William Weston

William Weston Filmography

movie 1926 The Blackbird as Red
movie 1916 Miss Adventure
movie 1916 The Race for Life
movie 1916 When Lin Came Home
movie 1915 The Black Wallet
movie 1914 The Choice
movie 1914 The Little Angel of Canyon Creek as Edward Morrison
movie 1913 At the Sign of the Lost Angel as The Minister
movie 1913 The Ballyhoo's Story
movie 1913 The Crimson Stain as Capt. Cox - the Overseer
movie 1913 The Grey Sentinel
movie 1913 The Iconoclast as Pedro
movie 1913 The White Feather as Grant Whitney

William Weston on Youtube

Video taken when we visited 7th October, 2012 - in the arms of Nanna Sheila Wilbraham.

we take on vechs the first of vechs super hostile challenge the sea of flames and do terrible at it as ponies.

we hear a tale from a wise old pixel man and find our next two team members and start training up my team: pinkie pie,applebloom,lyra,big mac,?,?,

Will Weston rocks. If you know him like I do you bought his album already. http://willweston.bandcamp.com/