie 1913 Over the Back Fence as Col. Crompton
movie 1913 Porgy's Bouquet as Georgy Porgy
movie 1913 Professor William Nutt as Mr. Hastings
movie 1913 Reginald's Courtship as Reginald Everly
movie 1913 Seven Years Bad Luck as Arnold Smith
movie 1913 Superstitious Joe as Superstitious Joe
movie 1913 Tea and Toast as Artemus Winthrop - the Dyspeptic
movie 1913 The High Tide of Misfortune as Billy Pearl
movie 1913 The Island of Perversity as Mr. Dale
movie 1913 The Right Number, But the Wrong House as John Brown - the Father
movie 1913 The Title Cure as Baron Hasenpfeffer - the German
movie 1913 The Unprofitable Boarder as Cy Perkins
movie 1913 Who Will Marry Mary?
movie 1913 Why Girls Leave Home as The Hero
movie 1913 Winsome Winnie's Way as The Woman Hater
movie 1913 Zeb's Musical Career as Zeb
movie 1912 A Christmas Accident as Mr. Gilton
movie 1912 A Doctor for an Hour as Dr. Martin
movie 1912 A Funeral That Flashed in the Pan as Hogboom
movie 1912 A Man in the Making
movie 1912 A Proposal Under Difficulties as Dick - Dorothy's Other Suitor
movie 1912 A Queen for a Day as The Missionary
movie 1912 A Tenacious Solicitor as Weiser Bud - Brewer
movie 1912 An Intelligent Camera as The Photographer
movie 1912 Aunt Miranda's Cat as Neighbor Jonathan Biggs
movie 1912 Bringing Home the Pup as Mr. Pipp - Willie's Father
movie 1912 Everything Comes to Him Who Waits as The German Restaurant Owner
movie 1912 Father's Bluff as The Father
movie 1912 For Professional Services as Tom
movie 1912 He Swore Off Smoking as Mr. Jones
movie 1912 How Father Accomplished His Work as Father
movie 1912 How the Boys Fought the Indians as Mr. Bell
movie 1912 In His Father's Steps
movie 1912 Is He Eligible? as The Father
movie 1912 Lazy Bill Hudson as Lazy Bill Hudson
movie 1912 Lucky Dog as Mr. E. Z. Mark
movie 1912 Madame de Mode as Harry Fenton aka Madame de Mode
movie 1912 Master and Pupil as The Young Artist
movie 1912 More Precious Than Gold
movie 1912 Mr. Pickwick's Predicament as Mr. Pickwick
movie 1912 My Double and How He Undid Me as Rev. Ingham
movie 1912 No Place for a Minister's Son as Cyrus Brent
movie 1912 On Donovan's Division as The Conductor
movie 1912 Outwitting the Professor as Professor Barton
movie 1912 Percival Chubbs and the Widow as Percival Archibald Chubbs
movie 1912 Please Remit as Editor of the Coyoteville Clarion
movie 1912 The Affair at Raynor's as Billy Pearl
movie 1912 The Boy Rangers as Farmer Jones
movie 1912 The Escape from Bondage as Billy Pearl
movie 1912 The Grouch as John Taylor aka The Grouch
movie 1912 The Harbinger of Peace
movie 1912 The Librarian
movie 1912 The Little Delicatessen Store as Mr. Swissburger
movie 1912 The New Editor as The Old Editor
movie 1912 The New Ranch Foreman
movie 1912 The Street Beautiful
movie 1912 The Sunset Gun as Old G.A.R. Soldier
movie 1912 The Winking Parson as Rev. Anthony Gay - the Winking Parson
movie 1912 The Yarn of the Nancy Belle
movie 1912 Thirty Days at Hard Labor as Restaurant Proprietor
movie 1912 Tommy's Geography Lesson as Tommy's Father
movie 1912 Two Knights in a Barroom as The Tramp
movie 1912 Uncle Mun and the Minister as The Minister
movie 1912 Very Much Engaged as Reuben
movie 1912 What Happened to Mary as Billy Pearl
movie 1912 Who Got the Reward
movie 1911 An International Heart Breaker as The German
movie 1911 An Island Comedy as Miriam's Father
movie 1911 John Brown's Heir as The Newspaper Editor
movie 1911 The Daisy Cowboys as Cowboy
movie 1911 The Ghost's Warning as An American Millionaire
movie 1911 The Lure of the City as A Theatrical Manager
movie 1911 The Story of the Indian Ledge as A Tourist
movie 1911 Willie Wise and His Motor Boat as Willie Wise

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William Driving the tractor in the backyard.

Skating at Mary ann banks park At points in romulus michigan.

Elizabeth Wadsworth skating at Mary Ann Banks park.

the kids peanut butter jelly.